Posted on July 8, 2011

Names of 7 Victims of Grand Rapids, Mich. Shooting Spree Released

CBS News, July 8, 2011

Police have released the names of the seven victims in the shooting spree that began Thursday afternoon in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Among them are two ex-girlfriends and the daughter of shooter Rodrick Shonte Dantzler. Dantzler killed himself following a high speed chase and hostage situation after the rampage.

{snip} Those victims have been identified as: Amanda Emkens, 27; Marisa Emkens, 11; and Kimberlee Emkens, who was Dantzler’s ex-girlfriend.

An hour later, police discovered the other four victims across town in a ranch-style house on a cul-de-sac called Brynell Court. Those victims have been identified as: Jennifer Heeren, Dantzler’s ex-girlfriend; Kamrie Dantzler, Dantzler’s own 12-year-old daughter; and Thomas and Rebecca Heeren, Jennifer’s mother and father.

While police were investigating the seven homicides, they received a report of a “road rage” shooting. Police say Dantzler, 34, had apparently shot at a man through the rear window of the vehicle he was driving. The man survived.

{snip} Dantzler raced down city streets while shooting at officers. One woman was stuck by a bullet in downtown Grand Rapids, but was not seriously injured. {snip}


Dantzler entered a single-family home, firing several shots as he forced his way inside and took hostages he did not know. He held the three hostage for hours, negotiating with police at times, firing sporadically at officers and inside the house.

He was in the process of surrendering when he turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A friend of Dantzler’s tells CBS affiliate WWMT that this chain of events began with a fight with Dantzler had with his current girlfriend earlier in the day.

Dantzler apparently said he “would kill them all.”


[Editor’s Note: It appears most of the victims are white, save the killer’s mixed-race daughter.]

66 responses to “Names of 7 Victims of Grand Rapids, Mich. Shooting Spree Released”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It appears that 6 were white and one was his mixed race daughter. He basically killed his 2 former and white girlfriends and their family members that happened to be there.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, many blacks are jealous of white skin and it drives them nuts.

  2. the Soviet Republic of New Jerse says:

    When the news story about this massacre was released the details were vague. That is when everyone knew it was a black killer. Only blacks can do this because they all think they can get away with it. Cops shot him and claim it was suicide.

  3. Brutha V says:

    Not surprisingly, most all were white:

  4. White and Proud says:

    I am not sure tht there is a racial motivation to this murder spree. It sounds more like an unhinged guy who was angry at people of all races.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No surprise the media is refusing to report this. That would be promoting a stereotype, or worse, discouraging interracial relationships. The story here isn’t that the guy who killed 7 people is black, it’s that if he were white this would be all over the news.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He shot 3 white ex-girlfriends (killing 2 of 3 shot) and some of their family members. 6 of 7 dead were white, and the 7th was his mulatto daughter by one of the white murder victims. So, as many expected, this was a mostly anti-white rampage – expect the media to never, ever mention that!

    Here’s a graphic showing the murder victims:

  7. aj says:

    Black men seem to have only two approaches to fatherhood, either abandon their mate and offspring or slaughter them. With black women the approach seems to be the former, when they get a white woman, it seems that mass murder is often the preferred approach.

  8. PatRiot says:

    aj wrote: “Black men seem to have only two approaches to fatherhood, either abandon their mate and offspring or slaughter them. With black women the approach seems to be the former, when they get a white woman, it seems that mass murder is often the preferred approach. ”

    That is correct. In 1982, George Banks, a black man who had fathered (at least) five children by various white women, killed 13 people in Pennsylvania , including all five of his children, at least three of his former or current (white) girlfriends, and members of the white women’s families. Oh yeah, one white bystander as well.

  9. Malcolm Y says:

    @4 — White and Proud “I am not sure that there is a racial motivation to this murder spree. It sounds more like an unhinged guy who was angry at people of all races.”

    Not a racial MOTIVATION, but yet another example of racial DIFFERENCES. The threshold at which anger tips into murderous violence–much lower for blacks.

  10. johnny says:

    Similar story many years ago perpetrated by one George Banks. Killed 13 if I recall. 3 or 4 white women he lived with and children he had with them, an innocent bystander, and some relative of one of the women. Still hanging around on death row, or possibly resentenced to life due to “mental deficiency”; in that he’s been on the row so long, it’s made him to crazy to be executed. Ain’t that a classic?

  11. Awakened says:

    Anonymous #1 posted:

    “. . . I’ve said it before and I will say it again, many blacks are jealous of white skin and it drives them nuts.”


    I agree with this. I believe that many or even most Blacks harbor hate towards Whites. They’re jealous of our skin. They’re jealous of our appearance. They’re jealous of the fact that we’re more intelligent than they are. They’re jealous of the fact that there are more of us in this country than them. They’re jealous of the fact that in spite of affirmative action and quotas they still can’t achieve at the level of Whites. In spite of endless media derision of Whites, more murders of Whites by THEM than all the soldiers who died in the Vietnam War, they still hate us and will keep doing so until every last one of us die off. And if it ever comes to the day when there are no Whites left, they’ll spend the rest of their time on earth blaming Whites and slavery of hundreds of years ago for their plight. The only solution is permanent separation. There is no other way.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What where these women doing with him in the firt place?

    According to state corrections records, mass murder suspect Rodrick Dantzler: was arrested by Walker Police in 1992 on charges of stealing a car and breaking into an occupied home. Both charges were dealt with in Kent County Probate Court because Dantzler was a juvenile at the time.

    In 1997, Dantzler was charged with felony malicious destruction of property. He pleaded guilty. He was jailed for 33 days and fined. He was on probation for 1 year.

    In 2000, he as charged with felony assault and felony assault with intent to murder. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison.

    In 2010, he was accused of misdemeanor assault and pleaded guilty. He was given 8 days in jail

  13. cpascal says:

    Looking at the graphic that #6 posted, I’m wondering how this man got at least 3 white women to become his girlfriends. The women pictured could have done far better, not to mention the fact that a white man would have been much less likely to have murdered them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have eyes.

    I was listening to NPR one day & they had a guy from the FBI on talking about hate crimes. He said most of the hate crimes in America are commited by whites. Living in Detroit I found this hard to believe. I lived in the city for 32 years, moved several times to escape the crime and violence that always seemed to destroy my neighborhoods. It was always the same senario, white neighborhood turns black and goes from good to disaster. I guess noticing that makes me a racist to many of u. I call it having eyes. Finally I had to move to the burbs. I gave up on the city.

    Anyway, when NPR claims white commit most of the hate crimes, frankly, I find that hard to believe. In fact, I don’t believe it. Why is a government official on the radio, lying? Is this the “new math” I have heard about? What is a hate crime?

    Thiis murder spree will not be listed as a hate crime.

    When I was minding my own business in Detroit and 4 black guys grabbed my ice cream cone out of my hand and started eating it, that was not a hate crime

    When my mother had her purse snatched by a black guy, it was not a hate crime

    When my father was robbed at gunpoint by a black guy, it was not a hate crime

    When my sister was grabbed between the legs and asked for sex by a black man at the corner store, it was not a hate crime.

    When a black girl pulled a knife on by brother, it was not a hate crime.

    After hearing the NPR story I decided to do an experiment. I decided to count how may whites are killed by blacks, and how many blacks are killed by whites, in Michigan, in one year. So far this year.

    Whites killed by blacks in Michigan.

    Randy Lauzon

    Joe Lauzon

    John Clements

    Jay Shinn (asian)

    Greg Mcnichols

    Marissa Emkens

    Amanda Emkens

    Kimberlee Emkens

    Jennifer Heeren

    Kamrie Dantzler (mixed race)

    Rebecca Heeren

    Thomas Heeren

    Blacks killed by whites in Michigan.


    I have eyes, why doesn’t the FBI?

  15. George says:

    Yes, you have to wonder with this black’s record posted by #12 what would any sane person see in associating with such a felon as this black man was? Maybe it was his handsome intelligent looks?

    I think most whites who associate with blacks do not know the danger they are putting themselves in and their families in. Most whites get their news from the mainstream media and that is a fatal flaw, but inexcusable because everyone has excess to the internet, where you can learn the truth.

  16. noneknown says:

    @11: I completely agree with you; “there is no other way.”

    The idea of “integration” was yet another elitist, foolhardy notion that sounded “high-minded”, and so was embraced by the so-called elites. Sixty years of experimenting with it have proven how wrong the elites were. This is usually the case with their hair-brained ideas.

    If the elites had listened to Abraham Lincoln, they would have known that blacks and Whites cannot live together comfortably. The Founders knew this fact of nature as well.

    This pursuit of “unnatural” ideas by the elites would lead one to conclude that perhaps these elites are very stupid or have a hidden agenda.

  17. Anonymous says:

    They were all white except for his mixed race daughter being raised by mom and white grand parents while dad was in and out of prison.

    One not pictured in above link is April Swanson… on Myspace

    Couldn’t help but notice April was into black music. That says something about a person’s mindset. What a shame.

  18. DalisMustache says:

    After living in NYC over the years, here are some of my observations that have led me to believe why White women date black men….

    (1) A lot of White women have low self esteem and possibly low IQ’s (regardless of how beautiful she may or may not be). I know, hard to believe, but it’s true.

    (2) A lot of White women crave constant attention…for which they will ALWAYS get when dating a black man, and probably not as much from a White man.

    (3) White women know that black men feel much more fortunate to have a “trophy White woman” on their arm that they can flaunt, this feeds both of their egos. So, if you want to keep White women with Whites…don’t take them for granted, smother them with attention and they’ll never look at other races.

    (4) Some White women usually have no other choice, because they can not get their “dream” White man or White men just aren’t attracted to them.

    (5) Most White women more than ever, are highly influenced by the way the media, MTV, and Hollywood project black men in a positive light and always pair black men with White women. White women sad to say… are extremely gullible and are big time followers. Need I mention Oprah?

    (6) Black men are filled with “self hate” due to the psychological and physical abuse they have suffered as children being beaten down by their black mothers and abandonment by their fathers. Would you want to date a black woman after that? I didn’t think so.

    (7) Black men feel that dating a White woman will make him be “accepted” and put him in a different class. This is a no brainer.

    (8) Most White women have huge hearts, are very nurturing, and have a lot of sympathy, and therefore take poor pitiful black men under their wings. And actually believe due their ego… that they can straighten these black men out. This BTW, usually has a tragic end just like this story.

    (9) Most White women that are under the age of 30 are hardcore liberals, especially if they are college “brainwashed”, I meant educated.

    (10) White women are always a black man’s meal ticket (unless he is a pro athlete), due to the fact that they actually have a JOB….and they will pay dearly for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

    (11) Now, more than ever… it is very trendy to date and or marry a professional black athlete due to the MONEY, fame, attention, perks, etc…. Sad but true.

    (12) A lot of White women actually believe the “myth” that black men are more sexually dominant and endowed than White men. Curiosity kills the cat, once you go black, you can’t come back.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the murder/rape of 3 white teens back in 1997.

    Made the cover of time magazine. Time would never publish such a story today.

  20. Tom in Illinois says:

    to #2

    Yup, the moment the Black details became appearant and confirmed…the news media seemed to forget about this story altogether. It was on Fox news for a decent amount of time, then when the photo was released…Hurry! Casey Anthoney now has 5 more days in prison, that’s more important!

  21. Jack D.R. says:

    What would be the motivation to associate with such a character? What would they have in common? Granted the media has moved to convince and brainwash all European Americans on multiculturalism, but, honestly, one has to wonder about the state of mind and intelligence level of these people.

  22. olewhitelady says:

    I’ve noticed that “road rage” is often being used an an excuse by police higher-ups, city officials, and the press for crimes that usually involve a black perp. Possibly, whites are as guilty of this behavior as are blacks–which usually involves no actual crime–and people might easily picture some overstressed white businessman in city traffic. Roadside robberies, carjackings, and other auto thefts are, of course, mostly committed by blacks or Hispanics.

  23. Dave says:

    “Not a racial MOTIVATION, but yet another example of racial DIFFERENCES. The threshold at which anger tips into murderous violence—much lower for blacks.”

    This paragraph nails it. White men are also capable of brutality toward women, and even murder. And I don’t believe race was the primary motivation for the crime; but the killer’s race (think lower I.Q.), and hostility toward Whites after a lifetime of disappointment were likely contributing factors (as well as crack-cocaine).

  24. Old White Jim says:

    One early evening in the summer of 1997 I gave a co-worker a ride to her uncle’s house in North Florida. Many miles after leaving the blacktop we pulled into the sandy, well shaded driveway that led to the cypress board and batten home.

    The first thing I saw when I stepped out of my Bronco was a large, clean-shaven man in a White robe walking toward us. His furrowed brow and tightened jaw muscles made it clear that I was intruding on whatever he and his fifteen or twenty white clad friends were busying themselves with in the half acre clearing behind the house.

    After his niece told the tale of her car troubles the distrustful K man turned into a grateful uncle and shook my hand.

    Following the initial if-I-can-ever-do-anything-for-you banter, the uncle looked me directly in the eyes and said, “I can tell by your accent that you are from up north, so you probably don’t know what to make of all of this.” He gestured toward the clearing.

    He went on to explain that the local K was not like the stuff I had learned about in the Yankee newspapers. They didn’t care what Blacks did as long as they stayed away from them. They were only concerned with what Whites did.

    He recalled an incident in which a White guy who lived in that end of the county had a 4×4 pickup truck that had every shiny accessory that you could bolt onto the thing, but his kids were going to school in highwater britches with the knees worn out. That man got a talking to that he didn’t listen to, so he later got some counseling that resulted in stitches and a concussion.

    “That’s what it’s about.” he said. “We know that we can’t fix N people, but we can try to straighten out White folks who act like them.”

    I agree with the uncle. We can’t fix Blacks, but we can, and must, keep each other on the right path.

    These pointless interracial killings highlight the necessity of severing all ties with relatives who mate with the descendants of African slaves. When a White girl allows her reproductive organs to be used as a conduit through which Blacks can crawl into the world she has committed the high crime of racial treason and should be punished by being exiled from all who nurtured her.

    The White families that condone miscegenation should be punished by being cast out from all who have befriended them.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for the dead family members of coal-burners Kimberlee Emkens and Jennifer Heeren. They were enablers and collaborators and they got what their kind often get.

    I have absolutely no anger for that son of the Dark Continent who was allowed to contaminate the bloodlines of those families. If you let the fox into the hen house, don’t blame the fox.

  25. Istvan says:

    This is just another example of the on-going white genoicide that our government, includng 95 percent of white politicans, have supported over the last 55 years. If we do survive and get our own ethno-state not one US politician or race-mixer must be allowed to live among us. We must do to them what the Anglo-American establishment has done to whites in Rhodesia and SA – watch them suffer at the hands of their black overlords.

  26. Gloria says:

    Please have a look at this You Tube video:

    Jesse Jackson is hitting up the Swedes for reparations and demanding that they become a multiracial country.

    It seems that Sweden had a brief involvement with the African slave trade, so therefore all its wealth was made off the backs of black slaves.

    I guess Barbara Spectre wasn’t bad enough.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The short list goes something like this :

    George Banks 1982 Pennsylvania (13 killed, all white except 1/2 son)

    Cookie Thornton 2008 Saint Louis (5 killed, all white)

    Omar Thornton 2010 Hartsford Conn. (8 killed, all white)

    Rodrick Dantlzler 2011 GR Mich (7 killed, all white except 1/2 daughter)

    Hmmmm. A curious pattern here, dontcha think?

    My favorite part is the two Thorntons : how could the MSM ever deny that it “runs in the family?”


  28. Anonymous says:

    I find it hard to muster any sympathy for the 3 (ex) girlfriends. And limited sympathy for the parents, who could have instilled in their daughters a sense of racial awareness when they were younger but apparently chose not to. Instead chosing to teach them that diversity is our strength, we’re all one race — the human race, etc. Too bad the last lesson they learned in life before slipping off into enternal unconsciousness was that these things aren’t true after all. They should have been taught this lesson earlier in life. The only ones I feel for are the 10 and 12 year olds, who were truly innocent in this entire episode.

  29. Lauren says:

    What were these women doing with HIM?

    I have a little theory:

    It seems obvious that these women had low Self Esteem. But why? Could it be that they had been victims of Bullying? We’ve seen the footage of toddlers in Daycare Centers, having to defend themselves against aggressors. We know that black youngsters are vastly more aggressive than white ones.

    Over years, imagine how many young lives can be warped and stunted by just one violent, aggressive child. Now, with virtually mandatory Pre-K and Kindergarten, the opportunity for such destruction is greater than ever. Forced Integration increases that opportunity, by placing violent ‘minorities’ with good children.

    While I was googling around, looking into the Lizzie Seeberg suicide, I learned that her alleged Attacker, Notre Dame ‘Football Standout’ ‘Prince Shembo’, had been reported as terrorizing his classmates, prior to College. His behavior, reportedly, was tolerated by the do-nothings running the school for YEARS. I believe one account said that the final precipitating event was his hurling a little girl across the classroom. I hardly imagine the story of his pre-College school career is unusual.

    Imagine being a little girl terrorized, for years and years, by blacks. Aside from developing low Self Esteem (and a stress-induced weight problem), you might, eventually, begin to suffer from something akin to Stockholm Syndrome: beginning to identify with the Oppressor. Add the glorification of Athletes which so distorts values in America’s schools, and the relentless fetishization of black males by Mainstream Media….and you have the perfect storm.

    These women were probably destroyed by contact with blacks, and probably, basically set up to be fit only for blacks.

  30. Gloria says:

    I think the biggest problem is the 24-7 propaganda we all get from the MSM. Almost all of it is directed at white women. You really don’t see them trying to push white men together with black men as much.

    I was never attracted to black men, but I always felt vaguely guilty for not being as interested in them as they were in me. I’m sure every other woman here has heard “What’s wrong? Don’t you like black guys?” Women who don’t have Dad at home and lack good male role models early in life are much more vulnerable to the media drumbeat.

    Luckily the guilt I was bombarded with in school didn’t work. I think low self-esteem and being pummeled with white guilt in Western culture are the main culprits.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Apparently, the danger connected with black men makes them even more attractive to some women. Actually the odds of a woman being murdered by a black sex partner are fairly low, and gals believe it is well worth the risk. In any event, it’s not my concern.

  32. Anonymous says:

    He also had another girlfriend that was pregnant with his kid . She is five months pregnant and 17 years old. Most likely she was sixteen when he knocked her up. This one just quit the relationship to go on thru the system collecting from you and me. He shot one man from a short distance and hit him in the nose. He had cancer and had a titanium plate as a bridge , the bullet ricocheted off it and he had to get 2 stitches. Not bad for it being a forty caliber. As of now i have seen no statement of remorse from the killers family for any of the families shot even though its their own grand daughter that was killed. Most of the victims families are afraid to talk being afraid of retaliation. All most all postings to MLIVE writing about the victims being white are deleted. Seems to be no problem with them. Mayor Heartwell made a statement to the fact its not what happens in GR but two days earlier on the 4th gangs of blacks shot two people at a downtown concert for the holiday and they had to cancel it. It goes on and on.

  33. olewhitelady says:

    Lauren #29:

    You are no doubt correct that bullying by blacks can alter the mindset of a white child. I believe that any white child who has to go to a majority-black school will be influenced for the worse by the experience. At the least, boys will adopt ghetto styles, and girls will date blacks. Both genders will likely get involved with drugs and shoplifting. White parents should do anything possible to see that their children avoid such schools. If they can’t afford private school or tuition at an alternate public school, they should move if at all feasible or send their kids to live with relatives. To think that even a few loony white liberals force their children into these dreadful schools is sickening!

  34. bonnie blue says:

    What’s wrong with these girl’s?? So called American culture promotes primarily two types of “men” to be put on pedestals. Athletes and entertainers. We all know which athletes are promoted by big sports organizations. 90% black. The entertainment industry situation speaks for itself. Put these girls into integrated public schools and add the brainwashing from schools and msm, and there you go.. If you let society teach your young, there is a good chance they will wind up with the same fate. Their parents are primarily at fault. If you do not protect your children, you can be sure nobody else will.

  35. B J Deller says:

    11 — Awakened wrote at 1:24 AM on July 9: so very true and in South Africa it was called Apartheid but the uninformed Liberals in the outside World would not listen to the experts who lived in South Africa (and Rhodesia), even with all the recent historical examples in other African countries, and now the West will be giving aid to S A in a few years time.

    Already the squatter camps are far bigger in SA than they were under Apartheid as is the violent crime.

  36. Earl K. says:

    “Yes, you have to wonder with this black’s record posted by #12 what would any sane person see in associating with such a felon as this black man was? Maybe it was his handsome intelligent looks?”

    Blacks like this guy prey on chubby white chicks, who often, and, not surprisingly, have zero self-esteem. They use them as their “base” and have them pay the bills and in general, support them while they chase the girls that they really want to be with. This they consider “work.”

  37. Al says:

    Obviously the people killed by Dantzler were of a low social strata. They were unable to avail themselves of the knowledge base that is wide open, especially on AMREN, for the public to view. So the hard edge of fitness of the species took control and nature ran its course. The gene pool was partially cleansed.

  38. Anonymous says:

    how do you expect white parents to teach abnd protect their children? What kind of people still have any sense? When it comes to blacks, both liberals and christians are pulling the same cart. Just google around a bit and see what they stand for. Who is left?

  39. Periapsis says:

    Oldwhitelady, I too had to deal with my share of bullying, harassment and violence too from blacks. It does alter white children’s thought processes, and not for the better all around. Dealing with these darkies definitely did not help me get an education, indeed they hindered it. Their harassment, violence and general interference with my life did both fuel my already fiery temper and it has given me growing suspicion, mistrust and hatred towards non-whites. That is why I have no compunctions about reacting to their violence with violence of my own, even deadly force. Blacks are too stupid to see they are creating a growing “ghost army” of whites like me who will simply kill them when they threaten us and our families.

  40. Anonymous says:

    This will not be called a hate crime. Because most of the victims were involved with the criminal or related to those who were involved with him, it will be listed as a “domestic dispute” gone wrong. MANY white women maimed or killed by their black boyfriends or husbands are similarly listed as domestic disputes. They may not be much loss, being race traitors, but if their deaths were publicized as hate crimes, it might open the eyes of other girls and prevent them from ever starting down that dark (literally) road.

  41. Thank you, Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the murder/rape of 3 white teens back in 1997.

    Made the cover of time magazine. Time would never publish such a story today. – Anon

    Thank you for that link. I have been trying to find that link for sometime, and I believe I originally read about that grisly murder in AmRen’s paid subscription newsletter many years ago. Still I was unable to locate it. You have NO idea the importance of that as I’ve been doing a compilation of Black-on-White crimes I’ve been saving for years to submit on the “White Genocide Evidence Project.”

    I was also trying to locate another story I had come across whereby a White women’s parents’ (I believe one was handicapped) were slain owing to her involvement with a Black male maybe a year or so ago. Anyone familiar with the crime, please post a link.

    I think too a lot of White women are drawn to Black men because they are not deterred by and indeed seem attracted to overweight women – aside from the fact that so many are themselves overweight.

  42. Ann Onymous says:

    #31 says the odds of women being killed by a black partner are low; I seem to remember seeing something that said just the opposite. I am fairly certain that the odds are higher with white female/black male pairs. If anyone knows of a link relating to that I hope they can post it.

    I found only this link on the subject:

  43. Tom S. says:

    #28 -I find it hard to muster any sympathy for the 3 (ex) girlfriends. And limited sympathy for the parents, who could have instilled in their daughters a sense of racial awareness when they were younger but apparently chose not to.

    My thoughts exactly! They’re the ones that would’ve shouted you and I down as “RACISTS” for opposing mixed relationships. They’re the type that torment motels to get “conferences” canceled. They’re the ones that push “speakers” off the stage. Its precisely Whites like this that have enpowered “the blacks” for several decades now, thats gotten us to this point. They basically CAUSED their own deaths in my eyes! Although I have some sympathy for the mixed children, I also realize theres a GOOD chance they would’ve grown up to identify with their “black” side and popped afew slugs into some Whites themselves. I personally would’nt lift a finger – well maybe my middle one – to help them if I saw they were getting beat down in the middle of the street by their thug boyfriend or a pack of thugs. I’d be too busy getting my camera-phone out for future laughs anyway!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I will never understand why White women insist on dating black felons. I will admit though, that the popularity of Rap/Hip-Hop was a clever way of opening up the idea among White girls to date black


  45. William says:

    He obviously chimped out. Typical low impulse control. This will be presented as just a ‘domestic situation’ by the MSM and obviously was but the difference is the lower impulse control and psychopathy associated with young black males that amplifes the chances of a murder suicide.

    Its a pity that Kimberlee Emkens brought the danger of race mixing and associating with Blacks into her family.

    One wonder what the overall attitude of the family was to race mixing etc.

    Amren does sterling work providing ‘race realism’ as an antidote to the MSM propaganda.

    Unfortunatly many young people stray into an inter-racial union, personally I believe many recover their ethnic identity but for Kimberlee Emkens it was too late.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I was listening to NPR one day & they had a guy from the FBI on talking about hate crimes. He said most of the hate crimes in America are commited by whites

    that’s because they only classify white “hate” crimes, not black ones – we have seen case after case after case where the police and gov. prosecutors refuse to press ‘hate’ crime charges and Eric holder has even said they are NOT for whites.

  47. Guilty Liberal says:

    Oh, wow. I had never thought about it like that Lauren (see comment number 29), but your hypothesis makes a great deal of sense. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a fantastic insight. Anyone else have any thoughts on her idea?

  48. Luke says:

    “4 — White and Proud wrote at 7:46 PM on July 8:

    I am not sure that there is a racial motivation to this murder spree. It sounds more like an unhinged guy who was angry at people of all races.”

    I wholeheartedly disagree with White and Proud on this subject.

    As do most of the other AR readers/posters, I also have a theory about the preponderance of violent and murderous endings to these unnatural pairings between black males and white females.

    I believe that nearly 100 percent of black males harbor deep-rooted, deep-seated, resentments and hatreds for white males, which is constantly being reinforced by the virulently anti-white media owners, who hate whites and white males even more than blacks do. Think about such Hollywood productions as ‘Roots’, based on a proven pile of absolute malarkey by the black author Alex Haley. That’s just one example, friends. There are hundreds and hundreds of other examples.

    Because I cannot stand to watch regular TV due to it’s virulently anti-white content, I began to order a few of the older, classic TV shows from the 1950s-1980s era on DVD. Well, guess what I’m noticing about those older shows? Nearly all of them have anti-white messages cleverly woven into the story lines and scripts. Right now, I’m watching the second season of the old Daniel Boone TV show with Fess Parker and his “stalwart & noble” Cherokee Indian friend, played by Ed Ames. Nearly every episode has carried some kind of anti-white slur; portraying the white settlers of the time to be a pack of Indian mistreating, slavery loving, conniving, scheming, backstabbing, exploitation oriented, greedy, selfish encroachers on the North American continent. Curiously, all of the major Indian roles are played by white looking actors or white actresses – while the lesser, non-speaking roles appear to be played by either real Indians or mestizos who have the Indian-look. Fess Parker, as Daniel Boone, consistently takes the side of the Indians or other non-whites over that of his fellow whites – and repeatedly delivers chastizing lectures to white settlers on the error of their ways. This theme, i.e., the lead white characters in films and on TV programs, always taking the side of the non-white and never taking the side of their own people – was, and still is – used extensively by Hollywood and the mainstream anti-white media. This is how white people have been programmed to view race treason as an act of heroism and self-righteous nobility. This is how our enemy has cleverly snookered white people, taking advantage of our innate and uniquely ‘white’ sense of altruism and turned whites against their own race.

    At any rate, these blacks and other minorities who – according to all statistics that I see – watch incredible amounts of TV, and they are being constantly bombarded with anti-white brainwashing – and this has been going on for well over 50 plus years. Whites have also been sitting in front of their TVs and having their race and their people’s history demonized over and over and over, and this is largely responsible for the nauseating psychological condition that most of the white race now suffers from, sometimes known as ‘white guilt’ and ‘white self-loathing’.

    So, back to this latest black male killer of our white females. I think the black male harbors a desire to try to provoke a response from his hated foe, the white male. By going after the white man’s women, he hopes to generate that response – in much the same way as a child who seeks attention will often misbehave in order to incite a spanking – in each case, there is a cry for attention.

    White men, however, I am sad to report, have largely turned into gutless cowards whenever the issue of race comes to the fore. White fathers have become castrated race wimps and, having neglected to discuss the importance of racial loyalty and racial pride with their white daughters and white sons – for fear of being seen as ‘politically incorrect’, a.k.a, Archie Bunker – and helping teach their children that race mixing is equivalent to white genocide – they look the other way and tolerate their daughters bringing home a black boyfriend or their sons catching a case of ‘yellow fever’ and bringing home an Asian female. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen elderly white ‘grandparents’ in stores or out in public – and trailing along beside them will be the mulatto mixed race child that was produced by their race mixing white daughters, who were likely abandoned by the black guy who got them pregnant.

    So, I suspect that these black males who turn into killers do so because they failed to generate the response they were seeking from their enemy, the white male – and out of frustration – they decide to murder their white female ‘conquests’. In the mind of these black males, this final act of murder becomes the ultimate middle finger gesture to his white male foe, who he despises even more for refusing to defend his women.

    Incidentally, Mestizo males do not tolerate encroachments by blacks on their females and despite their lower overall IQs, I’d venture to say that at least they still possess a healthy instinct for ethnic survival. What happened to ours?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Whites have got it all wrong.

    Its not that black males prefer whitee females although this is up for debate.

    Black females know these black males better than anyone rightly so and fully aware these black males are worthless sorry no good no count zeros.

    Black males also know white females who rebel against their own naturally are easy and weak minded so they get them at a weak time when they are trying tget back at their own white race or white family or white boyfriend.

    Also many of these white females are ugly and fat and rejected by white males thus easy meat for the black male.

    Make no mistake. The black female is the one who has to raise the kids from birth without help from the sorry worthless scoundrel black males many in prison or drug dealers and criminals.

    The whole problem is the sorry black worthless male piece of black trash.

  50. Pelayo says:

    30 — Gloria wrote at 8:31 PM on July 9:

    “I think the biggest problem is the 24-7 propaganda we all get from the MSM. Almost all of it is directed at white women. You really don’t see them trying to push white men together with black men as much.

    I was never attracted to black men, but I always felt vaguely guilty for not being as interested in them as they were in me. I’m sure every other woman here has heard “What’s wrong? Don’t you like black guys?” Women who don’t have Dad at home and lack good male role models early in life are much more vulnerable to the media drumbeat.

    Luckily the guilt I was bombarded with in school didn’t work. I think low self-esteem and being pummeled with white guilt in Western culture are the main culprits.”


    You’re spot on. I’ve seen a lot of this in my years of teaching adolescents. These Black boys are always making moves on the White girls and I can see the visible resentment in the faces of the White boys.

    I remember an incident where I was in a formal wear rental business being fitted for a tuxedo in order to chaperone our Senior prom.

    A new BMW pulled up to the store driven by a beautiful young Blonde (of course) girl from one of the other High Schools that was also holding a Prom that weekend. She was accompanied by the most ghetto looking Black with the corn rows, low slung jeans that fully showed at least half of the boxer shorts he was wearing. He tried on the tuxedo of the typical style that one would expect a Mau Mau to like. The blonde pulled out her checkbook and paid the rental fee for the tux. I also inferred that she had probably paid for the prom tickets as well. With that they left the store and tooled away in her BMW.

    At OUR prom that next evening I observed several White girls who arrived at the venue with other girls and then “hooked up” with the Blacks at the prom, obviously running a scam on their parents. One White student came up to me and offered that he had asked one of those girls to the prom and she turned him down. You could see the hurt and bitterness in his eyes. I really wanted to tell him that he should consider himself blessed that he didn’t get to take her and I couldn’t sympathize with him because teenagers aren’t discreet about what they hear and I didn’t want to lose my job.

    There’s a bunch of angry young White men out there who have finally gotten a reality check despite all the wonders of diversity they’ve been fed during both primary and secondary schools. For some reason girls appear to be much more susceptible to the indoctrination.

    I always find it interesting when White people have a racial comment to make they always feels the need to exculpate themselves in advance by declaring ” I’m not a racist but….”

    Blacks never feel that need. They can openly exhort other Blacks to “kill White people and their little babies” as the Black Panther did on Philadelphia’s South Street, an outrage that got no more than a passing mention in the Philly MSM.

    This will end only when WE unite and put an end to it.

  51. sandy says:

    Is it my imagination that ever since Obama became president blacks have been going on a rampage? You hear about these mobs every weekend. We must confront this problem head on, just the opposite of the brain dead media who like to pretend this problem doesn’t exist.

  52. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Anonymous #27: writes:

    The short list goes something like this

    That’s a VERY short list (but I’m glad you posted it). The true list of black mass murderers of Whites is considerably longer:

    One false notion that needs to be exploded whenever and wherever it is found is the wholly untrue media myth that ONLY Whites are capable of serial or spree killings, never blacks. This is because black serial killers are either covered up or their heinous crimes not reported — especially if the victims are White, including White children:

    There were many expressions of shock and surprise voiced in the media in 2002 when the ‘D.C. Sniper’ turned out to be two Black males. In a sample of 413 serial killers operating in the United States from 1945 to mid-2004, it was found that 90 were African American… African Americans are overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about two.

    For weeks, we on the West Coast were subjected to coverage of the Casey Anthony case, 1600 miles away, including updates every hour blasted over the TV and radio. The mass murder case in the above article? It did not make the local paper and rated hardly a mention over the airwaves — race, of course, never mentioned. A few hours later it became old, forgotten news– and back to Casey Anthony.

    This is not unusual and has been going on for decades by the White-hating American media:

    The Zebra Killings of the 1970′s specifically targeted Whites for random killing and was the most prolific murder ring in American history — bar none — randomly killing at least 71 innocent White people, yet few Whites have even heard of it… From 1970 to 1974, murderous blacks engaged in random killing of innocent White people, including young children and mothers as part of their initiation rites. Whites were killed in a variety of ways, but were often shot down in the street out of the blue! Back when it happened, it received far less attention than the white Zodiac killings of “only” five people and two wounded

    Are you beginning to inkle what the media think about your worthless White life?


  53. Jack says:

    Allowing someone in your home to associate with blacks puts your life at risk, period.

  54. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:


    Think about such Hollywood productions as ‘Roots’, based on a proven pile of absolute malarkey by the black author Alex Haley.

    Nothing infuriates me like the fraud of Roots! In the schools, Roots is sacrosanct. Question the Bible all you want but Roots? Don’t even think about it! Roots is dogma, a sacred text, THE dominant narrative — to question it is to risk your credential and pension, especially if you are White.

    Read on:

    Jack Cashill writes in Hoodwinked:

    Approaching seventy when Roots debuted, Harold Courlander was shocked to read it. In 1967, he had written a novel titled The African. He had earned fourteen thousand dollars for it.

    In 1978, Courlander sued Haley in a U.S. District Court in New York for copyright infringement. The suit cited eighty-one passages that had been lifted from Courlander’s The African as well as the plot and certain characters.

    Not wanting to undermine a newly ascendant black hero, the judge counseled Haley and his attorneys midway through the trial that he would have to contemplate a perjury charge unless they settled with Courlander.

    They did just that to the tune of $650,000, or more than $2 million by 2008 standards. In return, Courlander agreed to keep quiet about the suit, which he did until he died in 1996.

    [The lawsuit did not] dim Haley’s star. The Coast Guard named a cutter for Haley. His hometown erected a ten-foot bronze statue in his honor. The book and video remain a staple in history classes across America. And the Pulitzer remains in Haley’s trophy case.

    Any White who shows reverence to haley and roots should be reprimanded immediately and reminded that roots is a pack of lies, plagiarized from a work of fiction.

    If they don’t believe you, show ’em this:


  55. NAVY says:

    White women who date blacks often ridicule white men and support violence against whites at the whim of their black lover.

    America must uphold the right to look down upon and discreetly or indiscreetly shame interracial unions to prevent the outcomes of race mixing and homicide.

  56. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    Bon, how about the “de Mau Mau killings” in the Chicago area, heard of them?

  57. Anonymous says:

    #50 wrote

    ‘Also many of these white females are ugly and fat…’

    If so , these females are humans too regardless of their

    appearance and size. There seems to be a belief that if women

    are not young, slender and ‘pretty’ then they dont count.

    No wonder many women are bittered with men because they

    are not valued unless they look like the typical model.

    With a median age of about 44 for white women in a society

    described as the most ‘overweight’, there are many women

    who feel rejected and thus will go where they are wanted.

  58. Two White Crows says:

    I guess for the most part I do blame white folks for this whole mess…heck the white folks brought the blacks over here as a means of free labor just like they are doing with the illegal aliens now everybody is having to pay for it …..and the country is going to heck over it…

    Whites have turned into liberal cowards who are afraid to take up for themselves…. this is what happens when you attend liberal infested liberal arts colleges to get a degree in sociology or some other non sense.

  59. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Up to my neck in CA. writes:

    Bon, how about the ‘de Mau Mau killings’ in the Chicago area, heard of them?

    No. But, as you know, the media only report black-on-White serial killings when forced to, when a story becomes too big for them to ignore or hide. The Zebra murders are not well known in my part of the state (or anywhere else for that matter) –yet Charles Manson and the Zodiac killer are household names!!

    De Mau Mau killings:

    Residents of the Chicago area were confronted with a nightmare. In a four-month period of 1978, at least ten persons were shot and killed in random, racially-motivated attacks. All the victims were white, their killers black… they called themselves De Mau Mau — after terrorists who slaughtered whites in Kenya, during 1952-56 — and racism alone was ample motive for their crimes.

    All Kudos to the Internet, otherwise we’d know NOTHING about black mass killings of Whites.

    Let me ask you this: Have you Northern Californians ever heard of John Flloyd Thomas Jr.? Well, we Angelenos hardly heard a thing about him either even though he was suspected of racially targeting and killing 30 White women around Los Angeles.

    DNA finally solved this case:

    On April 1, 2011, Thomas Jr. pleaded guilty to the seven counts of murder as part of a deal to avoid the death sentence… He was therefore sentenced to life imprisonment without the possiblity of parole.

    The media? Silent as usual!! The victims were Whites, and elderly at, that so what’s to report?

    BTW: Great Link!! I especially enjoyed looking at the Serial Killer Coloring Book!

    Stay safe, friend.


    Steph: Do you have any more info about that case? Location?

  60. Anonymous says:

    we seemed to have missed this in the newspaper.

  61. Peejay in Frisco says:

    White women are a lot of times unbelively submissive to black male thugs and totally tolerant of any abuse that they recieve from them. If you can remember the case about 15 years age, of tha white pregnant woman carrying the mulatto baby of the black thug who later shot her through the head, his black nurse girlfriend then with a knife cut the mulatto baby out of her, and they later killed her two other all white young children.The victim was cohabitating with the black, who often locked her in a room, while he sold drugs to make money for himself.She had another mulatto child with the black thug. Her parents DIDNT object to her living with this animal, or having his offspring.I saw the whole story of it on the Montel Williams show.

  62. OrangeRuffy says:

    Case in point-i grew up in a predominantly white(with a very monor sprinkling of East Asians)and 2 black families-I was friends with the black boy who was alreaduy alot bigger and more muscular then the other boys at that time.In Grade8 gym he went berserk ina floor hockey match just because he couldn’t scor eon the goalie and when a mutual friend ask him for the hockey stick hethe black male assaulted him with fists-knocking out 2 teeth,breaking lips and maybe fracturing his jaw.Fortuneately I wasn’t there-but that “chimp-out” alerted me to the black behaviour in general-good area no violence,no gangs,no racial taunts of any sort yet the horrible spasm of violence.

  63. Anonymous says:

    It will get worse. As the economy continues to turn turtle and the value of money becomes strained past any point where one it becomes easier to end something than continue to invest in it and the other party will feel increasingly aggravated by the rejection.

    I would like to know what specific incident, comment or final-warning (We’re thru!) notification exceeded this man’s gone-postal threshold.

    It could be that, as with other personality traits, there is something here which is widespread enough, genetically, that it can be used as a tripwire social alert as ‘here and no farther!’ the volatility of a situation before seeking legal help as either police accompaniment during evictions or the issuance of a protective order.

    There will always be bystanders as collateral or even intentional secondary victims if we permit crimes like this to go unabated and we certainly don’t need to increase the rates of criminality in society itself as our economic and cultural dominance melts down.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I think the reason for the murder of white women in the mixed relationships is that the women are unaccustomed to men who are so different than the men they grew up with. They first suffer a ‘cultural shock’ when they get their first taste of what happens when they ‘demand’ by tradition that the man work and take care of his family. They don’t know what to do with a man who doesn’t have ambition or desire to work for ‘white picket fences’. The shock puts them into a shameful situation where they have to live a lie to their parents and society while they try to ‘help make him a better man’. When that doesn’t work and after the psychological and too often physical assaults, they ‘put him out’. If their parents are willing to emotionally embrace them, they will have the courage to make the man take care of his children through child support, etc. Nothing p*sses a sloucher off more than the threat of going to jail for not taking care of his children.