Posted on June 27, 2011

OEMC: Mccarthy May Not Have Known about Oak St. Beach Violence

John Dempsey, WLS Radio (Chicago), June 24, 2011

WLS Radio is learning more about what happened on Chicago’s lakefront on Memorial Day, the day witnesses say thugs overran the Gold Coast beaches and the day the city said it shut down North Avenue Beach because of hot weather.

WLS Radio filed a Freedom of Information request (FOIA) for the 911 calls, which show people concerned not with hot weather but with the presence of intimidating thugs.

“Yes, there’s a fight breaking out on the beach because there’s nothing but animals covering this beach today,” a woman says in one of the calls. “I mean, you can’t even walk along the bike path or ride along the bike path. There’s no crowd control. What the hell is going on?”

Now Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is defending his initial response about what happened on Memorial Day. McCarthy issued a statement Thursday night that said the city closed North Avenue Beach because of hot weather and that that decision was not related to any activity at Oak Street Beach which the 911 calls show is where most of the violence reports came from.


The spokesman says that one ambulance was called to the North Avenue boat house to respond to a report of a person overcome by hot weather, and says that ambulance was then overrun with up to a dozen people who also were overcome by the heat.

He says that ambulance called for more ambulances which had trouble getting through the large crowds, which is why he says the city made the decision to close North Avenue Beach.

The spokesman also told WLS that after the incident, reporters never specifically asked Police Supt. Garry McCarthy about violence at Oak Street.

He says even if they had, McCarthy might not even have known at the time about the 911 reports of violence at Oak Street Beach.


12 responses to “OEMC: Mccarthy May Not Have Known about Oak St. Beach Violence”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Close a beach because of hot weather? And when had that ever been done before? Oddly people GO to beaches in hot weather to cool off. Clearly something else caused the closings. What could that be? Wouldn’t want to infer a race riot. Maybe that’s too harsh, as it wasn’t a riot in the traditional sense of blacks violent behavior largely in their own living areas. This was violent behavior in areas outside the black living areas. A far more disturbing situation for the citizens of Chicago, those who are considering coming to Chicago, and those throughout the nation with similar diverse neighborhoods nearby.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When incidents like this Chicago story occur, the whole world knows the problem is black thugs on the rampage, once again. The media knows it, politicians know it, the public knows it and the police know it. And yet the media, politicians and the police go into fantasyland mode and pretend that what the whole world knows is happening, didn’t happen.

    I wonder if the police and the media have any clue as to how utterly ridiculous they come across to the American public, when they deny the obvious? Its like a game to them. It appears to me, that they assume we are all a bunch of idiots that believe every word that crosses their lips. I’ve got some breaking news for the media and the rest of the pretenders: You aren’t fooling anybody. You just make yourselves look more stupid, by the day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “shut down North Avenue Beach because of hot weather.”

    Let see, hot weather, close the beach? Hot weather, close the beach?? Hot weather…..close the beach???

    Yeah, that sounds right! I’m sure during blizzards they close all the stores selling salt and shovels too.

    Gotta love liberal logic.

  4. HH says:

    Seems it is growing more and more difficult to cover-up the savage behavior of America’s Black “youth.” Soon, even the most hopelessly cluless of our own race will have to admit there is something very, very wrong here…and all the police, media, and govt. cover-ups in the world won’t be able to hide the TRUTH!

  5. Fritz says:

    The Oak Street beach situation is of little importance anymore. After hearing what McCarthy had to say to a Black congregation at St Sabinis this past weekend, it’s clear that this guy is not to be trusted. He blamed institutional racism for the guns that are killing so many Chicagoans. He also took a shot at Sarah Palin which obviously went over real good with the brothers and sisters. This guy is a phony.

  6. Chicagoan says:

    He’s just been faking it, that’s all. So has the new mayor. Not a great trait for the head of the police department nor for a new mayor.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It was not a secret, many of us guessed the truth. We didn’t believe they closed the beach because it was too hot. People go to the beach when its hot but America is fast becoming a Haiti without firing a shot. Keep inside and keep your door locked, that is what people are told to do.

  8. Jeddermann. says:

    They will say this is the fog of war type thing. Incomplete and fragmentary info that is confusing.

    They knew what was going on all the time and just don’t want to say. The ambulances could not get through because of the mayhem and the crowds of thugs out of control. So many attacked and injured all at once that you had ambulance gridlock and unruly thugs blocking the way and doing so purposefully.

    This McCarthy the Irishman is already off to a bad start. Only a month or so into the job and already getting heat. Just as with the prior police chief. McCarthy this weekend was at St. Sabina’s church thanks to the gadfly Michael Pfleger. McCarthy stepped in it big time with a lot of oddball rhetoric about guns and how guns kill, etc. You know it all! Guns kill, people are good, NRA is bad, etc.

  9. Michael O'Sullivan says:

    Oak Street beach and the Gold coast area are some of the most insanely liberal places on Earth. I partied at Oak Street Beach for 2 summers during College and I just cannt feel sorry for those liberal extremest, they are part of the problem and now they are reaping the fruit of their anti white extremism.

  10. Great White Observer says:

    This guy Mc Carthy is the epitome of arrogance. I am sure the People of Color of Chicago would love to hear about his drunken racist tirade many St Paty’s day’s ago as a young NYC cop along with his brother a NYS Trooper. Then as a retired cop and some kind of Dep Comm of NY PD he got into it with the cops of a small NJ town because they had the nerve to issue his daughter a ticket after she refused to do as told and move her car, he and I believe his wife wound up being arrested. He was tried and convicted but kept appealing to have it overturned, never happened, the conviction stood. Now he has the gall to go after the NRA and Sarah Palin because of through the roof crime by black’s, that makes a whole lot of sense. HE was “working the crowd” and thinks he can score a lot of cheap political points by “preaching to the choir” This guy is almost sure to do himself in, even with Rham and BHO at his side. Best advice stand out of his way and watch him self destruct.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Close down a beach because of hot weather? Even the MSM and liberals should be able to lie better then that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chicago has begun a process of ethnically cleansing white people from it…..VERY similar to what happened in Detroit.