Posted on June 30, 2011

Police: Threat Led to Nixing Picnic

Molly McGowan, Times-News, June 30, 2011

Burlington recreation and police officials said Wednesday night that a credible threat of violence at this year’s Stone Soul Picnic led the city to cancel the event.

Representatives from the Police and Burlington’s Recreation and Parks departments met Wednesday night with more than 30 citizens upset over cancellation of the annual festival at North Park. The city announced plans to cancel the 13-year-old event last week and a petition was circulated this week asking the city to reinstate it.

Tony Laws, director of the Recreation and Parks Department, kicked off the two-hour meeting by listing the reasons already given for not holding the annual event on its scheduled date of July 16: The picnic had outgrown North Park in terms of numbers and parking. An estimated 5,000 people attended last year’s picnic.

The group was then told something that was not originally released to the public. Police had been informed that a threat of violence was planned for an individual at this year’s Stone Soul Picnic.


Upon learning of the threat, Laws said the information was shared with members of the Stone Soul Picnic’s planning committee, consisting of representatives from the city’s two departments and radio station 97.1 WQMG. Laws said the radio station, after consulting with its general manager decided, “They were pulling their sponsorship from the picnic, which took out all the entertainment.”

Barrett Brown, communications chair of the Alamance County branch of NAACP asked if, after they learned of the threat, thought was put into alternative safety measures at North Park before ultimately deciding to cancel. Capt. Eric Kearns said the ideas of temporary fencing and admission regulations were brought up, but, “97.1 cancelled the music and entertainment.”


Stone Soul Picnic 2010

23 responses to “Police: Threat Led to Nixing Picnic”

  1. OBSERVER says:

    Finally, race has nothing to do with this (wink, wink). Good thing the public officials realized that race has nothing to do with this (wink). Didn’t the NAACP get the message? What are they doing there? Does race have anything to do with this?..wink…wink

    The officials were preventing violence against somebody. Good. We don’t need to know anything about race, since race has nothing to do with this.

    Things are getting so much better. You see, as long as the lying African-Americans want to say violence has nothing to do with race, then that lets sane public officials cancel “predominately Black” events….since…(wink)…race has nothing to do with it.

    But, we all know the truth………

  2. olewhitelady says:

    It’s questionable as to whether someone actually articulated a threat, but, of course, any grouping likely to draw blacks is a threat in itself.

  3. American Son says:

    Some how, some way, Whites will be blamed for this. Count on it.

    Anyone else notice the blacks are now turning on their Democrat-liberal overlords and calling them “racists?” Seems that they can’t get along with people that hand them their livelihoods, just as they can’t along with anyone else.

    With blacks, it is always a lose-lose situation.

  4. ice says:

    Unless this mob can find some other place to meet, this will mean one less black melee over the weekend.

    Too bad. The other debacles have brought such white disapproval I’d like to see this one follow its natural course as well.

    But, I’m pretty sure the others already planned will be involved in enough chaos and mayhem to fill the newspapers again.

    And, this one could still occur. In fact, on second thought, the odds are it will.

  5. Paradise lost says:

    Unless we bring back segregation, it is looking like there will be no more festivals and fairs from coast to coast. Blacks have cost us untold liberties. Simple evening neighborhood walks with your kids is a thing of the past.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Violence at a PICNIC? The mind boggles.

  7. Flaxen-headed Strumpet says:

    Well if the major “Urban Hip-Hop” format Greensboro, NC MSA FM radio station event sponsor’s corporate lawyers and empty suits concluded that this event is to “risky” for them, why can’t city officials in Podunk, NC follow their prudent lead without a bunch National Association of Always Complaining People getting their panties in a wad??

  8. Middle American says:

    This is a positive sign – perhaps not much – but it shows some crack in the wall.

    On some level, it is interesting to read the litany of bogus excuses dreamed up as the reasons for cancelling the Stone Soul Picnic (what a name! – it makes you want to run out and get potato salad).

    This pointless event was cancelled because somewhere, at some level, someone or some group just said “enough” with these idiotic black “festivals” because of zulu violence. Who needs it?

    By the time you’re done with the police costs, the bad publicity, the ghetto-lottery lawsuits, the medical bills, the property damage, and on and on, there is no upside. Worse, the hordes for which the Picnic is intended probably won’t even remember attending it after it leaves their long-term memory in about 72 hours.

    Even better, the cover-story “threat of violence” is a subliminal masterpiece, because everyone knows that: Black Summer Festival= Violence and Chaos…and who can really argue with fifty years of precedent.

    This event, FOR blacks, was cancelled because OF blacks, and their inability to behave like human beings in a civilized society.

    I bet more will be cancelled around the country this summer as well.

    The most telling part was that a total of “30 citizens” expressed their displeasure at the cancellation – quite a whopping number considering that last year’s attendance was said to be 5,000. I wonder exactly who those 30 were (the press probably inflated the number anyway).

    Blacks are simply too lazy and stupid to organize anything even if it is to their interest or liking.

    In the end, it is almost like dealing with children who continue to misbehave. They can’t have anymore ice cream and they can’t go out and play.

    But I say “almost” because (white) children grow up. Blacks just stay the same. And that’s the problem.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The proliferation of personal video cameras in cell phones is a good way to document the violence that is escalating. Too often, however, the videos are poor quality. A better way would be for experienced people with excellent video equipment and long-distance lenses, who could survey an entire area and zoom in on the melees with good video (not the poor quality video which seems to occur when the violence starts)to take video. The photographer could pick a good location before the events happen that would provide a good view and of course safety for the photographer when the violence starts. How would they know where the violence is going to be? Simple, look for places where large groups of a certain group (do I have to paint you a picture?) will turn out (e.g., any public place such as a park, an amusement park, a beach, etc.). in other words, those people who have been going wild lately. The internet (Youtube, LiveLeaks, etc.) would be a good place to post such videos. Drudge would probably post them as well. Good quality videos of this type of crap would be the worst nightmare for the main stream media as well as for many, many politicians. Who knows, maybe the politicians would actually be forced to confront these issues.

  10. Southern Hooser says:

    Simply suggestion, just let in free all police and military in uniform. That should have a calming effect on the crowd, one way or another.

  11. FoxSnooze says:

    The new curfews that are being implemented in various cities have little difference from traditional Jim Crow laws in that their intent is to control black violence and crime. The only difference is that Jim Crow laws explicitly targeted race; the new curfew implicitly target race.

    Jim Crow laws should be viewed as anti-racist in that they are intended to protect White people (and others) from racist black violence and crime.

  12. O'malley says:

    America’s cities should take their lead from Virginia Beach. Whenever there is an event at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront that involves white entertainment and will bring in revenue for the city, coincidentally there is another event 20 miles away in Norfolk at the same exact time that involves a rapper or hip hop group. Like moths to a flame the problems never make it down to the oceanfront area to ruin the white concert (at least not in the numbers that overwhelm the police).

    Question: Why in the video of the Stone Soul Picnic are there so many people on the stage doing nothing? Also, why does the ‘music’ (this term is used very very loosely) keep cutting in and out? It is truely a surreal experience to witness any event run by blacks. I always walk away wondering what I just witnessed and feeling like I was part of a candid camera joke. The scary part is that it is not a joke and they are multiplying…the joke is on us !!

  13. Periapsis says:

    I have to agree with Paradise that the blacks have cost white Americans their freedoms and civil liberties. When the threat of black violence against whites makes taking a walk to a park with one’s children dangerous, how can we as whites be free? When black violence and terrorism dictates our behavior, whether that is avoiding neighborhoods, or even entire cities, how can we be free? We are not free, and we are on the fast track to being a dispossessed and violently persecuted and oppressed minority. That will change whites, and in some ways not for the better when we become incredibly violent people just to preserve our own lives, let alone race. That is not freedom either. When we have to stay behind locked doors, go everywhere armed and sleep with loaded weapons in easy reach, that is not freedom. Freedom is quite simply the right to be left alone and to live our lives without outside interference. Blacks, other non-whites and the elitists who egg them on interfere with and intrude into our lives every chance they get.

  14. Hunter says:

    Burlington is a very nice southern town right by Greensboro, but almost every night there is an armed robbery of a gas station or a store by black males. There is also a huge illegal immigrant problem in town – they drive drunk and molest underage girls. At least the local paper has the courage to post their picture on it’s web site so everyone knows who is committing all the crimes. The people in charge of Burlington need to clean the place up or it will become unlivable soon for average white people very soon..

  15. Nicholai Hel says:

    Middle American wrote:

    The most telling part was that a total of “30 citizens” expressed their displeasure at the cancellation – quite a whopping number considering that last year’s attendance was said to be 5,000. I wonder exactly who those 30 were

    Maybe those thirty will use their new-found social media skills to form a flash mob in retribution for this slight?!

  16. Jack says:

    “Simply suggestion, just let in free all police and military in uniform. That should have a calming effect on the crowd, one way or another.’

    Who are you kidding?

    Any that would want to attend to see that garbage would be just as bad.

    I can obtain better culture by scraping bacteria into a petri dish.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t we have this problem during the sacred days of Jim Crow?

    Glen Beck opened his show with videos of the recent flash mobs and the gang tribal fighting in D.C. All we saw were blacks in the videos, but he never said “African American” or “the blacks are completely out of control”. He called them “people”.

    Maybe he’s as crazy as everybody says. Or clever like a fox? He’s German, so maybe let’s go with fox.

    The lynch mob is Columbia, S.C., was just beating some of that offensive and outdated unearned White privilege out of Carter Strange. He must not have done enough to atone for the sins of segregation by holding himself accountable to the beloved community of color for his unearned White privileges.

    It’s come to the point where blacks must hold us to account by any means necessary, because we “aren’t doing enough”.

    His White privilege blinded him to the dangers of being out alone after dark and thinking he wouldn’t be nearly killed by a gang of “oppressed, marginalized and vulnerable African American youth and teens”. Another WHITEY FAIL!

    He won’t make that mistake again, ever. Or will he?

    He’s a Whitey, so we must be suspicious that he might be a Whitey liberal elite who fosters diversity and helps minorities. He might be the leading anti-racist at school and church. After all, his daddy didn’t wear a Confederate flag tee shirt to the first court appearance like Channon Christian’s daddy did.

    We should be suspicious, just like whenever you see a pregnant White girl these days, you have to wonder if she’s carry some black buck’s mulatto. Or when you are talking to a White girl and are trying to move the conversation into Race Reality, when she mentions her boyfriend, you must wonder if he’s black. That’s the trend, so we need to modify our expectations and suspicions accordingly.

    Carter Strange’s parents haven’t yet come out with a demand that the S.C. NAACP and the black preacher hold a Stop the Violence rallies and candle light vigils in honor of her nearly stomped to death son. Another WHITEY FAIL!

    Until we bring the blessing of God back to White Humanity by tying all black on White violence to the Civil Rights “struggle,” we’ll continue to be sold out by White elites and our futures will continue looking darker and darker.

    Transcend diversity, embrace Whiteness, beware and prepare, because you really do know what’s coming next… you see it in your nightmares, and you are extremely right!

  18. voter says:

    So typical of their inability to express themselves… even in just three words!

    What they really mean is “stoned soul picnic”.

    Now THAT makes sense.

  19. Taurus689 says:

    Atlantic City, in an effort to revitalize the economy had a massive Dave Matthews Caravan show at which there were no incidents. This coming week will feature a HipHop and Rap event. I would bet the farm that the opposite will be true.

  20. ProudtobeWhite says:

    Why is it that 5000 Whites can gather for any occasion, especially a harmless picnic, and have an enjoyable, peaceful experience, but a crowd of as many blacks gurantees mayhem, beat-downs, destruction of property, thefts, rapes, and worse. Can you imagine a black Woodstock held today wherein half a million black rap fans and bangers gathered in one place to celebrate? It would be the riot of the century with the National Guard called in and scores of dead and injured. Unthinkable!

  21. Turlough says:

    I went to a vineyard concert on the evening of the 2nd – it was fantastic. Someone spilled wine on themselves – that was the extent of the excitement. No knife fights, gang confrontations, gun fire (many concert goers were armed, I’m sure, it’s Pennsylvania). It was bliss. Oh, and it was Lilly White – go figure.

  22. Anonymous says:

    There’s a bit of linguistic irony here. A while back, there was some hysteria over the word “picnic” being another of those racist words which goodthinkers could not use without offending blacks. The claim was that a “picnic” was a sort of lynching to which white people brought box lunches to enjoy the show. This was exposed at:

    But now who is originating the violence, eh?

  23. jack in chicago` says:

    All should note that these Black flash mob, invasions, racial assaults are only happening in the Summer. During the Fall, Winter, raw March and April – we have Chicago’s beautiful parks all to ourselves. Blacks can’t take the cold. So just learn to dress warm and enjoy the seasons – do what real New Yorkers and old Romans did;

    leave the City during the hot summer months.