Posted on July 26, 2011

12 Wounded as Gunfire Erupts at Kent Car Show

Mike Lindblom and Emily Heffter, The Seattle Times, July 24, 2011

At least 12 people were shot at a crowded lowrider car show in Kent on Saturday, creating chaos as cars sped from the scene and frightened spectators ran for the safety of nearby shops.

Patrons and employees in the stores and restaurants locked the doors and crouched in backrooms to escape the gunfire.


Nine people–seven males and two females ranging from age 14 to 32–were taken to Harborview Medical Center with injuries to arms, legs, feet and torso.


Four others were shot, at least two of whom went to other hospitals, police said.

Kasner described a chaotic scene as cars sped away from the La Raza lowrider show after the shooting at about 4:15 p.m.


Witnesses said the La Raza car show had been going on in the parking lot during the weekend. About 50 lowrider or classic cars were on display.

Some of the car exhibitors blamed the violence on groups of young people who showed up at the party “mugging,” or staring each other down.


The owner of a nearby restaurant said an off-duty police officer had just finished a meal with his family when the shooting started.

He left to go to his car, but returned to the restaurant and told everyone to get away from the windows.

The restaurant owner, who did not want her name in the paper, said she had been intimidated throughout the weekend by the rowdy crowds at the car show. Before the shooting, she said, she saw two men fighting on a corner at the edge of the plaza.

“Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call to law enforcement,” to staff the shows, said a small-business owner who identified himself as Marco M.


11 responses to “12 Wounded as Gunfire Erupts at Kent Car Show”

  1. Gene says:

    There must be some mistake?

    These fine hardworking, family oriented people only come to America TO WORK.

    At least thats what the goverment keeps telling us?

    How long do you think a white guy could keep his door open if he called his group The White Race? (one day maybe?)

  2. james says:

    WOW this is a differant country now.i pray for my daughter step daughters and grand children. i was blessed to be raised in the 60&70’s in a white safe community.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “The La Raza car show…”

    They’ve got to drag their Raza into everything, don’t they? In California there are Spanish-language radio stations with names like “La Raza 93.3 San Francisco.” Mexicans are OBSESSED with being Mexican — which is strange because Mexico really isn’t that good or even interesting. How can you remain so devoted to a place that’s backwards, boring and depressing?

    As someone who lived in an East LA barrio for two years as the unwelcome token gringo, might I be allowed a few paragraphs of my related cultural observation regarding lowriders?

    I’m a car fan. And, to my knowledge, the (almost exclusively Mexican) lowrider subculture is the ONLY genre of hot-rodding or car customization devoted to making your vehicle go SLOWER. (Remember in the song by War? “Low Ri-der go a little slow-er.”) Because when your undercarriage is mere centimeters above the pavement, you BETTER drive slowly or you’ll lose your entire exhaust system at the first irregularity in the asphalt.

    But, to hear the lowriders themselves tell it, their approach to driving is not to outrace the other guy, nor even to experience the thrill of speed and cornering and shifting and braking and laying rubber and all the rest. Rather, the goal is to cruise your local (barrio) boulevard IN STYLE. It’s about LOOKING GOOD. The object is not performance but PARADING. Less to do with motoring than with mesoamerican mating rituals.

    For myself, as a middle-aged gearhead partial to Detroit muscle and European exoticars, the entire (s)lowriding phenom is anathema. To my no-doubt myopic, monocultural, ethnocentric white-man brain, the idea of spending big bucks and countless hours customizing a vehicle to drive at 5mph makes no sense. In their defense, I will say that SOME of the lowrider cars themselves are quite creatively painted and upholstered. On strictly an esthetic level, I don’t hate these vehicles. Some of the styling is creative and amusing, albeit in a tacky sort of way. But I can’t help noticing that — unlike white automotive enthsiasts — Mexicans have zero interest in “pushing the limits of man and machine” or competition or setting new speed records or anything of the things that car people usually like to do with their cars.

    Some readers might be by now drawing the conclusion from this that old Mexican trait of slowness and torpor (“the manana attitude”) can even be seen in their street-scraping dream machines. I don’t want to call them lazy for this, because those cars do take an awful lot of work, and that much about them I can respect. But I do also suspect that, yes, Mexico’s national lack-of-hurry IS manifesting itself in a metalflake ’64 Impala that can jump up and down hydraulically at the push of a button.

    To paraphrase a recent Mexican president, “Where there is a lowrider, there is Mexico.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can remember when Whites had low rider and “raked” cars, with flames painted on them. I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s. Gee, we never had gunfire or any trouble at OUR get togethers, EVER. Must be only a brown/black thing.

    I can remember when America was a White America and segregated for the most part. The difference was between night and day. I weep for the White generations who never had this luxury. They are so blinded now by multiracial “harmony” that they are truly a lost race. For those who may ask, I DID tell my kids and grandkids how America was meant to be and should be. I was always racially aware even at a young age. It is instilled in our genes, yet most ignore that instinct nowadays.

  5. Up to my neck CA. says:

    I think in the future movies like “American Grafitti” will be viewed as fiction, a sort of mythical tale about America that only Grand Pa might understand.

  6. OBSERVER says:

    Those damn rednecks at it again?

    What, this wasn’t a NRA gun show?

    What, those gun totting racists whites didn’t do this?

    Something is wrong here………….

    LA RAZA? Can anybody here who is Hispanic translate that for me?

  7. Anonymous says:

    In Santa Rosa, CA in 2002, the 4th of July saw an unofficial parade of these low riders,driving up and down the main drag, showing off their electrically supported hydraulic body lifting, jumping axles, etc. Then they ran out of juice in their batteries and the two truck companies made a killing. So did the police handing out citations. Today, I suppose gunfire would have been part of that too, but as it was, it was hilarious.

  8. Bobby says:

    #3, Anonymous, you had me laughing all the way through your post. Of course, your observations agree with mine on this subject. Another phenomenon involving Mexicans and cars that I’ve noticed, is they are the only people that seem to do things like put revolving circus-like hubcaps on sporty well designed cars foreign and domestic, as if the original designers didn’t do a good enough job. Revolving hubcaps might work on a cute yellow or orange beetle,etc, but on a BMV, Mercedes, Mustang,etc!! But, like your post implies, some of these folks have a way different sense of aesthetics from the mainstream.

  9. S.L. Cain says:

    In Kent, Washington, of all places. Not in Fresno, or East LA, but in formerly all-white working-class Kent. Apparently Aztlan now encompasses all of North America. Will La Raza someday also claim the moon as its patrimony?

  10. Anonymous says:

    There was a story on Drudge today 7-28. A pair of brothers named Baez on their way from Miami to their home in Puerto Rico beat up a pilot in the terminal. The pilot’s eye was injured. To work at his profession, he needs perfect eyesight.

    Hope he recovers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Mexico, former President Vincente Fox is touring America fundraising for the educational foundation he is running.

    I can just imagine where the money will go, straight to Foxes over seas banks.