Posted on July 18, 2011

A Population Changes, Uneasily

Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times, July 17, 2011

This city, the country’s first to have an African-American majority and one of its earliest experiments in black self-government, is passing a milestone.

Washington’s black population slipped below 50 percent this year, possibly in February, about 51 years after it gained a majority, according to an estimate by William Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution.

The shift is passing without much debate, but it is leaving ripples of resentment in neighborhoods across the city, pitting some of the city’s long-term residents, often African-American, against affluent newcomers, most of whom are white, over issues as mundane as church parking and chicken wings.


But race and class issues often overlap, and as the city’s demographics shift–the white population jumped by 31 percent in the past decade, while the black population declined by 11 percent–many less affluent blacks say they are feeling left out of the city’s improving fortunes. {snip}


50 responses to “A Population Changes, Uneasily”

  1. white is right, black is whack says:

    I’m sure DC might be safer now.

  2. Jim in DC NorthEaast says:

    Ok folks, I can comment on this one. There are beautiful brownstones in DC and the architecture is stunning…if you squint and dismiss all the crackpipes, 40’s and trash both physical and human. It’s easy to purchase a “Gaza Strip” house and restore it to a normal and historic condition but…you have to put bars on the windows, have 2 big German Sheps and a complete security system with sensors and cameras. Slowly, we are taking over DC and the ultimate is to take over an entire block and leveling the 4 corners for a community parking area. It will be like a white “FOB” in enemy country but DC loves the taxation and decrease in crime plus the increased eye catching appeal of the restored neighborhoods. THe previous owners need to just die off…period. What was once a white area was left to the animals and now is being forcefully retaken by educated, employed whites and it drives the natives nuts. I go out and every day and keep the place CLEAN in our 5 bedroom, 4 1/2 bath place that is 7100 sq ft. It was a rat hole that was turned into a group home of animals but now has been restored to a fantastic place worthy of magazine review. Several of our neighbors are doing the same thing and we are a company-sized element deep behind the afro lines. We survive and repair and it makes them P-O’d to no end. It’s been about 8 years and it’s finally catching on…this urban restoration.

  3. sbuffalonative says:

    Just the headline, “A Population Changes, Uneasily”, riles me. Apparently, this is the wrong kind of change for the New York Times. After all, once you go black, you’re not allowed to go back.

    “…leaving ripples of resentment in neighborhoods across the city”

    Welcome to the club.

  4. Justin says:

    “Similar anxieties sprung up on H Street last fall, during a failed attempt by the area’s majority-white neighborhood council to ban the sale of chicken wings in a newly opened 7-Eleven (the bones attract rats and choke dogs, they argued).”

    LoL, that’s hilarious. Talk about a stereotype being rooted in reality! Don’t touch a brotha’s chicken!

  5. Anonymous says:

    So the city’s population is shifting towards becoming more white just as the city is becoming more prosperous? Totally coincidental and completely unrelated, of course.

  6. Middle American Jew says:

    It seems change is only good for blacks if something is in it for them, or something is going against white people. Sorry. Leftist stories like this, masquerading as business news, are almost too painful to read.

    From the article:

    “‘It’s a question of who has the power to determine what this community is going to look like,’ she said. ‘I want to have a voice in that. I don’t want to be told to ‘sit down and shut up while we cast the vision for the city.’ ”

    Hey – here’s my advice: Sit down and shut up.

    You have a voice like everybody else. And one vote like everybody else. You wanted integration so stop complaining.

    This is a case where an IQ of 83 and a government job can only get you so far.

    Here’s another bogus line from the racist Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, the city’s nonvoting congresswoman. ‘Black people laid down a culture that lives here.’

    Some culture – hair salons and a high murder rate.

    Here’s another gem from the article:

    “Many less affluent blacks say they are feeling left out of the city’s improving fortunes.”

    Okay – first – why are the city’s fortunes improving? Let me guess? Oh, fewer blacks. That’s essentially the entire unsaid point of the article. It’s time for little Africa in the District to move somewhere else.

    Second, we must not let blacks feel left out, can we? What moron wrote this? It’s like saying we have to tolerate a city filled with chicken bones and rats (see article) so as not to hurt the feelings of a failed culture that practically destroyed the city.

    My next piece of advice – after PGC collapses – Atlanta is that way.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pay special attention at 3:45 where he says blacks leave Democrat controlled areas to escape the crime and violence.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The conflicts are over church parking and chicken wings? Something tells me the NYTimes is no longer the paper of record, even for those on the left.

  9. Doc Holldiay says:

    One good thing about this, is that the crime rate in DC is going down, however, the crime rate in next-door Prince George’s County, MD, is going up as the blacks from DC are moving there.

  10. OBSERVER says:

    What? Blacks don’t like Whites moving in? Well, my my. Wassup with that?

    I remember segregation. It was better. It was peaceful for BOTH Blacks and Whites. It was better and it brought out the best in people.

    Blacks too care of their areas better back then than today. As horrible as “black areas” were, they are WORSE now. I remember.

    I remember the black parts of Miami. I remember ALL WHITE elementary school in Miami. I remember my sister going to an ALL WHITE High School in Miami.

    It was superior. It was far far better. Segregation is the best thing for Blacks and Whites. Please, bring it back.

  11. olewhitelady says:

    Blacks had only been a majority for a half century, and yet some of them are carrying on like blacks are being driven from Africa! And, of course, the demographic shift is partly because middle and upper class blacks have fled a city so crime-ridden that a vast majority of black male residents have criminal records. And what’s that about not sharing in the affluence of incoming whites? What’s that got to do with anything? They’re mad simply because they won’t be able to elect fellow blacks anymore!

  12. John Engelman says:

    The return of affluent, well educated whites to a city is a positive development. Nevertheless, there needs to be some provision for the poor but honest class of people.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The tone of the article is interesting, in so much as when the demographic was originally changing 50 years ago, was there any calls for “debate”,”racism” etc?

    The MSM is a one trick pony these days, the only subject they seem to want to focus on is race. So if some majority white populated town starts to change demographically to black, would they scream about “needing debate” over the issue?

    Quote:”pitting some of the city’s long-term residents, often African-American, against affluent newcomers, most of whom are white”

    So gentrification is racist and bad? Improving or building nice new homes, reducing the crime rate due to socio/economic changes within a community etc etc, is no longer something a community should look forward too?

    WOW! Up is Down, Left is Right, Green is Blue…….

  14. SKIP says:

    I’ve been to D.C. (District of Coloreds) a lot and I simply do not believe this, this would be tantamount to saying that there are White people working for the government offices in D.C.

  15. Flytrap says:

    Maybe if they would crack a book and put their head in instead of getting booked for being a crackhead, they wouldn’t feel so left out.

  16. WR the elder says:

    Almost every place in the country where blacks are a majority now is a place where whites were once a majority and got displaced by unruly blacks. So cry me a river if this reverses a bit somewhere. However, I suspect that much of the reduction of the city’s blacks to minority status is due to the increase in the number of Hispanics, more than any increase in whites. Certainly that’s how it is in most parts of the country.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have read a number of article on how many cities are becoming more and more White. Just last weke, the New York Times had an articler on how Detroit i s becoming a mecca for young peopel in the mid to late 20 and early 30s given the almost obsecenly cheap housing given the economic meltdown where well paid professional can go into neighborhoods, purchase houses for in some cases 1/4 of thir origainl cost , renovate them and live in the cities where all the conveiences are. this is happening accross the nation. Portland, Oregon, New Orleans, Harlem, New York, and yes, now Washington D.C. are all going thorugh this economic transformation where the cties are rapidly becoming predominately White and more affluent.

    In fact I was driving through Harlem last fall. I had not been to this area of NYC since 1992. I will admit I was shocked by all the White people what I saw! Bikers, roller bladers, Starbucks cafes on virtually every corner, hipsters of all races, mothers pushing their babies in strollers, nannies with children, interracial couples etc… For a moment, I honestly though I was lost, but it was Harlem which 20 years ago was almost all Black and lower income.

    Yes. This transformation is taking place.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed that Jesse Jackson hasn’t been demanding that DC become a 51st state in the last few years….Hmmmmm.

  19. Anonymous says:

    close to those cushy gov jobs is prime real estate. so… if you dont have section 8 housing for free… d.c. is one pricey town

  20. Question Diversity says:

    I think there are several major cities, Washington, D.C., Chicago, St. Louis, and others, where there seems to be solid enough evidence, (if one looks hard enough), that there is a quiet unspoken policy among the city’s civic elite that blacks should be “encouraged” to move out of the central city and into inner rung suburbs. And by “encouraged,” I don’t mean it in a violent way, I mean it in terms of various shifts in welfare and public housing policy.

  21. HH says:

    Let me know when they reach less than 5% and I might be compelled to actually go back to the capitol for another visit!!

  22. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    “Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (said), ‘The flavor of the city is not going to change with whites moving in.’”

    That sounds familiar somehow… 🙂

  23. Anonymous says:

    population demographics, AKA “quality of life-ometer”

  24. Anonymous says:

    Go figure. Three years after I give up on D.C. and move back to Phoenix.

    I guess the only negative side I can think of is that D.C. is such a small city that if people start opening nicer restaurants and bars, trendy condonminiums, cool coffee houses, and the like…. Well this creates a whole host of future flash mob targets for those poor, disadvantaged, misguided youffs that will always be a fixture of Southeast.

  25. kgb says:

    …[A]s the city’s demographics shift—the white population jumped by 31 percent in the past decade, while the black population declined by 11 percent—many less affluent blacks say they are feeling left out of the city’s improving fortunes.

    1. I’m not sure why so many whites decided to move to Washington D.C. in the first place, but good for them, because the areas not infested by lobbyists might actually be safe to live in now.

    2. The city’s fortunes are improving now that whites are moving in. How can you not take a hint from that?

    Of course, we know how much blacks hate seeing other races succeed at anything they cannot do.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “But race and class issues often overlap, and as the city’s demographics shift—the white population jumped by 31 percent in the past decade, while the black population declined by 11 percent—many less affluent blacks say they are feeling left out of the city’s improving fortunes.”

    Last sentence is all you need to know.

    I forgotten how good NYT was good at deceiving and subverting, and this article reminds me. They’re very good at lying too, they often don’t tell outright lies, instead opting for cutting out parts of the truth to distort it, although that specific cut-out part they present is usually technically and factually true.

    NYT basically spells it out for their readers and letting them understanding that yes, it’s exactly how you think it is. Yet, they never utter the words themselves.


  27. Doc Holliday says:

    One thing about the shrinking black population in DC is that the crime rate has gone down, but it has increased in next-door Prince George’s County, MD, as DC’s black population moves there.

  28. Shawn (the female) says:

    It may be shifting, but I’m not convinced that it’s whites that are ‘taking over’; but rather, diversiculture I think Washington DC looks like a ceaseless U.N. meeting.

  29. Anonymous says:

    “Over issues as mundane as church parking and chicken wings.”

    I would not want to get between an African-American and his chicken wings.

  30. Anon says:

    I like how the articles implies that building dog parks and bike and streetcar lanes makes blacks nervous and helps drive them out. That’s utterly hilarious. Civilization and amenities drives blacks away? Wow!

    Actually, it makes a lot of sense to move welfare recipients out of the city. If the city is where the jobs are, get the non-workers out of there and let the workers move back in and get the housing that’s geographically closest to their jobs. That way the whites who actually want to be employed will have shorter commute times, cheaper transportation costs, and have more time to spend with their families.

  31. Mr.White says:

    Where are the similar concerns when Hispanics (driven by illegal immigration) are displacing whites all over this country? In those cases, “multiculturalism and diversity” are celebrated, as the writers are barely able to contain their glee that such a transformation is taking place.

    I guess it all depends on whose being replaced….

  32. Anonymous says:

    One thing you’ll never hear admitted in the mainstream media (or academia, for that matter) is that this integrationist nonsense is strictly a one-way street. Blacks do NOT want other races butting into their neighborhoods or cities. It stirs up all kinds of resentment and racial hostility, as we’re seeing in places like Los Angeles where racial warfare is all but openly acknowledged between blacks and Mexicans.

  33. What_I_Believe says:

    16 — WR the elder, You hit the nail on the head!

    The Hispanics are the number one reason for the demographic shifting which is taking place.

    Hispanics are a blessing in disguise (I know many will disagree).

    Some say blacks will just move into white neighborhoods. Well, in some cases yes, but in some cases no. They will also move into other black neighborhoods.

    The bottom line is, the tables have been turned because of Hispanics.

    Before them coming over in mass numbers (I admit numbers too large but still a positive in the end imo), blacks were clearly taking over this country, city by city. Well, things are changing. While Hispanics do commit more crimes than Whites, they commit less crime than blacks. Bottom line, black-turned-Hispanic neighborhoods see a decrease in crime.

    I’m in NY and areas once black are very much Mexican and you know what? I feel safe if I need to go there now!!!

    The teachers in those schools are now ecstatic! They have kids AND parents who generally care. I know, I taught in White schools, black schools, Asian schools, and Mexican schools. There is nothing like blacks….NOTHING. Their schools are ZOOs!

    I’m sorry but I love the shifting that’s taking place. We were doomed with the increased black take over.

    Who would have ever thoughts blacks would be the ones running from their (previously our) neighborhoods??!! Hispanics made this possible.

    I only wish I could be around for another 100 years when blacks won’t have all Whites to lean on for support, as the Hispanics say sorry amigos, unlike white liberals we don’t kiss black butts! We beat it!!!!!!!

  34. GetBackJack says:

    Regentrification = whites going in to clean up another race’s mess!

  35. ProudtobeWhite says:

    Whites are reclaiming DC because of Obummer’s massive bloating of the federal government and all the ridiculously well-paying jobs that come with it. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Question Diversity: I would love to move into the city of St. Louis if only the crime weren’t so out of control. It looks to me as though the Normandy area in the county may go Hispanic “if present trends continue.” The neighborhoods adjacent to UMSL would be very desirable if the demographics were different.

    My nephew was hit over the head with a blunt object walking home from work in the trendy DeBaliviere neighborhood a couple of years ago, and promptly moved to Clayton.

    St. Louis has been gentrifying off and on since the 70s, but somehow it still has huge numbers of feral blacks. Apparently somebody has bought up huge tracts of old houses on the North side. It will be interesting to see what happens with that.

    What makes you think that blacks are being encouraged to leave St. Louis?

  37. Anonymous says:

    # 2 Jim in Dc

    If you don’t mind my asking, how much did you spend? Even in good hands 150 year old houses need continual maintance. Did you have to replace all the pipes,rewire, was the plaster rotten(bet it was)

    I absolutely loathe 20th century archeticure, especially lower middle class housing I.E.,a nasty badly proportioned box. I loved visiting my older relatives in the city in their 1900 lower middle class houses when I was growing up in a tract home with (gag) swedish commie furniture. The old houses were so beautiful compared to houses in my suburb.

    Whenever I read college sociology books about how evil prejudiced Whites fled the cities and thus forced the blacks to destroy them by some sort of mind control, I felt it was the opposite, the blacks drove the parents of my generation out of the cities with force, murder and violence much as the mongols drove the goths west across the Danube into the western Europe or the viet cong drove th Vietnamese unto the boats.

    So there were the blacks in gorgeous neighborhoods in buildings built during a real high point of domestic archeture unto the barren, treeless plains in nasty badly proportioned boxes.

    Do you have kids? Probably not, even if you could afford private school it would be just too risky. Would need a bodyguard not a nanny to escort them home from school.

    The blacks have been driven out of my city by hispanics and violent crime rates are back to 1967 levels. The liberal polliticians and media are at a total loss to explain.

  38. Jack says:

    “This city, the country’s first to have an African-American majority and one of its earliest experiments in black self-government, is passing a milestone.”

    Failed experiment.

    What will be the excuse when White people improve it?

  39. Question Diversity says:

    36 wrote:

    What makes you think that blacks are being encouraged to leave St. Louis?

    As you know, the County Executive is black, and the City Mayor is white. Something which would have been unthinkable 30 years ago. Dooley’s political future looks better the blacker the county gets, and Slay’s looks better the less black the city gets. Put the two heads together, and you have what you have now — The City public housing authority is issuing no new Section 8 vouchers, while the County’s is. This has been serious gossip among the St. Louis’s realtor community, that Slay and Dooley have swung this kind of secret deal.

    Similarly, you can see it in Chicago — After the Cabrini Greens were torn down, the replacement does allow public tenants but screen heavily. You’ll notice the black population in Chicago is declining while in south suburban Cook County, it’s increasing. D.C., same thing — I bet there is some Section 8 or public housing changes that some AR regular can corroborate, a la a similar secret deal to compel blacks to move out of DC and into PG.

  40. Anonymous says:

    don’t get too excited, 50% blak is still in the “red zone”. oakland ca’s blak population is somewhere in the 20’s, but watching the local news gives you th impression that it’s 75% blak. A city needs a blak pop

  41. Anonymous says:

    My friend experienced a black flash mob in

    D.C. while there as a tourist last month. I think

    that white residents there are taking a huge chance.

  42. Majuba says:

    Back in the flower-power 60s there was a song that said:

    “Where have all the flowers gone?”

    As an outsider could someone tell me where have all the blacks gone to enable this renaissance?

  43. Anonymous says:

    this is the wrong kind of change for the New York Times.

    oh believe me, not in their neighborhoods..

    isn’t it ironic that dem/liberals are accelerating section 8 transplants to move blacks out to the suburbs? the real reason is twofold – it puts shock troops (blacks) in their ‘enemies’ camps – suburban white america, and gets rid of the ‘problem’ in their liberal urban neiborhoods- urban blacks.

    Win win.. for white liberals.

  44. Anonymous says:

    “We were doomed with the increased black

    take over.”

    Except that blacks’ relative numbers have been more or less static for the past 100 years and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. It is hispanics who are radically changing the demographic character of this country. Hispanics have driven far more whites, especially working class whites, from their own neighborhoods than they have blacks.

  45. What_I_Believe says:

    37 – “The blacks have been driven out of my city by hispanics and violent crime rates are back to 1967 levels. The liberal polliticians and media are at a total loss to explain”

    It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?? Where I live (Staten Island, NY) black areas have all been getting browner and browner. Like magic, crime has gone down in those areas, as well as the surrounding areas. Streets which had weekly gun shots no longer do, or it’s much less frequent.

    Yes, what will those liberals say to that? Answer: NOTHING. They’ve made a living kissing black butts and that’s not going to change. So, they will keep that dirty little secret as quiet as possible.

    Let me tell you, it’s nice to see the shoe on the other foot concerning neighborhood take overs. Personally, I feel comfortable and safe going into a heavily Mexican neighborhood. They don’t see us Whites as a threat and at the same time blacks don’t dare mess around there. I’ve seen blacks go into their store quite timidly, as opposed to being loud, rude, and obnoxious when they enter a White store.

  46. Sureesh says:

    About the comments about Hispanic crime, I live in the Asian town of Cupertino which is next door to the heavily Hispanic San Jose. Hispanics commit crime but it’s mostly against their fellow Hispanics and VERY RARELY against random whites. However, they do bring down the schools and use up government social services disproportionately.

    I would totally feel safe walking in a Hispanic neighborhood even at 10PM (but not at 2AM). BUT- I would NEVER, in a million years, send my kids at a heavily Hispanic school.

  47. Anonymous says:


    I remember when Cupertino was a 95% white town and San Jose only 10-15% Hispanic. Those were beautiful days and there were still fruit trees all around there. Whites mainly picked the fruit.

    How many American whites are living in India? How many British whites were allowed to remain in India after 1948? Do you think it is justified for any group to takeover another country, especially an established world leader like America and cause its collapse? Do you see yourself and your people as the exception? Why?

  48. anonymous says:

    Isn’t this the other big story in the 2010 census? Black population declines and ages in all Northern and Western cities.

    Consider the case of Oakland, CA, once a black-majority city. Today, blacks remain the largest group, but Oakland’s black population also is the oldest of any American city.

    If nothing else is true, Northern urban life has been a disaster for most of the black population living in the big cities. And a disaster for the cities as well. With anyone in them except blacks or unassimilated Hispanics, they will revive. But what an ordeal for everyone, even the huge numbers of blacks who never really adapted.

    How many lifetimes consumed waiting for this tragedy to play itself out? How much economic and social dislocation? And what actual body count?

    The “cities of destruction”, someone in the black community dubbed this experience back in the 1950s. How true. And how wide the ring.

  49. DAD says:

    Regarding the tremendous reduction the D.C.’ African American population, what everyone needs to know is all done to achieve this status was fully evil and willingly carried out by the two incredibly stupid, confused, and extremely well used half white half black puppets known as former D.C. mayors Adrian Fenty and Anthony Williams. These two former mayors did more to destroy earned employment, financial gains, and reduce D.C.’ African American population specifically on behalf of the city’ white rich and upper middle-class population than did the USA’ Great Recession. As a native African American D.C. resident, I will tell you the factual story about what happened, how, why, and also that it’s my understanding some of what I am about to describe has happened in other major urban cities as well but certainly not in quite the same vicious way blacks were forced out of D.C..

    Prior to D.C.’ predominately African American population being deliberately reduced via entirely evil methods, the city was always divided across racial lines anyway and continues to be due to white racism, which also strongly affected the prospects of even African Americans with college degrees ability to be hired by white private sector employers in the city. Therefore, a large number of African Americans with higher educations and those without were employed in local D.C. government jobs, in federal government jobs, and a large balance of uneducated, low-income African Americans held service industry, construction, retail, and fast food business jobs prior to the huge influx of undocumented and legal Latinos into the city.

    Before all of this, African Americans living in D.C. prospered, bought homes, sent their children to college, had savings and retirement income. Even many African Americans with high school diplomas who had decent reading, writing, math, computer word processing, and vehicle driving skills and lived in public or section 8 housing sought and landed local government jobs, which allowed them to financially uplift themselves and their families. Many of them as well were also able to send their children to college from government employment.

    However, beginning in 1997, rich and middle-class white leaders in D.C.’ private sector with assistance from a white D.C. city council chairman, a Congress-convened D.C. Financial Control Board, and Congress’ support developed a thoroughly evil and racist method to drive African Americans out of the District of Columbia principally by plan to develop an “at-will” employment category allowing terminations “without cause”, illegally forcing D.C. government employee supervisors grades 11 and above to convert from civil service protection status to “at-will” employment or face losing their jobs if no other non-at-will jobs were available, ignored employee unions, and effectively destroyed D.C. government civil service protection rights to fire hundreds of thousands of African American D.C. residents (rank/file administrative, middle and senior managers) from D.C. government jobs unrelated to performance. Thousands of African American D.C. government civil servants were also forced into age ineligible and financially unprepared retirement via bogus reorganizations of D.C. government agencies, false privatization of government services, and abolishment of their local government jobs, which following their terminations were resurrected, advertised, and non-African Americans hired.

    Adding insult to injury was the fact that not only were most of the D.C. government job vacancies created via firing of African Americans filled by whites, Latinos, and Asians, but African Americans unscrupulously fired from the D.C. government unrelated to performance were absolutely not being hired by the vast majority of white private sector employers or federal government agencies also quite likely by plan as well. What’s the fastest way to force huge numbers of African American D.C. residents and other Blacks having lived lifelong or long term in a major urban city to leave? Easy. Take away their government jobs and have private sector and federal government employers overwhelmingly not hire them.

    Deliberate job terminations, long term unemployment, loss of homes to foreclosure and rental housing to evictions, and loss of savings among other assets were all carried out against D.C.’ predominately African American population and local government employees. Use of the terms “diversity” and “gentrification” are far too convenient and also totally inaccurate. It was racism pure and simple at its worst. White D.C. residents and other whites wanting to move into D.C. wanted D.C.’ black population substantially reduced and wanted the city’ white population rapidly and substantially increased towards predominance.

    In addition to using every unfair, corrupt, and illegal means available, former D.C. mayors Fenty and Williams also ensured the great vast majority of public housing was demolished throughout the city, laws governing apartment tenants’ rights were thoroughly weakened, the D.C. Rent Control law was abolished, and white owners of apartment buildings throughout the city simply drove out their modest-income tenants by any unscrupulous means necessary to turn the buildings into high priced condominiums and thousands of African American-owned small businesses were driven out of the city as well by unscrupulous means.

    Today, if you ask any remaining D.C. African American residents about the huge numbers of whites who’ve moved into their neighborhoods citywide, most will tell you that white peoples’ reaction in encountering blacks walking, biking, or driving in the city, visiting restaurants, or doing whatever is unbelievable. The whites look at and treat D.C. African American residents as if we are strangers who don’t belong here in the city. Again, it is unbelievable and there is tension citywide. The attitude and mentality of whites is largely the same as it has always been since ancient times. War, steal, and take over by whatever ways possible and at whatever cost.

    Black peoples’ lives, financial and health futures, and neighborhood communities will continue to be damn expendable for the taking and remain so unless we eliminate counterproductive separatism within the Black Race across the board and fully unite to use Black economic, education, and brain power to exclusively support and empower our own race. This is the most effective way to buffer against, avoid, and prevent devastating, life-altering effects of white racism. We must substantially reduce and work to end full reliance on white employers, white-controlled financial and education institutions, and white-owned and also non-black immigrant-owned businesses, products, and services.

  50. What_I_Believe says:

    DAD 46 – Sounds like the same old story: Blame Whitey.

    The bottom line line is this: Whether it’s Whites, Latinos, Indians, Chinese, or Jews that move into a predominantly black area, the results are ALWAYS the same: CRIME GOES DOWN. That’s a GOOD thing for humanity.

    Until your people take responsibility as individuals and stop whining, you’ll NEVER get the respect you think you deserve.

    Try standing out on a street corner waiting for WORK like the Latinos instead of the line for government hand-outs.

    You’re so lucky you have self-hating white liberals to worship you. Count your blessings for that. However, with the Hispanic take over, the future does not look so forgiving for your people. They won’t have any white guilt for your people to hang on to. Nope…