Posted on July 26, 2011

Program Offers Cash Incentives to Live Downtown

CBS Detroit, July 25, 2011

Employees of five downtown-based companies are being given financial incentives to live where they work.

DTE Energy’s Paul Hillegonds says the trend is already there, with a number of young professionals and creative types hanging their hat in downtown Detroit lofts and apartments.


“We have a number of probably empty-nesters, but also a number of retirements ahead with younger people who will be coming to work in Detroit at DTE headquarters,” Hillegonds told WWJ Newsradio 950′s Ron Dewey.

“And I think we’re going to see growing interest in living in Detroit,” he said.


Blue Cross is offering incentives to their 16,000 employees to buy or rent downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. It’s a seed program to attract more development and more people to the city.

In the five-year, $4 million “Live Downtown” program, first-time home buyers will get a $20,000 forgivable loan. Renters will get a $2,500 first year allowance, and $1,000 the following year. Employees who already own a home in the city will be given up to a $5,000 grant for exterior improvements.


Other companies taking part are Compuware, Quicken Loans and Strategic Staffing Solutions.

10 responses to “Program Offers Cash Incentives to Live Downtown”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had my car broken into in Detroit a while back. The place looks like a deserted wasteland, like a plague killed everyone and the buildings have rotted for a century. Any white person who moves there is crazy. Can I repeat that?

  2. Anonymous says:

    $20k, lol…that won’t even cover the guns, ammo and security systems necessary for even basic safety.

  3. Reality says:

    What an utter waste of money that could be spent on something constructive instead of trying to save a dying city killed by blacks. Let it rot.

  4. Howard W. Campbell says:

    If you work for one of these companies, you may want to think about bailing out. Sooner or later, promotions, raises and other things of this nature will be predicated on your zip code, not job performance. Also, how many of these companies have federal contracts and the diversity queens want to see how the “carrot” approach works? Once you move into downtown Detroit, are you going to have to prove your child’s attendance at a Detroit Public School? A free house is not worth the hassle this is going to create. Start hitting Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to find another position NOW!

  5. roadgeek says:

    For whatever reason, we don’t have to bribe people to live in downtown Austin.

  6. Bill R says:

    Nothing more than importing more victims. The denizens of Detroit have run out of victims who have much of anything at all (that would be Whites). They can only prey upon themselves. Not safe when preying upon drug dealers, and not profitable when preying upon the rest. This move will revitalize the robbery and rape industry in Detroit. As one other poster said. Let it rot and die. When all the blacks have left, then come in an rebuild it, keeping blacks out. What they did for downtown Inner Harbor, Baltimore is quickly becoming undone due to local blacks. Not safe to watch fireworks in Inner Harbor. Not safe to shop. Not safe to live there again, in the nice condos and town houses they built trying to bring in affluent Whites to change the character of downtown Baltimore. Same with Atlantic City NJ. The casinos and gumbas tried to kick out the druggies, blacks and trouble so tourists could feel safe on the boardwalk and in the casinos. It is all going back to seed again with the increasing return of blacks. Not far behind in destroying our culture and decent cities are Hispanics of all nationalities. Race matters. We all knew that inherently in the 50s. Our lying pastors, politicians and the diversity crowd knew that, but sold far too many gullible and decent Whites a bottle of snake oil. They used our common decency and compassion against us to destroy us, just as Marxists always have done. Time to regain our common sense and save compassion and decency for our own race.

  7. OBSERVER says:

    Since what they REALLY want is more whites to move in, why not offer whites more money? Like a White Affirmative Action?

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Employees who already own a home in the city will be given up to a $5,000 grant for exterior improvements.”

    Translated: Our Black employees who already own a home in the city (that they bought for $1.00) will be given $5,000 just for doing what they normally do–being Black and living in Detroit. Isn’t this rewarding bad behavior?

    Whites need to out-number Blacks by 10:1 before any neighborhood is relatively safe for Whites to live in.

  9. margaret says:

    That $2,500 is taxed as unearned supplemental income. The income tax rate for unearned supplemental income is 34 percent about $830.

    The money will not be paid to the renter but paid directly to the landlord like section 8 money. So in exchange for a lower rent the tenant will have to pay higher taxes.

    Cities are great for convenient shopping. But could a White person who lives in downtown Detroit shop safely? Absolutely not. Every trip to the post office, ATM, supermarket, barber whatever would have to be in the safe White suburbs.

    For centuries, from about 1,000 AD to 1700 AD a very popular genre of art in Italy was “Effects of good and bad government.

    Mostly they are murals in public spaces. They are all over Italy.

    Bad government shows a nasty dictator hovering over trash in the streets, closed stores and workshops, beggars, crime and poverty.

    Thieves rob people because either there are no police or the police are robbers themselves. Some show a woman being dragged off into an alley to be raped while other women look out from behind barred windows and doors with shopping baskets wondering if it will be safe for them to shop.

    The good government murals show an elected group of officials presiding over a prosperous city with no poverty, an excellent public hospital and orphanage and prosperous shoppers and workers. Some of the good government murals show some very pretty young women going about their business without being leered at and harassed and of course not being dragged off to be raped. The good government murals often show an election going on.

    These murals are a lot like America today. Black cities, black officials and above all, Judges who are dictators in that they are appointed for life created these effects of bad government cities.

    White cities and White officials create safe, clean good places for civilized Whites to live. But the Judges and the liberal non profit attorneys constantly issue orders that destroy every White city they can find. The Judges and the liberal non profit lawyers search the country for safe, clean White cities to destroy.

    The dictators in the Italian murals only took over their own city. They were not on a search and destroy mission to destroy the good government cities

    The Judiciary is the American dictatorship. Judges can order totally insane things, such as busing children and teens 75 miles a day at the cost of billions of dollars so that White children can be beaten and abused by young blacks. Judges have ordered that medical schools admit only those least qualified and turn away those most qualified.

    Judges ordered the mental hospitals to be closed down and thus created the homeless problem. American mentally ill people sleep in the park in all kinds of weather and eat out of garbage cans because of Judicial order.

    But Judges are dictators. They cannot be removed. Their insane orders must be obeyed.

    We would have voted out of office any Presidents, congress critters and senators who came up with school busing and the other disasters the Judges created. But we can’t get rid of Judges.

    Most of the good government murals show an election and a group of elected officials. Our elections are worthless because the Judiciary is supreme over both the legislative and executive authority. Do you think any governors wanted to close down those mental hospitals? Certainly not. The governors closed down the mental hospitals on the orders of non elected appointed for life Judges who were merely obeying the orders of the ACLU.

    Actually, none of the bad government murals show a city as ravaged as Detroit, St. Louis and the black parts of New York City.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The blacks who destroyed Atlantic city were brought in more than 100 years ago when the Atlantic city resorts were first built.

    They were brought in by the owners of the hotels, restaurants etc. I don’t feel a bit sorry for a city that destroyed itself by selecting the most depraved and criminal people in the country to be their primary labor force.

    The great industrialists of Gary Indiana, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland on and on it goes destroyed their cities by bringing blacks in.

    WW2 was a disaster for many cities because southern blacks were shipped up to work in the war industries. They caused problems from the very beginning.