Posted on August 22, 2011

Barbershop Shut Down Due to Animal Sacrifices

Greg Wilson, NBC Philadelphia, August 18, 2011

Authorities shut down a Massachusetts barbershop after finding evidence of animal sacrifices, and the owner is claiming his religious freedoms have been violated.

New Bedford barber William Camacho told WHDH-TV he practices Palo Mayobe, an Afro-Caribbean religion similar to Santeria. Animal control officers removed two chickens and four roosters, one dead, from the shop’s basement, after fire and building inspectors found the birds during a safety inspection.

Camacho, who said he was going to move the birds off the premises, says he does not sacrifice animals at the barbershop.

“It’s very insulting to me,” he said. “‘Because what happens is that–where I come from, it’s very known–and this town, it’s ignorant for them, ’cause they don’t know what type of religion it is.”