Posted on June 6, 2011

Patti Labelle Sued over Alleged Attack

Cynthia Cisneros, KTRK-TV (Houston), June 3, 2011

Singing legend Patti LaBelle–the so-called godmother of soul–is now the target of a lawsuit after a violent confrontation involving her security guards was caught on camera at a Houston airport.

The man who filed the lawsuit says he was the victim of an unprovoked attack and he accuses Patti LaBelle of sending her guards after him. Much of it was caught on surveillance video.

The case was filed in a civil lawsuit because the Houston Police Department didn’t file any criminal charges in this case. The lawsuit alleges it was Patti LaBelle who told her bodyguards to remove someone who was standing too close to her luggage.


According to Houston police, King is described as a suspect who was harassing the occupants of the limo. HPD also reports it was King who appeared to be intoxicated and punched the limo driver. King denies being drunk.

Robert Bowick, an attorney for King, said, “It doesn’t matter if Cadet King was impaired from a drink or two. He was minding his own business. He was not harming anybody. He was not a harm to himself.”


21 responses to “Patti Labelle Sued over Alleged Attack”

  1. Matthew says:

    Actually, I live in Houston where this was covered in the news all throughout March. The fact was the young man was drunk, dancing around and making slurs. While this does not justify what happpened, the fact is I can understand why en entertainer such as Miss Labelle would try to protect herself form potental harm.

  2. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    I remember reading or hearing an urban legend that Jay Leno paid a man full time to walk behind him and videotape him in public. So that there would always be visual evidence to refute allegations that might lead to a lawsuit.

    But with some of these “urban’ artist types that might not be such a good idea…

  3. Anonymous says:

    In today’s Black-Run America, it is unsafe to stand near or look at a Black Person. That is “racism” or “disrespecting.” If you do, you will receive a “beat-down” and then be accused of being drunk or provoking or racism or White privilege.

  4. MuayTyson says:

    It’s obvious a crime has been committed how can a D.A. be forced to prosecute?

  5. Tim in Indiana says:

    I was able to hear the sound but not see the video due to an apparent browser problem, but it sounds like pretty much a clear case of black-on-white brutality, since they have the whole thing on video. Will this be broadcast 24/7 on all major news networks like the Rodney King video? Will it even hurt the career of our dear Patti LaBelle? I doubt it. It will remain a purely local story. The leftists will claim that’s because it doesn’t represent a “consistent pattern of brutal behavior toward a minority group” like the Rodney King beating, but the only consistent pattern of behavior in that case was the MSM’s stoking of racial greivances against whites and papering over the reverse, just like it always does.

  6. Tom S. says:

    I’ve watched the video several times and fail to see Mr. King “harrassing” anyone. It appears that he was oblivious to the “godmother of souls” presence and was just talking on his phone.

    What really angered me was the fact that the White police officers literally stepped through Mr. Kings blood to pose for pictures with this black has been “soul” singer when SHE was the one that ordered the attack. I’d be interested to know what the test results would’ve been had Ms. LaBelle and her ‘posse’ been tested for alcohol/drugs! In a sane world her and her ‘posse’ would’ve never made it out of the airport and would’ve been arrested for assault. The only picture she should’ve posed for would’ve been a mug shot at the police station.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is this beating of CADET King going to be shown over and over and over again on prime time TV for weeks on end so that everyone remembers it for years to come, like the beating of RODNEY King?

    Didn’t think so.

  8. ck says:

    His Lawyer has filed a civil case but I’m not seeing why a criminal case isn’t beubg filed. Secondly are they liscensed security? In Texas you need a PPO. I guess if your a celebrity laws don’t matter.

  9. sbuffalonative says:

    Their defense for beating this kid is that he was drunk and too close to the luggage and that he started it.

    From the video, Mr. King is on the phone, the guards pushed him first, and Mr. King pushed them away. That’s when the attack started.

    May Mr. King walk away a rich man.

  10. Follow The Light says:

    Because I would not want a black to be too close to my luggage(theft very likely), maybe LaBelle thought that a clean-cut White would mimic the same behaviours as her proud righteous people. Race projection perhaps? Did I hear that term before or did I just coin it?!

  11. Cousin Charlie from TN says:

    What I’d like to know is how these drug-addled superstars get around these days through all the security. I’m not a drug-addled superstar yet I get nervous around airports. These “security experts” will weirdly scrutinize things at random. I was almost banned from a flight a while back because of a few old-timey guitar efx pedals in my carry-on. Luckily the black female “officer” was trumped by some white higher-up who was called to look into the matter.

  12. Sardonicus says:

    Who are you going to believe here: a white (drunken?) West Point Cadet or “Singing Legend” Patti Labelle? How’d you like Patti posing for pictures with the police by the blood-drenched floor, where King was assaulted? Aren’t you glad you live in America, where we are all equal before the law?

  13. Jack says:

    They are not worth it.

    Do not buy their pathetic music or anything else because THIS is how you will be repaid.

  14. Mike says:

    The first poster is correct. As a fellow Texan (San Antonio) , the video and story was shown and discussed here for a few days earlier this year.

    The video did show the young man Mr. King dancing around, yelling, making sexist slurs and engaging in menacing behavior. Like others have said while this doe not justify the sort of assault he endured, the fact is that the young man was not totally without blame either.

  15. Lauren says:

    Frankly, since the action occurs at the bottom of the screen, and the bottom quarter of the screen is obscured with graphics, I can’t see diddly.

    Anyone have a link to better (and maybe unedited) footage? And maybe links to credible sources regarding the victim?

    BTW, I see that at least two pro-LaBelle Trolls have posted on this thread…. maybe Trolls indirectly in her employ. Or maybe she still has some fans. I had a Gay Uncle who just loved her. He died of Aids, a long time ago. Honestly, I’m surprised any of her fans are young enough to be able to use a Computer.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sardonicus wrote:

    Who are you going to believe here: a white (drunken?) West Point Cadet or “Singing Legend” Patti Labelle?

    Patti Labelle.

  17. Deirdre says:

    Disgusting. This is typical of what whites can expect from blacks and especially when they have fully assumed total control of the country and whites are a minority. I hope I will be dead by then, but worry about my children, who will not be. Will their children be the new slaves? I believe blacks want revenge – misplaced of course – but they do. This seems to be one of the finest examples of a young white man I have ever seen, and now his future is in jeopardy because of a singing star? Unbelievable and totally ignored by the anti-white racist media. Disgraceful.

  18. Hadenough says:

    To Matthew – I live in Houston, too, and read the local news every day. I don’t recall seeing anything about this incident back in March. Since there were no charges filed by the police, it wouldn’t have been on the news. I watched the entire video, which has no sound. The young man was on his cell phone and was walking back and forth (not dancing as you describe) as he was talking. You can see where he walked up close to the luggage and was then pushed violently by one of LaBelle’s bodyguards. He swung at his attacker, which is a natural defense, and was rushed by all three. That’s a real fair fight isn’t it? Three against one, but that’s how cowardly blacks fight – a huge mob against one person. Since there was no audio in the security video, where do you get the information he used slurs? The guy didn’t appear to pose a threat to anyone, so I don’t know where you justify that Patti LaBelle was trying to protect herself from harm. Look who caused the harm in this situation and it wasn’t the cadet. This must be the default excuse blacks make to justify an unprovoked assault: “he was using slurs.” I think you just tried to pull a Pinocchio and got busted, dude.

  19. down the bayou says:

    The cops stepped through Cadet King’s blood to take a picture with has-been patti labelle.

    Y’all know that the “Mainstream” governmedia will paper over this and try to ignore it and make it forgotten, so it is up to us to make a ruckus of noise about it.

  20. Mike Sarcastic says:

    Now wait a minute Patti Labelle and her black security force are all black and since when is it a crime in America for blacks to beat, rob or rape non blacks?

    And since when is it legal to attack anyone on words alone, this is contrary to civil law.

    Oh wait Excuse Me, I forgot she and her gang Are blacks.

  21. White and Proud says:

    Tom S. wrote:

    What really angered me was the fact that the White police officers literally stepped through Mr. Kings blood to pose for pictures with this black has been “soul” singer when SHE was the one that ordered the attack.

    I agree. This was disgraceful!!! We Whites have lost any sense of race pride.