Posted on July 26, 2011

Did Dad Dupe Media About 13-Year-Old Daughter’s College Admission?

Gerren Keith Gaynor, NewsOne, July 20, 2011

The story was compelling when it was first broken several weeks ago by the New York Daily News–a 13-year-old Black whiz-kid named Autum Ashante accepted to the University of Connecticut, only to have that acceptance rescinded, and her fraught father calling for justice.

But the story might be a work of fiction.

The University of Connecticut spokesman cited by the Daily News as having confirmed Autum’s acceptance, Richard Veilleux, tells NewsOne that he never told the paper’s reporter any such thing.

Tanyanika Samuels reported in the Daily News that Autum–described as a home-schooled genius–had been admitted to UConn and would be enrolling in the fall. Samuels later published a follow up story reporting that UConn had rescinded Autum’s acceptance. In the article, Autum’s father, Batin Ashante, said the university told him that she was not “academically ready.”


When asked if he could produce a document to prove Autum was accepted to the university, Batin Ashante didn’t answer. Instead, he maintained that UConn is “closing ranks” because of the potential success of a petition, started by UConn alumna Josephine Minnow, to sway the university’s alleged decision to rescind Autum’s acceptance.

“I’m done with you and all media,” Ashante told NewsOne. “I’m saying [expletive] UConn right now.”

[Editor’s Note: To read more about this child prodigy, see here and scroll down to the “Black Power Poet” story.]

17 responses to “Did Dad Dupe Media About 13-Year-Old Daughter’s College Admission?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ashante told NewsOne. “I’m saying [expletive] UConn right now.”

    That might be a taste of the home schooling little Autum received.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Might as well let the kid in. In a few years there will be programs for inner city ‘youffs’ to skip high school altogether (getting a free diploma) and entering them directly into college anyway. (With free diplomas also.)

  3. Cliff Yablonski says:

    Yes I remember young Autum Ashante, when she was 8 years old she “schooled the masses” with her revolutionary poetry, talked about the black PARADIGM in a poem of her own creation, using and pronouncing it correctly….without any help from her father…..too bad he couldn’t spell her name correctly.

  4. Theo says:

    To number 2 poster.

    It seemed to work for that guy we have in Washington didn’t it?

  5. Howard W. Campbell says:

    “White Nationalism Put U in Bondage”. I guess all of those Arab and Black slave traders in Africa didn’t have a thing to do with it. You are free to leave such a racist country if that is your wish. BTW, slavery still exists in Africa, despite all of Mr. Wilberforce’s efforts.

    If this girl were truly ready for college at age 13, UConn would be falling all over itself to get her enrolled on a free ride. What do her IQ tests and SAT/ACT score tell us? Maybe someone in the admissions office realizes that if this girl shows up and bombs out of school, this will be a bigger PR disaster that her application being rejected outright.

    Years ago, “60 Minutes” ran a story about a kid named Adragon De Mello who graduated from college at age 11, but was force marched every step of the way by his father. It sounds like Adragon was exceptional at math, but not everything else. When the kid was rescued by a SWAT team, he was able to move into a life that was more in line with his true abilities. His mother enrolled him in middle school and got him into little league. This story about Autum seems to have some of those characteristics that were consistent with Adragon’s dad.

  6. Sureesh says:

    While thousands of Indian kids starting American universities before age 17 and that doesn’t even make the news.

    Why are we ignored by the U.S. media?

    It’s always about Blacks, Blacks, Blacks. Blacks make up 13 percent of the U.S. while Asian-Indians make up a mere 1 percent of the U.S. at most, yet there are more Asian-Indians by far in terms of RAW NUMBERS (not per capita) than Blacks in the American University system. 40 TIMES as many Indian engineers as Black engineers in RAW NUMBERS- but we are ignored.

  7. Guilty Liberal says:

    Here’s a poem:

    Roses are red, violets are blue,

    Your home-schooled daughter ain’t getting into any reputable U.

  8. Madison Grant says:

    The original Daily News article was pretty funny. The father laments how hard it is “raising a genius”.

    Then the gullible black reporter writes “By age 8, she reportedly had an IQ of 149.” It is also claimed that she speaks Arabic, Swahili and Spanish.

    Of course it could be proven that she was admitted to UConn simply by showing the acceptance letter. But only a “racist” would ask for such proof.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what trumped-up “racially-unbiased” IQ test she took, resulting in a score of 149?

  10. Josh Harlan says:


    We have lots of Indian professionals, especially engineers, because they go to bad Indian schools and transfer degrees here. An engineer in India is called a mechanic in America.

    My brother-in-law is named Sureesh. All he ever accomplished besides lots of abstract business research was to take a job from an American. An Indian with a job in America means one less real American with a job. Real accomplishment.

  11. Fireforce says:

    >>“I’m done with you and all media,” Ashante told NewsOne. “I’m saying [expletive] UConn right now.”

    Charming language.

    What is it with blacks (even ones that are presumably intelligent and well educated) and excessive profanity? I mean I curse too. But I know when it’s not appropriate. For instance I would never dream of dropping an “F bomb” in an interview with the media.

  12. True Blue says:

    Sureesh: “40 TIMES as many Indian engineers as Black engineers in RAW NUMBERS- but we are ignored.”

    First off; most, if not all of the Indians in any form of engineering that I have encountered were upper caste; and I presume that you are as well. Brahmin? Second; the caste system is essentially Jim Crow on a scale that this country never managed to approach -yet the liberals turn a blind eye to it -probably because it works well enough that they dare not mention the fact. Third; hate to say it, but if you do not want Indians ignored by the media et al and lumped in with those ‘productive Chinese’, the solution is simple; encourage Indians to misbehave outrageously, fail standardized tests, ruin the educational opportunities for their entire class, rob liquor stores, deal drugs on every street corner you can forcibly occupy, move into nice neighborhoods and turn them into ghettos. The list is endless -if that is the kind of attention you really want, I am sure that after all that the media would finally be happy to lable you as a ‘historically oppressed people’. Personally I would give it a miss.

  13. True Blue says:

    Sorry to double post but I just clicked on the original article and noticed two things, first -that it is not “News One”, it is “News One for black America” “Part of the black Planet Universe” which just goes to show you, “News One for White America” “Part of the White Planet Universe” would be condemned by the Potokian mind control police as ‘racist’ and the DHS would be taking names. Also note all the ‘diversity jobs’ advertised on this blatantly racist site.

    Second; accidentally clicking their disgusting page triggered a popup that AVG identified as a severe threat. Just FYI. I am done now as I need to run a computer scan -or is that virus they tried hitting me with just more diversity -so my machine gets as screwed up as this nation.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sureesh: “While thousands of Indian kids starting American universities before age 17 and that doesn’t even make the news.

    Why are we ignored by the U.S. media?”

    Why should we pay any attention to you? You aren’t American, you are Indian. Rather than scamper off to America to enjoy the benefits of our civilization and live in safety with white people, you should have stayed home to help your own people. Don’t you have good schools in India? Your culture is so ancient and so learned. Don’t you want to help your own people? Why learn Western medicine when you can learn Ayurvedic medicine, proper Indian medicine? Why take positions at our colleges that we need for our own children? Why not build schools in your own land and save some of the 866 million people that are so cruelly exploited in India? You see, we really don’t need you. We put men on the moon without your help. We invented nuclear power pants without your help.

    Because we are Christian and believe that all are equal in God’s eyes we created a welfare state, including free education for all and free emergency medical care for all.

    If people are born poor we don’t believe that Buddha or Krishna made them that way deliberately and that they are supposed to work like dogs for a lifetime so they can work off all that bad karma.

    This is America, not India. If you want congratulations and hand clapping for going to college, go home to your own people, your own land. Do some good for them. Use what you have learned in our country to lift them out of their benighted 5000 year old condition and make India a nicer, more enlightened place to live. We have our own people to take care of, to lift up, and to educate. We really don’t need to help caste-ridden people from around the globe.

  15. Old Soldier says:


    “Minority” is liberal code word for genetically disinherited underachiever. Obviously Indians and most other Asians do not fit the template. In the Marxist world, anything that does not fit the template does not exist and must be ignored. Therefore, you do not exist, but keep posting anyway.

  16. generalquagmyer says:

    It seems all the fashion to dub any black with above-average cognitive function “brilliant” or “a genius.” I spent 8 years trying to figure out what was so brilliant about Condoleeza Rice… though compared with George W Bush and most blacks she probably WAS brilliant.

    I’m dubious of the IQ figure. Intelligence is largely hereditary, and her dad doesn’t sound particulary brilliant.

  17. margaret says:

    6 — Sureesh wrote at 12:26 AM on July 27:

    While thousands of Indian kids starting American universities before age 17 and that doesn’t even make the news.

    Why are we ignored by the U.S. media?

    Sureesh Quit complaining. Indians are classified as White Caucasians by the US government. Even the darkest S. Indians are considered White Caucasians. It is not about color, it is about race. You may not consider yourself as White, but our government considers you White.

    The media ignores Indians because your are a self sufficient group whether you own a heavily mortgaged small business or make 6 million a year on Wall street. The media would rather feature a sob story about poor illegal alien Hispanic day workers in San Jose, Cupertino and Sunnyvale than about the prosperous Indian IT workers.

    This is America. The law abiding achievers are hated and despised. The dysfunctional criminals who have destroyed half the cities in the country are worshiped and adored by the media, the government and the elites.

    Best thing you can do is make sure your children have dual citizenship so they will have a refuge when the government genocide against Whites begins.

    You are White Caucasian according to our government. You don’t seem to like Whites of European descent but in the government’s eyes you are one of us.