Posted on June 6, 2011

Trial Set for Ohio Man Accused of Killing, Dismembering 11 Women

CNN, June 6, 2011

The case against Anthony Sowell is grounded in his Cleveland backyard.

There, in October 2009, investigators unearthed remains of five of the 11 women–ages 25 to 52–found on Sowell’s property.

On Monday, jury selection for Sowell’s trial begins in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Sowell faces 85 counts related to his alleged rape, murder and dismembering of the women between 2007 and 2009–charges to which he’s pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Since the bodies were discovered, other women have come forward alleging that Sowell also attacked them.


Sowell grew up in East Cleveland, joined the Marines at age 18 and traveled to California, North Carolina and Japan, authorities said. People who interacted with him after his 2005 release from prison, where he had served 15 years for attempted rape, said he appeared to be “a normal guy,” known locally for selling scrap metal.


Neighbors and even a city councilman had failed to realize that the stench wafting in the area around Sowell’s home was human flesh, not a byproduct of a nearby sausage factory.


Sowell was then arrested. More than a month later, police entered his house and found two bodies rotting in his attic. These were the first of the 11 bodies they’d eventually discover, in various states of decay, on his property.

Most of the women whose remains were found in and around Sowell’s home were strangled by ligature–which can include a string, cord or wire–and at least one was strangled by hand, officials said. Seven still had ligatures wrapped around their necks. A skull is all that remains of one victim. It was found wrapped in a paper bag and stuffed in a bucket in the home’s basement.


14 responses to “Trial Set for Ohio Man Accused of Killing, Dismembering 11 Women”

  1. ATBOTL says:

    I read recently that a majority of the new serial killers identified since 2000 have been black. It certainly seems that way. This one actually got national media attention, but there have been many recent black serial killers who didn’t.

  2. Cassiodorus says:

    But all serial killers are white, aren’t they? That’s what the television says. There must be some mistake.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This crime is very similar to some of the violence we observe on a daily basis in Africa — particularly Congo, Nigeria, Zimbawbe, South Africa, etc.

  4. whiteraven says:

    There have been so many black serial killers brought to light these last several months, via news stories and court T.V., it now appears as if whitey in no way has a lock on that crime.

    I’m wondering if anybody is keeping track in order to write a book on the situation.

  5. olewhitelady says:

    If anyone wonders why this case made the mainstream TV media, it’s because the victims were black. Liberal reporters probably bought into the whole myth about serial killers always being young white men and were waiting with baited breath for some 20-something redneck to provide a juicy perp-walk for their cameras. Instead, while everyone was watching, a black man gets arrested. Surprise!

  6. NBJ says:

    Why have I never heard of this guy? OH! Silly me. He’s BLACK that’s why! Musn’t upset the myth that ONLY white men are serial killers. Meanwhile, the media makes SURE the country, indeed the world, knows who Bundy and Gacy are. And who will EVER forget Casey Anothony? Susan Smith? I guess the media think only “evil whitey” deserves so much national attention.

  7. Aaron says:

    Despite what stereotypes and episodes of CSI may say, Black serial killers aren’t uncommon [relative to white serial killers].

    A google search on “black serial killers” might give you some surprises.

  8. Anonymous says:

    At least he didn’t enslave ignorant young women, force them to have babies for him to sell for “ritual” purposes. See, bringing them to America does equate to moral progress!

  9. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    I live in the Cleveland area, and this truly a sad story. I’ve been following it periodically because it’s shoved down our throats all the time here especially in the Midwest. Most, if not all of his victims, were poor, black alcoholics & drug addicts. That is not the point. They were mothers, sisters, daughters, grand-daughters, etc…

    But sadly many people interviewed in the area (which is one of the poorest in the city) feel that law enforcement a.k.a the White man was at fault. No no no. Anthony Sowell committed these acts.

    An interesting side note to the story- During his incarceration from 1990- 2005, Sowell befriended a White inmate named Joel Yockey. He was serving a life sentence for raping, killing and dismembering a 14 year old girl in Wooster, Ohio. Her name was Kristin Jackson.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Remember, all serial killers are white. Also, whites have no reason to be on their guard around blacks, because no blacks ever attack whites. Unless they do. In which case the white probably deserved it. Now stop thinking and repeat after me, “We all one blood…”

  11. Un Dolor en el Culo says:

    Are we sure this guy isn’t practicing some extreme form of voodoo, Santeria, or other screwball black “religion?” The black Jeffrey Dahmer. Well, ONE of ’em was bound to imitate the original – they always do. Obviously this dude had a tad of a problem concerning judgment with regard to choice of role models…

  12. white is right, black is whack says:

    Ah, pooooor, pooooor black man. I’m sure it’s all another ‘racist conspiracy’ by the white man to keep a brother down. We all know most blacks are innocent, sweet little victims and they never EVER join gangs or rape women at higher rates than white men or drop out of school at higher rates or have out-of-wedlock children at much higher rates than whites do.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, the stereotype that only whites are serial killers is so manufactured. We hear all the time about the numbers of black men and women killed by other blacks in the black community, but when it’s black on black crime we rarely get coverage of it, just numbers and statistics. When a white dude does some murder or murders, it is plastered all over the place.

  14. diversity = adversity says:

    He only killed drug addicted black women. But it makes the governmedia news, despite straying from the narrative that only whites are serial killers.

    Channon Christensen and Christopher Newsoms killers are being hidden from the tvnews-watching sheeple.

    We all know that there is an unfair double standard against us, and when we bring it up we’re told life is unfair, get over it. Double standard again- minorities cry “un-fairness” and they are given everything they want. The governmedia must just be upset that he didnot kill white women. I’m sure they’ll miss all those black welfare queens.

    White is the only race with an altruistic sense of fairness.