Posted on August 22, 2011

Barbershop Shut Down Due to Animal Sacrifices

Greg Wilson, NBC Philadelphia, August 18, 2011

Authorities shut down a Massachusetts barbershop after finding evidence of animal sacrifices, and the owner is claiming his religious freedoms have been violated.

New Bedford barber William Camacho told WHDH-TV he practices Palo Mayobe, an Afro-Caribbean religion similar to Santeria. Animal control officers removed two chickens and four roosters, one dead, from the shop’s basement, after fire and building inspectors found the birds during a safety inspection.

Camacho, who said he was going to move the birds off the premises, says he does not sacrifice animals at the barbershop.

“It’s very insulting to me,” he said. “‘Because what happens is that–where I come from, it’s very known–and this town, it’s ignorant for them, ’cause they don’t know what type of religion it is.”


17 responses to “Barbershop Shut Down Due to Animal Sacrifices”

  1. Istvan says:

    Is this what the founding fathers meant by Freedom of Religion? Thank goodness we have pushed Christianity to the back burner in this country because diversity has brought us chicken sacrifices!

  2. Chicagoan says:

    It’s “insulting” to him? What kind of a country does he think this is, anyway? It’s insulting to the entire country for this person to be carrying on with this type of activity on the territory of this land.

  3. underdog says:

    In the original article Camacho claims that he’s losing $700.00 a day while this matter is pending. Times 5.5 days (standard barber shop hours) would be a tidy bundle of gross revenue and even tidier bundle of pre-tax net income. I wonder if that is reflected in his tax returns.

  4. Linked to Whiteness says:

    We are very insulted and offended that Whitey laws interfered with this enriching, vibrant, and authentic contribution to society made by Multicultural Diversity.

    They should allow the voodoo to continue, and force White school children to attend. That way, they can see their future at an age where they might still have a chance to invest themselves in Prejudice as a sacrament instead of Diversity.

    Kids can be pretty sensitive to the wrong of hurting animals, especially when a black who is closer on the evolutionary scale to “human ancestors” is than these Whitey kids are.

    Kids can be our best Race Realists if we just give them a chance to witness and think for themselves. We need to find more ways to link Diversity with disgust.

    The joy of the Internet is that White children can search topics that disturb them and reach AmRen etc. and learn that they are justified in their racism and that they are not alone. That’s why the open Internet will soon be a thing of the past. We’ll be back to back alley printing shops and handing out leaflets, but only if we have nothing to lose. This is a surveillance society, so all we do will be recorded. Hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet and late night distributions of subversive Thunderbolt mailbox stuffers will be history.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If the state can ban such “religious” practices as polygamy and use of drugs in rituals, it wouldn’t seem much of a stretch to ban ritualistic slaughter of innocent animals. Such stories for me have a good news, bad news component. The bad news is what this country has come to will destroy it. The good news,at my age, I won’t be around to witness it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Another hate crime by evil Whitey. The hispanic neighborhoods of Chicago are full of dead chickens that were sacrificed.

  7. Where's PETA now? says:

    Remember that section in Amren’s monthly magazine, O tempora, O mores? It’s Latin for “O the times, o the customs.” Right before our eyes the nation is devolving into a third world society thanks to the bizarre customs of these primitives.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “It’s very insulting to me,” he said. “‘Because what happens is that—where I come from, it’s very known—and this town, it’s ignorant for them, ‘cause they don’t know what type of religion it is.”


    No, YOU are insulting to most White Americans! Go back where you came from with your vile practices and we could care less about “what type of religion it is”.

    For those who are still in favor of 3rd world immigration,(saying we can’t stop it) this is what you get and WORSE.

  9. Scrodna St. Androgyna says:

    And Africans aren’t uncivilized? Riiiight. Animal sacrifice is NOT acceptable in this country, and if this putz doesn’t get that, he needs to go back to whatever hellhole he came from. Cruelty to animals is not tolerated in America (unless you count how the animals we use for food are treated; that is horrific). We definitely do not need any MORE animal maltreatment than what we already have. This sniveler needs to go home.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The chickens and roosters were customers. They came into the shop for a little off the top.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The subject of the story is plainly deserving of disgust, but I just want to say for the first time in public, what a very ugly language Spanish sounds like to me.


    The sound, the cadence, the rythm. The speed. The jagged edges. The placenames and such.

    Ugly. Rude. Crude.

  12. rockman says:

    At some point common sense has to kick in. Are the religious rights of head hunters to be respected also. As head hunters dance around the home of the last person to collect a head for mounting on the front porch do we consider it religious freedom?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Senior Camacho shouldn’t stop at mere chicken sacrifices–after all, his people also have a not-too-distant history of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

    And I’m sure our Founding Fathers meant for these “religious practices” to be protected under our Constitution–you just have to read between the lines.

  14. Philly Gal says:

    My jaw dropped when I read this one. A former teaching colleague of mine had virtually THE SAME EXPERIENCE while teaching Afro-Caribbean students at a public high school in North Philadelphia. One day he heard a loud screech/squawk/shriek come from the boys’ restroom and as he ran toward the noise, he saw 5 boys run out of the bathroom and disappear down the hall. In one of the bathroom stalls, he found a rooster with its neck slit, flapping around in wild death throes. When he informed the principal, the man wasn’t even fazed. “It’s a religious thing. We can’t interfere,” the jackass told him. “Call the janitor.” This is the sort of multi-cultural event we celebrate on a regular basis here in colorful Philadelphia. So book your reservations now!

  15. Anonymous says:

    6 — Anonymous wrote at 7:35 PM on August 22:

    Another hate crime by evil Whitey. The hispanic neighborhoods of Chicago are full of dead chickens that were sacrificed.


    For sure! Not to mention dog fights, rooster fights, etc. The black/brown communities are KNOWN animal abusers. Got to add cats and dogs as another one of their targets to abuse. They target the helpless and defenseless of all species (including humans). They are cowards of the 1st degree. They all make me SICK!

  16. Dreams of days gone by says:

    4 — Linked to Whiteness wrote at 7:16 PM on August 22 said:

    “Kids can be our best Race Realists if we just give them a chance to witness and think for themselves.”


    Absolutely correct.

    I myself was raised in a christian home and was taught to love everyone regardless of skin color or circumstance BUT we were definitely not a liberal left family, rather my elders just chose not to speak adversely of anyone.

    I started school in Southeast Georgia in 1975 with these values in hand but also never having been exposed to blacks beforehand. Upon walking into the classroom there were 6 of us children being White out of a class of 40 or so, (public school) the rest were blacks and before the day had ended I realized I was dealing with a new type of animal here, one that needed to have an eye kept on at all times. Needless to say at 6 years old I formed a lifelong opinion that I still hold to this day.

    Fast forward to 2007 and I am raising my nephew who we have never taught to look down upon anyone, never spoken of the differences between the races and after less than a week of the first grade he approached me and asked if he could go to an all white school, citing all of the reasons you or I could think of that blacks would do to get this kind of reaction from a 6 year old.

    So yes, if a 6 year old can see it then the world can see it but just keeps choosing to make new excuses for an old problem.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Here in S. California the muslims sometimes kill live sheep in the apartment house garage for a religious holiday meal.

    The authorities always get them on the slaughter house health codes, animal cruelty and other health codes such as spilling blood and bowel evacuations around. Also it is illegal to have most farm animals in city yards let alone balconies.

    We should be grateful this African did not sacrifice a human child as they do in England.