Posted on June 16, 2011

Was Vicious Attack on School Bus Driver Racially Motivated?

Dave Gibson, Examiner (Norfolk), June 15, 2011

Last week, a Portsmouth school bus driver was attacked by a 14-year-old Cradock Middle School student.


Mulder, who was filling in for another driver last Thursday, said that the students became very unruly during her afternoon run, which lead to the attack.

Mulder said: “They were cursing at me, standing up. I kind of rolled through the stop a little bit, and, when I stopped, the students that were standing kind of stumbled forward as they were exiting the bus.”

She continued: “The one particular student, as he was going off the bus, looked at me and said, ‘You white [expletive]. You made me hit my face. I’m gonna -F- yours up.”

The 14-year-old then allegedly proceeded to repeatedly punch Mulder.


The beating was so severe that some of her teeth were actually shoved into the roof of her mouth.

She has had oral surgery to move the teeth back in place, and is still experiencing severe headaches and blurred vision.


36 responses to “Was Vicious Attack on School Bus Driver Racially Motivated?”

  1. Spartan24 says:

    Just one more reason to totally shut down public schools! There are kids that do not have the intellegence or capability to behave to benefit from any sort of education other than the basic ability to read, write and do math and these kids do not deserve the perks that are given to them in public schools. Any sort of government school- if they continue to exist- should only be for providing the basics- no bus, lunch, after school activities or anything but academics. In Europe kids wanting to participate in sports or music join a sports club or pay for music lessons. Enough of “kids have a right to an education” a simple reading of the constitution will show that there is NO right to a “free” education whatsoever. If a kid acts out like this miscreant did they need to be expelled quickly and permanently plus the parents held financially responsible for his actions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I found this website through internet searching for stories about discrimination and racial violence against Whites. I had no idea how many websites there are that chronicle what is happening to us. Thank you for your time and effort to raise awareness among those of us who never hear other Whites talk about any of this. But we know that everyone must be worried, especially those who are paying attention.

    Stories about whites who offend the “precious and oppressed blacks” always say the offense was “racially motivated”.

    That got me to thinking about racial motivations in my own life and in my family.

    I’m worried that my beautiful and loving White wife and our talented and brilliant very White daughter might be racists, and that much of their social choices are racially motivated.

    My wife is a racist. She does not use an African American Affirmative Action male gynecologist. Only a racist White woman would want a Whites only gyno-doc looking up into her holy of holies. My daughter is a racist. She has posters of very White Justin Beiber all over her room. Not a single black rapper to be seen. Only a racist White child would refuse to surround her bed with photos of blacks. I’m a racist. I don’t have a single picture of Rosa Parks or MLK in my study.

    My racist family makes racially motivated decisions minute by minute, and we are guilty of racim, a guilt we pledge to increase daily.

    “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.”

  3. Gimme a Break says:

    The kid’s momma will probably make some kind of excuse for her little boy, and the kid will otherwise skate through the system. I feel sorry that Ms. Mulder, who appears to be the sole source of support for her dancing daughter, has to work around blacks. She seems to be a nice person, and deserves better.

  4. sbuffalonative says:

    Had the races been reversed, the headline would read, “Vicious Attack on School Bus Racially Motivated”. There would have been no question.

    These reports always go out of their way to convince us black on white crimes are not racially motivated.

  5. Mike Harrigan says:

    This is the price you pay for putting yourself in the same general area with blacks. (Ask me how I know the thug was black) You never know what will set them off. Even those as young as this punk. Its bad enough when you are a man put in this position, but a White female should NEVER, EVER, be placed in such a precarious situation. I don’t care how bad you need the money. Its not worth risking your life for.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Based on the words alone, it is a racially motivated attack.

    But as it was already uncovered, the Justice Department led by Eric Holder, and law enforcement in general, will not bring hate crime charges if the victim is white and the perp is nonwhite.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Most blacks do not understand the concept of proportionality. They are incapable of tit-for-tat trash talk, shove, push, etc.

    Here, you have an example, he didn’t just call her a bitch as some juveniles might (which would be bad enought). He didn’t just swat her in the head (which, again, would be bad enough). No, he hits her so hard her teeth are push up into her mouth, and now suffers from headaches.

    It never dawned on the little psychopath that he is hitting a woman, and that his response is totally out of proportion to what he percieved as the provocation.

  8. HH says:

    This game is getting more than a little transparent, is it not? “Quick, everyone pretend you don’t see the OBVIOUS racial motivation of a given attack…so long as the VICTIM is WHITE!” Somehow, of course, there is never even a hint of doubt when the racial “shoe” is on the other foot. Naked double standard??? Oh, heaven forbid!


    School segregation was not intended to discriminate against black students. It was designed to protect decent White people from violent black racism.

  10. BO_Bill says:

    Stand by for outrage. In the video, the reporter referred to the youth who attacked this woman as a ’14 year old boy’.

  11. Peejay in Frisco says:

    White females should not be assigned to drive buses that have large percentages of black teenagers. Only young , physically fit, hand to hand combat trained males should have to transort them.

  12. Old White Jim says:

    If a this had happened two weeks ago and it had been a White kid who beat up a Black teacher and called her a Black bitch we wouldn’t have even heard about Weiner’s trouble or the riots in Greece. Lefty investigative journalists would be looking into ties between the little White savage and militia groups. Others would blame it the hate talk coming from the Tea Parties and somebody, somewhere would try to link him to AR.

  13. Wayne Engle says:

    Did they ever mention in the video that the attacker was black? If they did, I missed it. But of course, what else to expect from the mainstream media? Yet another black-on-White beatdown, and the black didn’t get so much as a scratch — as usual.

    But, sooner or later, one of these thugs will pick the wrong school bus, or public bus, or subway car, to pull something like this; and there will be a White person with a concealed carry permit, packing heat, nearby; and … well, we can only hope, can’t we?

  14. The Bobster says:

    She has posters of very White Justin Beiber all over her room. Not a single black rapper to be seen.


    Errr, he was sponsored by a black cRapper and he is surrounded by black dancers during his act. His current girlfriend is a Mestizo. How is he “very White”?

  15. rjp says:

    Kind of a different subject but similar:

    I’m in Chicago and stopped riding city buses I might have to stand on (well I stopped riding them completely since but that is because Chicago is full of assholes who deserve to get their iPhones stolen).

    Anyways, the black bus drivers on majority white routes snap the brakes two to four times every time they have to stop for a light (which means every light). So if you are standing and in the middle of the city, you are getting your arm jerked while holding on to a strap probably 20 to 40+ times for a two mile ride (what my ride would generally be). It’s unbelievable. I know exactly what they are doing, seems nobody else is smart enough to figure it out. But then 53% of Chicago couldn’t read what I have typed ….. and most of the other 47% are assholes, douche bags, homosexuals, and women who think they are some gift to the world, at least in the areas I am frequently in.

  16. SKIP says:

    I’m sure the 14 year old black is the size of an Oakland Raiders linebacker. Here is something interesting, in Kuwait and UAE there is no such thing as a “middle school” they are called “Grammar School”!! Imagine! a school that teaches one to read, write, spell and do math! When did those schools in America stop teaching such things and start being called “middle school”? Anyone know? Looks like to me that those schools should be called holding pens.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Typical black male cowardice.

  18. Jeddermann. says:

    This is a more serious violation of law than we might assume?

    Is interference with a public transportation vehicle? NOT merely causing a disturbance but attacking the driver with racial malice.

    The consequences for hitting the driver should be very severe. An attack by a male [even if 14 years old], almost unprovoked, and savage and barbaric in nature. Throw the book at this “person”!

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the reasons why I’d never want to work with the public schools, either as a teacher, principal, or and especially as a bus driver. Nowadays instead of punishing bad behavior (especially from non-whites), it must be viewed as self-expression because to discipline them would be racist.

    I do hope this woman gets better and I hope she finds another job. One where she doesn’t have to put up with any of these future criminals of America.

  20. AvgDude says:

    It’s only a matter of time before no one will want to be around blacks because too many of them are so incredibly evil. And when the government no longer has the money to prop up police departments all over the country, it’s going to be a very different environment here in the US. The mexicans in the ghettos already have organized themselves to protect against black aggression and kick them out of the neighborhoods. Whites are going to have to do the same thing because as medical care gets more expensive and less available, whites can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to all the murder and mayhem that goes on when the black racists start going after whites in earnest.

    Enough is enough.


    There are solutions to the dilemma.

    First, we could return to the sanity of segregation.

    That, of course, won’t happen.

    Second, we can install video cameras on all buses.

    Third, we can require police officers to ride school buses; if not all buses, at least those with recent histories of violence.

  22. Aux Armes Citoyens says:

    2 — Anonymous wrote at 5:25 PM on June 16:

    “I found this website through internet searching for stories about discrimination and racial violence against Whites. I had no idea how many websites there are that chronicle what is happening to us. Thank you for your time and effort to raise awareness among those of us who never hear other Whites talk about any of this. But we know that everyone must be worried, especially those who are paying attention.”

    Welcome aboard. Please spread the word among the uninformed or unaware.

  23. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    I watched the video. There’s not one word in it about the woman being called a white bitch.

  24. Aux Armes Citoyens says:

    He called the woman a White Bitch but that never appeared on the news report.

    One poster on the news website wrote TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!

    The clock is definitely ticking.

    IT’s the “sleeping giant”‘s alarm clock.

  25. ProudtobeWhite says:

    Of course it was racially motivated, blacks see everything in terms of “us and dem.”

    Want to lay odds that this young scholar will be a ward of the state before he turns 16?

    He is just another typical example of a WMB (White Man’s Burden)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Missing is the interview with the prep’s mother. With those predictable statements of “he’s a nice boy”, “he’s never been in trouble before”, “his friend/sibling/father just got shot” invoking misunderstanding and need for mercy. But why is it only one race that gets into these violent assaults?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Peejay #11: Those physically fit, hand-to-hand combat trained men who transport Blacks by Bus are called “Prison Guards”.

  28. Anonymous says:

    AWG #13:

    All School Bus Drivers should be armed will Pepper Spray or Mace. A face full of that stuff can screw up a Bear, so imagine what it can do to your average Street Thug.

  29. Miss Whitey says:

    I was listening to a talk show host on Progressive Radio Network. The hosts name is Gary Null.

    When it comes to health and healing, I trust much of his advice. He is very knowledgeable and I believe has a PhD in nutritional sciences.

    However, this morning he claimed that we are still a racist nation. He said something to the effect that we still harbor racist thoughts and ideas and that we say we aren’t racist but it is only because we have legalized integration that we believe that we are nonracist.

    Of course, you know who he is talking about when he is calling Americans racists. It’s not the children in the above video. It’s not the other thousands of Black, Hispanic, and other races’ and ethnic groups’ children and adults throughout the nation that attack us verbally and many times physically.

    This is one of the problems with liberals/progressives. They cannot see the truth about race. They will not acknowledge that nonwhite racism towards Whites IS rampant throughout this country.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Avg White Guy #20, your second and third solutions are already in practice in my county in Ga. and have been for a number of years. The drug dealing and exteme violence (as opposed to the ‘minor daily violence’) has moved off the buses to the bus stops and nearby buildings or venues. Even when video tapes are shown, there are often, quote, “undetermined factors” in play that still prohibit an all-out, common sense solution.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Whites in Atlanta are waking up to Racially Motivated understandings of their misery, but they still have more work to do.

    Even though they admit misery, they still find their neighborhood “vibrant and amazing”. FAIL!

    Reports confirm that Midtown is swarming with dangerous blacks, and they frequently pull out the guns and start shooting at each other or us. Whites who live in Midtown are clinical masochists, but the government created crisis in the real estate market (minority-empowering Community Reinvestment Act) has frozen them all in place with underwater mortgages. They can’t sell and flee, and the only people buying the foreclosures are more Obama loving Whitey, Mexicans, Muslims, and suspicious looking dreadlock blacks who have mysterious wads of cash.

    Watch gutter Atlanta rush to catch up with Detroit, and watch Atlanta Whites sound more shrill and impotent as they praise their black mayor, black police, black school board, black firemen, black delegation, black this and black that, black everything unto total disaster.

    They have blacks everywhere, so what could possibly go wrong while we are celebrating Diversity is our strength?

    “We are trying to get the word out to cancel Screen on the Green or at least rebrand it as another event on another night,” said Jeff Burns, who lives on 14th Street. “It causes so many issues and every Thursday, people huddle inside to avoid the park.”

    “I am never a cut and run person, but this is just too much for such an amazing and vibrant neighborhood,” Burns told the AJC in an e-mail.

    Whites admit “too much”? Sounds like toxic, racially motivated and racist rhetoric to us, finally!

    He should have just admitted what the iron laws of nature will eventually force him to admit: “I wasn’t a racist until I started living here.”

    But there’s hope. Today, we heard a report of a racially motivated 1956 Georgia flag front bumper plate in an exclusive, all White neighborhood (shhhhh!) and another bumper sticker on Peachtree Street that used the Obama change symbol for the O in racially motivated OMG. Little acts of racially motivated defiance and racially motivated race reality inspire the racially motivated faithful to keep racially motivated fast to the God of our racially motivated Fathers!

  32. Anonymous says:


    Only young , physically fit, hand to hand combat trained males should have to transport them.


    You could be Jean Claude Van Damme at his peak and if a man hits you first, while your attention is on the road as you try to _do your job_ as a bus driver, the fight is probably over, for you. And blacks will look for that opening. Because they have no honor at all.

    The only way to protect the innocent from the aggressive is to isolate them. Short of robotics, that means that you put the woman in a separate cabin with bullet proofed walls or at least a mesh cage. Like a pilot on an airliner.

    Which of course will be /enormously/ expensive and -exceptionally- funny. To the blacks.

    Because they are too stupid to recognize the tragedy of an existence where we are so resentful of having to share their space that we feel it necessary to isolate ourselves from them, even in the simplest of activities designed to serve their betterment.

    The real sadness will then be that, ‘because we are all the same’ (14 year old blacks hit with the force of an adult because a 20% higher serum testosterone level makes makes them develop harder bones and denser muscles, quicker), nobody will dare suggest the only real cure-not-bandaid solutions:

    1. Redo black genetics so that they are smart enough to live in a white-benefits society, without our help. Even if it is simply testosterone suppressants and oxytocin enhancers.

    2. Reestablish segregation so that whites are safe from all the other ethnies who must police themselves. And thus let us be able to concentrate on _doing our jobs_ as the economic factors of competition with the smarter East Asians and whatever is left of Europe will dictate what is going to be terrible economic struggle for our people (as America) to survive.

    Throwing the book at this fine example of young ethnic distress will only mean paying 40,000 dollars a year for a Hilton With Bars where he will become a better sociopath under the mentoring of his peers.

  33. MuayTyson says:

    Getting a charge of a Hate Crime in America for a White victim has as much likelihood as getting a rape charge for a hooker in Saudi Arabia.

  34. ^MARVIN^ says:

    As crazy as this might sound, maybe school bus drivers need to be in a protective cage that can only be opened from the inside.

    It astounds me that if I mention black crime it is always whites who tell me how wrong I am and that blacks don’t commit anymore crime than whites.

    I guess we are reaping what we WHITES have sown and most whites still don’t see what has happened?

  35. Question Diversity says:

    29 Miss Whitey:

    You just succinctly stated the reason why Karl Marx called civil rights “a revolution in permanence.” That is because every “ism” the civil rights crowd cares about, racism and otherwise, will never cease to exist. Therefore, the jobs of the civil rights practitioners are guaranteed generation after generation.

  36. Hourglass says:

    2 — Anonymous wrote at 5:25 PM on June 16:

    “I found this website through internet searching for stories about discrimination and racial violence against Whites. I had no idea how many websites there are that chronicle what is happening to us. Thank you for your time and effort to raise awareness among those of us who never hear other Whites talk about any of this. But we know that everyone must be worried, especially those who are paying attention.”

    Welcome aboard. Please spread the word among the uninformed or unaware.

    I was also searching thru and found this tonight. Its great to see intellectual responses to these articles. I think I’m gonna like it here.