Posted on June 27, 2011

Leave Tillman’s State House Statue Alone

Jared Taylor, The State (South Carolina), June 26, 2011

It would be a mistake to remove the statue of Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman from the S.C. State House grounds, most obviously because it is wrong to judge the past by the standards of the present.

Tillman was unquestionably a white supremacist. But if we remove his statue, where do we stop?


If we start eliminating everything we don’t like from history, there won’t be much left.

Furthermore, it is wrong to think of Ben Tillman as nothing but a white supremacist.


Tillman had a long and colorful career, and to remember him only for white supremacy is like remembering Bill Clinton only for having been impeached.

There is another reason to think twice about uprooting Tillman: The demand has all the trappings of an exercise in racial power politics.

There is a well-established pattern of blacks evoking racism in order to attack their critics, get what they want or just keep whites on the defensive. One of the reasons for condemning Tillman for racism–93 years after his death–is to remind whites of the evils of the past. The thinking is that the more often whites are reminded, and the more guilty they can be made to feel, the more likely they are to agree to present-day demands. The message is: “Look what you did. You owe us.”

The same dynamic drives allegations of current racism.


There is divisiveness enough, without going looking for the imagined racism of Tea Partiers and Obama critics. Digging up Ben Tillman’s century-old racism will not help either.

20 responses to “Leave Tillman’s State House Statue Alone”

  1. Anonymous says:

    But if we remove his statue, where do we stop?

    we all know where it’s going to stop – nowhere.. it will go on and on and on and on, until every vestigage of ‘whiteness’ is removed – the american flag, every white male politician, writer, historic figure. It will never stop. There is no serious resistance to march of cultural marxism.

  2. Cary says:

    This campaign is just part of the Anti-White Narrative and needs strong rebuttal. Identify the single person most involved with this campaign of destruction, and attack that person with the strongest possible verbal speech, but not name-calling.

    Denounce the person stirring up this hate speech, don’t argue “presentism” because that suggests the attacks are valid and ethical. Don’t argue against the campaign of hatred by “blacks,” argue that an individual is engaged in racial power politics. Blacks don’t do this, a black man is doing it. Who?

    Think Saul Alinsky…personalize the defense of the Tillman House. But remain free of name-calling and baiting an entire race, just attack the principal proponent of destruction.

    Why wasn’t the name of the leader of this hate campaign made public? For $200 – $300 you can hire a detective agency to find out a lot about the leader, it is high time we did this.


    Note that historians demonize Tillman as a racist, but fail to document the epidemic of black-on-White crime that dominated the South. Tillman’s “racism” was nothing more than an effort to protect White people from black crime.

  4. John Engelman says:

    He got his nickname “Pitchfork,” not because he threatened to stick one into blacks but into Grover Cleveland, whom he thought was not doing enough to help poor farmers.

    – Jared Taylor, The State (South Carolina), June 26, 2011


    Democrat Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman’s championing of poor farmers during an age of laissez faire capitalism pointed the way to the New Deal. The New Deal coalition of southern segregationists and northern social democrats was less incongruous than it appears to have been in retrospect. The segregationists were semi feudal in their thinking, and pre capitalist. The social democrats were post capitalist. Both disliked commercial values and the corporate establishment.

    Also, the attitude of most segregationists toward blacks was nuanced, rather than hostile.

    Whether “freedom” is defined by liberals or libertarians, it is difficult to see how most blacks have benefited from it.

  5. Urban Teacher says:

    The past is a foreign county. They do things differently there. (And do them better).

  6. A. Windaus says:

    Good point Jared. If it does go through I want all mentions of Martin Luther King Jr. removed because he was a filthy communist whom I don’t like.

  7. ben tillman says:

    Benjmin Ryan Tillman was a great, great man. He did what he had to do to protect his people when Whites were a minority in South Carolina. And he stood up for the middle class against the pincers of the parasitic upper- and under-classes. He fought for the yeoman farmer. And he strongly opposed US imperialism in the Phillippines.

  8. ben tillman says:

    Tillman’s classic speech of 2/7/1899:

    Speech to US Senate: The White Man’s Burden

    That’s about as good as it gets.

  9. Robert Sharpe says:

    ‘like remembering Bill Clinton only for having been impeached.’

    He’s also remembered for molesting a number of women.

  10. olewhitelady says:

    There’s little to add to Mr. Taylor’s thorough observations, but I will add this: Tillman is not being honored because of his racial thinking. And, of course, if we start censoring honors because of everything liberals disapprove of, then the only honorees who will be left are non-whites, because liberals believe that all whites–even themselves–are guilty of racism. And, even if they don’t go that far, every male historical figure can probably be successfully accused of sexism.

    Hopefully, SC will as staunchly defend Tillman as WV would the late Sen. Robert Byrd. As a born-and-bred West Virginian, I can tell you–it would be a fool’s errand to try to erase the esteem in which Byrd is held.

  11. Spirit Wolf says:

    Clinton wasn’t impeached, was he? Or is this the point of that sentence?

  12. Anonymous says:

    “most obviously because it is wrong to judge the past by the standards of the present.”

    Like the past was wrong?

    “Tillman was unquestionably a white supremacist”

    No. The Creator is the white supremist.

  13. Texas Rebel says:

    Ben Tillman is one of my personal heroes, We need more like him and I wish he were alive today. So what is so wrong with standing up for ones race and heritage? Chicanos, Mestizos, and Blacks do it all the time. This is just another move by social Marxists to brown out the white race.

    If the State of SC acquiesces and chooses to remove the statue they can ship it to me and I will place it in my front yard as a reminder of why we of European heritage should be forever vigilant of the violations to our rights and our heritage.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This story emerges elsewhere ,if in different clothing: A few nights ago the BBC carried an item about UK proposals to make the use of certain words criminal (presumably misdemeanor) offenses: “s**c”, “k**e,

    n****r, and so on, but last but not least was the word “retard”.

    Some voice in the UK wild flower field remarked that banning a

    once legitimate word ( or a verb “morphed” into a noun ) could put matters on a”slippery slope”. But his faint voice of caution seemed dwarfed by the vigor PC good intentions. It does seem once acceptable words (like statues ) also should be considered in historical context, while acknowledging that *expletives* have never had a place in polite discourse. But in this contemporary Orwellianism — Dare we disc****nate!??

  15. Anonymous says:

    Next to go in South Carolina should be Tillman Hall at Winthrop University, Tillman Hall at Clemson University and The Old Slave Mart Museum. Because we must never remember and never forget at the same time and in the same way.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Taylor once again misses an opportunity for a full measure. Half measures won’t work. He always makes a good start, but then doesn’t make the kind of demand that would make a real difference at giving White Humanity the kind of talking points we really need.

    He should have said that the Tillman statue can be updated with a plaque telling about what a racist he was, but only if the African American monument nearby is modified to explain that the rows of blacks in the bottom of the slave ship were SOLD TO THE WHITES BY THE BLACK AFRICANS who still have the slavery profits and have never paid out their ill gotten gains from the selling of the stolen bodies of their black afro cousins!

    If the black want reparations through restorative and redistributive justice, ALL WHITES should be able to explain why they need to first go home to Africa to get their money.

    Updating the S.C. Statehouse slavery monument would be a big step in the right direction toward giving chump Whiteys an excuse for engaging in meaningful race reality dialogue.

    We admire and support Taylor, but we expect more from him than we are getting. If he’s the best we’ve got, we’ll stay frozen in place.

    Taylor is what we call a good soldier, but not a formidable enough of a rhetorical warrior for his advanced position on the battlefield.

    Nonetheless, his ideas did influence a recent thread:


    Take the racism test: If Atlanta’s blacks were to all be replace by Swedes or Japs, Atlanta’s crime rate would a. increase, b. decrease, c. stay the same?

    Obviously, only a racist would suggest that the crime rate would decrease, but EVERYBODY knows that’s what would happen. Even anti-racist White privilege elites know that blacks in large numbers equals a disproportionate amount of crime. Why isn’t downtown Atlanta safe? Too many Ga. State Chinese computer geeks running wild?


  17. Anonymous says:

    11 — Spirit Wolf wrote at 8:34 AM on June 28:

    “Clinton wasn’t impeached, was he? Or is this the point of that sentence?”

    Flunked Civics class didn’t you? Impeachment is only a hearing that may or may not result in dismissal from office, like a Court-Marshall.

  18. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    if we remove his statue, where do we stop?

    –Jared Taylor, quoted from Leave Tillman’s State House Statue Alone

    “We” can’t stop it and this is what is in store for us:

    When the majority took over in South Africa, the first targets were our national symbols.

    Excerpt from America: A Warning You Had Better Read


  19. Anonymous says:

    I take exactly the opposite position. It’s past time we stopped apologizing for the truth. Because ONLY then will we face up to the fact that ‘all men are created equal’ does _not_ apply to genetics and the culture of crime and failed social achievement that derives from that.

    By all means let the world know that if the blacks think white supremacy is a ‘bad thing’ then _we think_ that 7X the violent crime, 8X the property crime and 52% of the nations murders belonging to around 3-5% of it’s RACIAL MINORITY population is proof that there is something endemically wrong with _them_.

    And dare them to prove us wrong. If we do not open up the genetics battlefront, we will lose our right to live separately. If we do open it up then we can gain karma points for having tried and society will not have the excuse of ‘not knowing’ they were being lied to about the realities of race and crime and intelligence and social cohesion.

    All of which negative proof we will _need_ when it comes time to say: “See’ya!”

    We will not survive as a culture in a world where we have to carry others and apologize for it at the same time. We are too few. We should be too proud.

  20. BJohnson says:

    Jared Taylor means well, but I think he is making a mistake, when he says that: “Tillman was unquestionably a white supremacist.”

    As Taylor knows, the term white supremacist is a left-wing smear term, that is used to describe racially-conscious white people. Most mainstream white Americans, Democrat or Republican, would not describe Thomas Jefferson as a white supremacist. Jefferson owned slaves, while Tillman did not. And Jefferson’s views on blacks are also as politically-incorrect as those of Tillman.

    Then why do we use the insulting term “white supremacist” for Tillman, and not for Jefferson? Is it because Jefferson is a big kahuna in American history, while Tillman is a minor figure? If we allow the attack on Tillman to succeed, blacks will make Thomas Jefferson and George Washington the next target.