Posted on July 8, 2011

Some Worry Mob Attacks Are Encouraging Racial Profiling

CBS Chicago, July 8, 2011

A few “bad teens” may have started the series of mob attacks in Chicago. But is their action making life difficult for other teens who just want to enjoy the city? {snip}

Splashing around with friends is why a lot of teens come to North Avenue Beach.

“I just come out here to have fun,” said Eric Nelson.

They see the police helicopter, though, and they know they’re being watched. For some African American teens, it could mean racial profiling by other beachgoers. They feel targeted as potential troublemakers because of recent attack mobs in the city.

“Basically thinking I’m going to do violence because I’m African American. You know,” said Tracy Silmon, “They probably think I’m going to take something down here or beat somebody up.”


Police say they don’t condone and will not tolerate profiling among their officers.

“We will not in any way, shape or form allow any member of the Chicago Police Department to engage in racial profiling,” said Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy.