Posted on June 17, 2011

South African Youth Leader Calls for Nationalization, Land Seizures

Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times, June 17, 2011

Julius Malema, the ambitious, firebrand leader of the South African ruling party’s youth wing, Thursday called for the nationalization of mines and seizure of land without compensation–policies the government has repeatedly ruled out in the past.

Speaking at the African National Congress Youth League’s electoral conference, Malema said the youth league had put nationalization and land seizures on the agenda. He has also pushed bank nationalization in the past.


Malema, flanked by President Jacob Zuma, said past efforts to redistribute resources from the white minority to the black majority had failed dismally.

“The struggle for land reform and transfer of land is long overdue and should be speeded up to avoid the conflicts that characterize many post-independence African states,” he said. “We refuse to continue living like we are in a colony. The only solution available to us now is expropriation without compensation.


Malema attacked critics who described him as reckless.

“What is reckless about calling for changing property relations to favor the working class and the poor?” he said. “We should be the voice of farmworkers, of garbage carriers, of street sweepers, of manufacturing workers, of the unemployed reserves of workers. We should be the voice of all people in informal settlements and underdeveloped areas.”


28 responses to “South African Youth Leader Calls for Nationalization, Land Seizures”

  1. Anonymous says:

    YES!!! Give farmland to beggars and petty thieves, that’ll make everything right! Whites in South Africa have been doomed for at least two decades. Time to move out, let the blacks drive themselves into famine and starve to death, of course then they’ll say that racism is why the farms failed and US and UK will hand them billions.

  2. sbuffalonative says:

    The only solution available to us now is expropriation without compensation.

    They take because they cannot do for themselves.

    African indolence is universal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    South African whites need to declare an independent state in the Western half of the country but quick, with a law that forbids citizens of black descent. The bulk of the blacks live in the eastern half. Transfer populations, build a fortified fence and be done with it!

  4. Edmundo says:

    Whites in SA now know what’s in store for them in the very near future. Better to just get out now, come to other western countries, even as illegals if need be. I guess two can play this game, huh?

    The worse part of the plight of SAs, is that western governments are doling unofficial retribution against these people. I have seen phoney refugee claims approved time and again from people who are under no real threat of harm whatsoever, yet SAs are consistently being denied asylum. The double standard is criminal.

    The problem is our treasonous governments would be setting a precedent that would contradict their entire ethos in regards to white-racism/imperialism etc. They would rather sacrifice a couple of million innocent Boers than allow even a sliver of evidence of reverse-discrimination or reverse-genocide into the discourse.

    There is only one permitted narrative: white = bad.

    All in all I think a tangible step, beyond blowing steam through reading articles on Amren, is a very grass-roots movement in all our western nations to assist as many SAs to immigrate to us. I have met many SAs who want to get out but are being blocked. This is collusion and complicity by our government to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

    The cause for these people moreover would not only bring very industrious people to nations that need them, but would also foster an entirely new discourses and trains of thought that are still taboo for the general populace…imagine what hundreds of thousands of disgruntled and fully awakened Boers could accomplish just by living amongst all of our kool-aid sipping dimwits?

  5. Conrad says:

    “South African whites need to declare an independent state in the Western half of the country but quick, with a law that forbids citizens of black descent. The bulk of the blacks live in the eastern half. Transfer populations, build a fortified fence and be done with it!”

    I really believe that IF they had the backbone or brains to do such a thing; they would not have lost (given away) their country in the first places.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The ridiculous aspect to this is that the blacks can’t think beyond “give me.” Once they get all the land, then what? They can’t do anything with it. Give it to them – they’ll all starve.

  7. WKSIII says:

    So in America, we take from the white majority and give to the black minority. In South Africa, they take from the white minority and give to the black majority. How can people not see the double standard? Its no coincidence that little news of South Africa ever reaches the American shores.

  8. Cliff Yablonski says:

    South Africans gave over control of the country to a people with the mental capacity and understanding of a ten year old, what did they expect would happen?

  9. olewhitelady says:

    The blacks who steal white farms in Africa are almost always, if not always, cronies of blacks in government power. They sell off whatever is presently on the farms, even dismantling equipment and selling it for parts. Then they let the land lie fallow, allow subsistence farmers to use small sections, or lease it to Chinese or other Asians. The latter groups, being mostly foreigners, don’t give a fig about the welfare of the countries or black citizens. They mistreat local workers with low pay, beatings, and total lack of respect.

    Many blacks who work(ed) for white farmers prefer doing so because the latter gave them a house and small plot for a garden, let them run their cattle with the farmer’s herd, gave them gifts of free food and clothing, and paid for their health care. Families often stayed on the same land for generations. People could leave anytime they wanted and seek jobs in cities or whatever. But they chose to stay.

  10. Yorkshireman. says:

    Malema is the well known self-appointed corrupt leader of the South African ‘youth’ party. He has awarded himself many, many construction contracts funded by the ever dwindling tax base.

  11. Dario says:

    Open genocide is about one, maybe two presidential elections away for White South Africans.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Boers should have just seceded from South Africa and set themselves up in a small, little state. Ideally based on the coast for ease of trade and defence. Any white person who thinks their race can have a future in any country 80-90% non-white is divorced from reality.

  13. Istvan says:

    3 — Anonymous wrote at 6:25 PM on June 17:

    South African whites need to declare an independent state in the Western half of the country but quick, with a law that forbids citizens of black descent. The bulk of the blacks live in the eastern half. Transfer populations, build a fortified fence and be done with it!


    The time to create an independent Afrikaner State was before black rule. They should have negotiated a velvet divorce before handing over power. Of course western nations (and their white leaders) would have opposed it but if the Afrikaners held firm it may have happened just to get the black man out from under evil whitey. Especially if the SA government intimated they might still have nuclear weapons. This would have required, of course, that Afrikaners do all their own labor with no black labor, but 25 years ago it may have been possible. Today it is too late. The slaughter is inevitable.

    The same is true of Israel. Unless the Jews accept a rational, easily defensible, straight line north-south border between them and Palestine along with a no Arab policy in Israel they are doomed. Unless the Jews are willing to sweep their own streets they are doomed.

    Same with Americans. As long as our elites want Mexicans to do the dirty work, we Americans (the real ones of European decent) are pretty much done for. Freedom from labor is not worth your freedom.

  14. Boniface Ndemping Wewe (Ngonyama) says:

    I am afraid nothing good will come out of this nationalization preached by “Juju” Malema and the ANCYL. A kind of partnership with our white brothers and sisters who have the skills will be more helpful to Africans. I am very suspicious of the Chinese as they don’t give a damn about Africans once they get a foothold in Africa.

    I am from Cameroon’s Bamileke tribe where our agriculture might be doomed subsistent but we utilize our land to the fullest. Indeed we are dubbed land grabbers and truly so as we have expanded into other areas of Cameroon. My late dad converted lands surrounding his job into lucrative farms.

    When I visited rural areas of South Africa in Kwazulunatal and elsewhere, I saw huge tracts of fallowing and nobody cultivating them. I asked myself how Zulus and other tribes fed themselves given my ‘subsistent experience’ from Cameroon where we expect no hand outs and other grants from our government unlike in South Africa.

    Like BEE or Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa, land and mines nationalization will benefit a few comrades and that will be it. Yes more ‘comrades’ like Julius Malema will become millionaires overnight and will be able to eat Sushi placed on the private parts of white women again! Either way, the Boer or Afrikaner is our brother and I for one would not disenfranchise or marginalize them in any way. We’ll always need them!

  15. Mark says:

    I think I read a book one time where the main character had a plot in mind very much like this black does?

    I can’t remember the whole story but it did involve a Goose that laid golden eggs!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Could Argentina accept SA refugees and is Argentina a politically correct nation? Argentina has lots of land suitable for farming.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “Whites in South Africa have been doomed for at least two decades. Time to move out, let the blacks drive themselves into famine and starve to death”

    The same could be said for America. Almost seems as if we’re riding the same train ourselves. Blacks in America have gotten everything they asked for, literally changing the entire country and they way we think. Whether this is because everyone is physically afraid of them, or morally afraid to contradict them, or both. The more they get what they want, the worse the country gets. In 1950 the black employment rate was higher than for whites. Now their unemployment rate is many times higher than average. But to point out things have gotten worse, why, that’s racism too.

  18. elitist says:

    The white movement needs a couple of billionaires to bankroll an aggressive, global, and highly professional public relations campaign:

    for the rights of white South Africans,

    for Israel’s right to exist and secure borders – it’s time to explain to the world that “the Palestinians” don’t even exist, that there is such thing as 4th-generation “refugees”,

    for the rights of European countries to refuse Muslim immigrants, to deport the ones who refuse to work and obey the law,

    against all race quotas,

    against mass Third World immigration into countries like the US and Australia.

    With a small, well-funded team of committed, brilliant, media savvy individuals, we could move public opinion quickly over to our side.

    I have 1001 terrific ideas for such a campaign, all are currently going to waste.

  19. Ted says:

    Malemoa is merely demanding that native Africans be returned to their natural state of tribal primitivism. That means hunting-gathering, loin cloths, rampant disease, spears, an average life-expectancy of perhaps thirty years, no written languages, witch doctors, tribal “medicine,” and picking lice out of each other’s hair and eating it.

    Who are the white South Africans to deny their black, umm, brethren their reversion to nature?

  20. s says:

    Argentina`s free land has been bought up by a multi billionaire, probably the international bankiers. Still there are remnants of the German 1880 project called Patagonia. Also in south of Chile there are villages speaking German. These communities i personally would like to hear more about but information is hard to find.

  21. rockman says:

    what will happen is that the whites in SA will be wiped out and no one will lift a hand to save them while saying they deserved it for past racism. too bad but oh well not me will be the prevailing attitude. Do you really think Obama will act to save the white farmers of SA. His father was a kikuyu which was the center of the Mau Mau movement to drive whites out of Kenya. People learn from their parents knee their value system.

  22. Fritz says:

    Here’s an idea! Let’s do a trade program. We can trade South Africa all those Black farmers we have who filed suit for discrimination, for those South African White farmers they are so anxious to get rid of. Of course, in the fine print we should forbid any right to return and stipulate that when S.A. goes under, just like Zinbabwe, we give them $0 in aide.

  23. Sardonicus says:

    After the white farmers have been disenfranchised, shortages and famines will be the result–just like Zimbabwe. Finally, a desperate wave of black South African refugees will head toward Europe. There seems no end to this cycle, but the Bilderberger one World government cabal will be giddy with joy at the prospect of more diversity.

  24. Say It! says:

    White haters like Malema cannot accept that whites could be Africans too. Whites are ever still the colonizers. It will always be redistribution time (ie., theft from whites who made possible everything blacks have, including the ability to read & write) when blacks dominate any country, including the USA.

  25. South African says:

    And then amidst all the squalor you get a black man who actually does something for his people. How does this fit in? I suppose in the old days he would have been called an Apartheid colaborator and his neck cutt off.

    “Pietermaritzburg – The newly-elected mayor of uMvoti Municipality in Greytown has done it again – donating his entire salary of around R700 000 and other perks – towards poverty alleviation projects and for the repair of potholes in the streets of this rural town”.

  26. Devon says:

    Open Genocide is about one, maybe two, presidential elections away for White Americans.

  27. South African says:

    In the meantime Michelle Obama and family is jet-setting around the world, for instance meeting with white South Africa’s enemies:

    “Michelle Obama and family meets with Mandela”

    Will she also be meeting representatives of the victimized whites?

    Off course not.

    When president Clinton visited South Africa some years ago, the leader of Freedom Front, Dr. Pieter Mulder (pronounced ‘Peter’), handed over a video tape about the plight of the white South Africans to one of his bodyguards. That videotape supposedly went straight to file 13, namely the waste bin.

  28. Laager says:

    For North Americans who have little understanding of South Africa and the ways of the black man, please take a look at:

    In a referendum in 1992 the white population of South Africa voted with a 72% majority to adopt universal franchise.

    Out-numbered 7:1 by blacks, black majority rule was inevitable.

    Whites have made the effort to co-exist peacefully with blacks and this has extended to the land re-distribution program to address past “wrongs”

    Take a look at the link to see what has become of these good intentions.

    It seems to me that the only hope for white South Africans is to let black stupidity run its course. Let them induce starvation, cholera and do nothing about HIV and Aids.

    Only then will whites be able to rise like the phoenix again and re-build what is left of a once great country.