Posted on July 13, 2011

83-Year-Old Woman Raped, Beaten and Murdered

Kevin Rincon, WOKV (Jacksonville), July 12, 2011

Jacksonville police have arrested a 20-year-old who they believe is responsible for the death of an 83-year-old woman.

Christopher Lemar Johnson was charged with the murder of Emma Jean Beasley. Arrest records indicate he is being charged with burglary, armed sexual battery, armed robbery and murder.


Beasley lived with her son-in-law and her daughter; they were at the hospital visiting their newborn granddaughter at the time. When they got home they found Beasley beaten and the home raided. {snip}

26 responses to “83-Year-Old Woman Raped, Beaten and Murdered”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How many stories like this are we going to put up with? Ever since blacks were integrated into White society this has been going on while most Whites are oblivious to the black crimes against them. All I ever hear from Whites is, “there is good and bad in ALL races”…how stupid and ignorant can a race of people be?

    BTW, does anyone here remember any instance with these so-called White talk show hosts who will dare talk in HONESTY about black on White crime and how it has escalated in the last few decades? Do they ever list all their crimes? Do they warn Whites of what is happening? They have the bully pulpit and yet they don’t dare warn us? Are they that afraid of losing their $$$ and jobs or are they in denial? Or are they also our enemy? I tend to believe the latter.

  2. Eric says:

    This happened where I live. I knew it would be a black male. Black crime is terrible here. Blacks are everywhere. White female/black male couples are extremely commonplace. A black mayor was just voted in, fraudulently I imagine, so I expect the lower class blacks to become even more empowered to rob, rape and murder.

  3. Bandmo says:

    “If his grades in high school would have been changed as to have made him be a “B” student, he wouldn’t have turned out this way”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s difficult to fathom the depth of anger the blacks have toward the white race. This is another example of a 20 something thug beating, raping and killing a white woman. Sadly, this isn’t hardly news any longer as it becomes more commanplace. Is there no limit to the hatred and violence these people have toward our race?

  5. NBF, 190th! says:

    I’m reading Taylor’s Paved With Good Intentions. Had a realization: why do blacks commit crimes in order to relieve us our burdens of White privilege? They have Affirmative Action that does the same thing, and keeps them out of jail.

    They get promoted to the head of everything, so the eventually get what they want as they keep us submerged. No need for crime.

    Saw blacks swarming into the coffee shop, and thanks to Taylor, realized that each and every one of them has a huge industry behind them to make sure they are given any job I might want to apply for. Needless to say, I felt my resentment notch up more than a few points.

    But what can we do? Too whom do we go for relief? Why haven’t the lawyers given Scalia that case he’s been wanting that decides between disparate impact and equal opportunity? See Ricci.

    Be are betrayed and abandoned. We are the true victims. When will we start responding accordingly?

  6. Robert Binion says:

    She was white and helpless. Beyond that, do not try to understand it. It is what it is. I once worked the swing shift with a black guy who had eyes like Johnson’s. He was quick to anger. One night he went home and beat his girlfriend to death with a hammer. You would think that I could remember his name. Here is the funny thing–whenever I entered the plant, I would pass the huge sign of a now defunct insurance company that read:













  7. Question Diversity says:

    Except for one story here on AR a few weeks ago, involving a middle aged Hispanic man as the suspect, every time I read a story about an elderly woman being raped, it is always a young black man who is the perp.

  8. Lakeview Senior says:

    What can we say about these crimes comitted against Whites by these insane Black thugs. Every day they get worse and worse. Rape is bad enough without the victime being an elderly White female. The thought alone is disgusting. Remember the young White couple in Knoxville, Tennessee, Chris Newsome sodomized in front of his girl friend and then executed by those five Black animals and then she was raped and murdered by same and then dismembered and left in garbage bags. What goes on in these diseased minds. It is probably best that we arm ourselves when we go out amonst them, whether we’re on Michigan Avenue in Chicago or at the beach. These Black thugs roam Chicago streets at will and nothing is done about it. The media downplays the crimes. Don’t depend on the police as George Wallce said back in the 1960s, “{The criminal will be out of jail before you are out of the hospital.”

  9. RB says:

    This sort of crime was unheard of in the South 40+ yrs ago.The reason these types of attacks were almost nonexistent was the pervasive fear that existed in the black community of the white mob.Their was a time when we looked out for our neighbors,family,friends,etc…The white community has taken the “let the police handle it ” approach for far to long.I live in the rural South and have seen an increase in these type of attacks over the last several years,black attacks on the elderly.We have become a race of cowards.The race with to much to lose by speaking up,for fighting for all that is right.We sit in our homes watching our local news in disgust as these type of attacks continue,and we do nothing. We must come together NOW,or face the possibility of becoming the sheep. We must protect the weak,our children and the elderly at all cost.I’m tired of being a coward,are you?

  10. GWS says:

    This same thing happened to my grandmother. Even with the murderer’s signed confession, testimony from his roommate and physical evidence, the jury still found him not guilty.

    Whereupon his black lawyer high-fived him in front of my family.

  11. WASP says:

    I wonder how the liberals will try to pin this on George Bush?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I used to think this was coming to America.!

    Who am I trying to kid? It is already here!

  13. Jeddermann. says:

    I hope this savage gets the death penalty and is put to death with all due speed [those words used by the Supreme Court said when they decided Brown vs. Board of Education]. He merits nothing less. Probably will plea bargain and get life or fifty years or something. This IS what is called an unspeakable crime.

  14. ATBOTL says:

    The prevelence of psychopaths in the black population means this will happen anywhere there are large numbers of blacks, on a regular basis. Remember blacks are serial killers at almost twice the rate of whites and seem to be an even higher percentage of recently discovered serial killers.

  15. The Bobster says:

    The prevalence of psychopaths in the black population means this will happen anywhere there are large numbers of blacks, on a regular basis.


    No, all you need is one.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If he committed this awful crime in Northern Europe, he would get two years in a juvenile detention facility, at most. They would give the poor confused youth counseling. Liberal public defenders and judges would come ot his rescue, and claim it is not really his fault. At least in this country, there are stil prison sentences…for now.

  17. rockman says:

    As I think of it I know three people killed by black criminals and I was nearly killed in a drive by myself done by blacks. I cant think of any white folk I know who have killed blacks. It has been all one way hate. Dont think you might feel paranoid about such things if you do. My father was in police work in calif. He was greatly angry that the state of Calif was lying to the people about race motivated murders. it was official policy to cover up the fact that blacks were/are killing alot of white people due to simple race hatred. The state feared civil war if the white folk realized the extent of this criminal activity. so they lied as policy. My father felt that white people needed to know reality for once. Simple truth is that we as white folk are being killed at a high rate by blacks due to race hatred plain and simple. Not pink chiffon wrapping but reality. Most people simply cant face this as I have found out talking about it. They feel I must be a racist to say such thing yet I heard my father often cuss out the state after being involved in a murder investigation.

  18. Gayle Sollenberger says:

    I remember a couple of years ago, MSNBC aired a story about a an elderly woman with a walker, accessing her bank account at an ATM, when she was attacked and the ATM cameras caught the whole thing. Problem was that MSNBC hadn’t enhanced the video before they showed it on TV and it turned out that the attacker was black. The story disappeared and was never commented on again.

  19. Anonynous says:

    To #1, Anonymous…Years ago radio talk show legend Bob Grant would tell the truth about black crime. I haven’t listened in years, but I know that he has a Sunday program on 77 WABC in NYC from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

  20. Joe B says:

    We’re under black occupation — from the White House, to the Justice department, to the Court system, down to the public schools, and on the street. The whole ongoing economic crisis is built on a mountain of bad minority debt caused by decades of Democratic politicians bullying banks to loan to credit unworthy blacks and Mexicans, which caused the housing bubble. The junk debt was nicely packaged by “genius” Indian and Chinese H1B bankers and after the house of cared fell, the “Magic Negro” got elected, and he gave the lion’s share of his trillion dollar economic stimulus (borrowed from China) to blacks and Hispanics, the least productive groups in society. So where are we now? With 15 million people permanently out of work. With a canceled space program. With the Chinese pulling ahead in engineering and basic research. And with America’s standard of living plummeting as Obama slops white wealth into eager, grabbing black hands. If he could, Obama would turn the Pentagon into Section 8 housing.

    We are not converging with Mexico, we are converging with Zimbabwe, that’s to Uncle Barack.

  21. Paul Jones says:

    As these kind of horrific crimes multiply, as we are seeing so often now by the news stories carried by American Renaissance, the insights of Rudyard Kipling in the last stanza of his poem, “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” apply:

    “It was not suddenly bred.

    It will not swifly abate.

    Through the chilled years ahead,

    When time shall count from the date

    That the Saxon began to hate.”

    When crimes like this multiply, more and more of those of Saxon and European background will start to hate, and I think this is the only possible response to these kind of vicious black on white crimes. When I say hate, I mean to hate to see the lack of protection our people are suffering from, not hate against other races who have license to run over us and commit vicious crimes against us. We need to hate the system which is permitting this and get to the bottom of which groups have been responsible and continue to be responsible for the rapidly deteriorating situation as it exists as far as black on white crime.

  22. Taurus689 says:

    19 — Anonynous wrote at 6:39 PM on July 14:

    To #1, Anonymous…Years ago radio talk show legend Bob Grant would tell the truth about black crime. I haven’t listened in years, but I know that he has a Sunday program on 77 WABC in NYC from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

    You’re right. Bob used to say ” War has been declared on us (Whites) but we just haven’t figured it out yet”.

    The sad part is that many Whites STILL haven’t figured it out yet.

  23. Untel says:

    I have never seen a “stop the violence” rally mention black-on-White violence. There is no remorse expressed by black community leaders over such barbarism. No black co-worker has ever expressed regret over the actions of their race towards mine.

  24. Stoni says:

    Dear Amren Readers,

    Please prepare and arm yourselves. These attacks will increase, and they will get more violant. It is the nature of the black man to do these horrible deeds. It also affirms that he has conquered his enemy, and has to totally humiliate said enemy.

    In my home country of South-Africa, these types of deeds are now so commonplace, it hardly makes the papers. And the perpetrators are always the same – young black males.

  25. Reg M. says:

    “We’re under black occupation — from the White House, to the Justice department, to the Court system, down to the public schools, and on the street.”

    – That’s how it started in Zimbabwe and South Africa. First blacks are given leadership, to bow down to pressure from those who don’t know what is going on but see things through the distorted lens of the leftwing media. The blacks come into office on the promise that they are “wise” about race and fairness to all, then behave just the opposite, vastly more racially bigoted, brutal and injust than anything they wanted to claim before about whites. In the US, things have to move more slowly as we have greater numbers of whites here. Push you to the limits of what you will tolerate, but not farther; then when you adjust to that as the new norm, push a bit farther. Repeat. Try their best to keep it all under the radar. Probably by mid-century, if the demographics continue along the same trend, they won’t need to move slowly and rely on subterfuge anymore.

  26. MAD JEWESS says:

    People tell me it is ‘cowardly’ to tell others to move to white neighborhoods.

    I beg to differ. SURVIVAL is what is now necessary.

    I am in an all white community, I know all too well what racism is, and have been a victim of racism from Latinos and blacks.

    IF anyone can, please move up here to N. AZ. The more white people we have, the more these Mexicans will move the hell out.

    We have Mexicans that moved in across the st., within 2 mos, the ONE family turned into 5. This is a really nice neighborhood and HOA.

    We HAD to write a letter to the HOA. Why dont these people just stay in their OWN neighborhoods with their OWN people?

    The owner that rented to these ‘people’ was a stupid liberal, and now his home is being wrecked.

    Paybacks a b*tch.