Posted on June 9, 2011

Black Unemployment Crisis: Loss of Government Jobs Hurts African Americans Hardest

Janell Ross, Huffington Post, June 7, 2011


Such a sentiment has echoed throughout the nation, as the red ink left in the wake of the Great Recession prompts federal, state and local government agencies to pare down payrolls and eliminate positions that have sustained middle class dreams for decades. Since the beginning of 2008, some 375,000 government jobs have been eliminated, according to the Labor Department.

The cuts fall with marked impact on African Americans such as Mathis. Nearly 21 percent of the nation’s working black adults hold government jobs, as compared to some 17 percent of white workers and 15 percent of Latinos. Public agencies are the single largest employer for black men, and the second most common for black women.

The disproportionate vulnerability of African American employees to the impacts of government budget cuts helps explain why black workers have fared so much worse than other slices of the population since the recession’s end. In May, the unemployment rate among black Americans reached 16.2 percent, up from 15.5 percent a year earlier. By contrast, white unemployment was eight percent, an improvement from the 8.8 percent level of a year earlier.

The loss of government paychecks erodes one of the great equalizing forces at play in the American economy for more than a century. A government job has long offered a pathway for African Americans to sidestep discrimination that has impeded progress in the private sector, where social networks often determine who has a shot at the best jobs, say experts.


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  1. ice says:

    “Black Unemployment Crisis: Loss of Government Jobs Hurts African Americans Hardest.”

    Couple that with the fact that many jobs are going to Hispanics because they’re better, more reliable workers who complain far less than blacks, and the black unemployment crisis gets much larger yet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obviuosly, any government job is paid for by taxpayers from the private sector. As cuts begin to bite, all the “non-jobs” that provide little or negative ROI will be cut.

    If you work in the private sector and have to to deal with people in the public sector, the difference in the overall motivation and quality of staff is stark. Incompetence is riffe and also tolerated to the “nth” degree.

    Saying that, there are a few very competetent and hardworking souls who seem to hold the whole rag-tag bunch together.

    Appeasing minorities with non-jobs like “diversity programme mangers” or “minority sexual health outreach workers” will fizzle to nothing as these budgets are cut. Great… at last…spending for necessity for a change, rather than wasting taxpayers money on leftist agenda positions that provide no net worth or return to society.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The media always write as though blacks carry a disproportionate burden, when, in fact, statistics show they were disproportionately hired by the government.

    They received many of those jobs at the expense of whites and other races. They received those jobs even in some cases they were not even qualified. And when they leave those jobs they will be given a leg up in the private sector.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A degree in “Hate Whitey” can only take you so far in life. Funny how they are taught to hate us, but need us for jobs, money, food, housing, health care, etc…….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, come on! You mean those black teens who “mob and rob”? Those who attack and rob on buses etc? Sure I really believe these LIES!

    Like these lazy, criminal black “teens” want to find a job! All I see is hispanics and a few blacks working where Whites used to work in their teens. And it is not because Whites don’t apply it is because these fast food joints have mexican and black managers that will only HIRE their own kind! It is White kids that need the jobs and who are the ones HURT by this, not the shiftless blacks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    17 white plus 21 black plus 15 latino equals 53 percent. Are the rest of the government workers , 47% Asians?

  7. A.G. says:

    No doubt. I’ve always thought of government jobs as an extension of welfare. Some of the most incompetent, useless, low-skilled people land jobs that pay anywhere between 20%-50% more than their private sector counterparts.

    Check out this audio piece from The Buckeye Institute.

    They have a clue. They created a data aggregator that sifts through federal and state salaries and allows the Ohio taxpayer to compare their salary to the government worker’s. No surprise that with all the benefits, the government worker is making much, much more.

    This recession has been THE only way to get rid of the useless. Seriously. Such workers would never be fired, no matter how late they were to work or how little work they did.

    Could it be possible to see an improvement in productivity all around as a result?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I work in Construction and I know the situation pretty well.

    The very very last thing I will do is attempt to hire a black.

    Notice..”attempt”..relying on a black to show up for work, have

    some smidgeon of work skills, have some teensy bit of work pride

    is absolutely a lost cause. You will get burned every single time. No matter how desperate they may be for money, the attitude

    never is set aside. Rather than send Mexicans home I wish

    we could swap them out. Send one black to Sinaloa and let him

    cop an attitude down there, keep one Mexican in the USA with his

    full salary only recoverable when he returns home. In the end you will have a lot of blacks dead from sun stroke pouring concrete in 140 degrees in Hermosillo.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is the Huffington Post concerned for the white men who have lost their jobs in the construction, roofing, etc. industries to illegal hispanics?

  10. Mr.White says:

    I guess these numbers don’t include CA, where it seems 50% of state workers are Hispanic, with the remaining 50% divided among blacks, whites, and Asians. Good luck finding a white male in most of these agencies. Not going to happen….

  11. Un Dolor en el Culo says:

    Blacks ALWAYS get hit hardest in economic downturns, because they are the least educated, least skilled, least reliable, and least desirable in terms of workers. Certainly there are exceptions, but this is how it is for the most part. If they got a decent work ethic and a decent education, they MIGHT not be so bad off when the economy hits the skids. Oh, and a savings account might be a good idea too…

  12. rockman says:

    Where do you start when you talk of useless workers. Working in a state office I listened daily to the regional manager talk with other upper management types as to where to hold the next training program which resort. What was the menu like, was the pool heated were the main interests. then there was the federal employee who was so afraid of his black secretary he never had her do anything. he did it all. If you think about it the reason the federal govt has become so non responsive to whites is that it is no longer run by whites in the first place.

  13. HH says:

    I LOVE these articles! Another unintentional admission of the absolute FRAUD that is this much-vaunted Black middle-class that Pols are so fond of trotting out as proof of Black success, and indeed equality!! So, without the aid of the extended ‘welfare-program-disguised-as-work’ known as “government jobs,” many, if not most of these middle-class Black success stories go totally sour once the Failed-Race is removed from the government teat!

    Gee…who would have guessed?

  14. Anonymous says:

    A degree in “Hate Whitey” can only take you so far in life. Funny how they are taught to hate us, but need us for jobs, money, food, housing, health care, etc…….

    The distilled truth.

  15. kgb says:

    Couple that with the fact that many jobs are going to Hispanics because they’re better, more reliable workers who complain far less than blacks, and the black unemployment crisis gets much larger yet.

    I personally would not want a bunch of Mexicans doing any kind of renovations on my house, “casing the joint” for a break-in six months later. I’ll pay extra if I need to.

  16. Antidote says:

    Our adversaries frequently spit out, “Race is a social construct”, but I had for many years before said, “The black bourgeoisie is a social construct”. And so it is. They like to compare “the black middle class” to the progress the Irish, Italians, Chinese and many others made in this country; that is they arrived impoverished and ignorant yet through work and education were able to rise into the artisan classes, then to the professions, and finally to economic and political significance. The vast majority of blacks never went through this process because they simply didn’t have sufficient IQ to advance. So by and large the various governments have cultivated them like hot house plants, and these plants will wither when placed suddenly into a natural environment.

    The proof of what I contend is shown by the fact the children and grandchildren of the black bourgeoisie are not

    middle class and need as much or more affirmative action and “remedial work” as their predecessors.

  17. Von says:

    Who else can have a Masters Degree from some faux college and step right in to a high paying government job without even being able to write their own name or tell you who the first president was? Mr and Mrs black of course, you didn’t think it was you a white person did you?

    Off Subject:

    Why when they are begging for money on tv to help people it is always blacks in some other country? Aren’t their plenty of people right here in our own American Family that need the same help just as badly? Of course it’s a lot easier to cook the books when your working in Africa rather than Omaha isn’t it?

  18. mark says:

    “A government job has long offered a pathway for African Americans to sidestep discrimination that has impeded progress in the private sector…….”

    Yes, it has been a pathway for blacks to sidestep the private sector’s discrimination against the lack of education, stupidity, laziness, unreliability etc.,etc., etc.

  19. white is right, black is whack says:

    The private sector doesn’t want them because they scream racism all the time which makes time and money and effort away from a company doing what it was created to do…make money! Duh….

  20. Anonymous says:

    My impression of government workers and certain non-combat sectors of the military is that they’re unmotivated, lazy and imcompetent. There’s a great deal more job security than in the private sector and performance isn’t emphasized. There’s practically no fear of being fired, especially if your a minority or gay, and any supervisor who tried to would likely be reprimanded or even worse, let go. In this kind of environment people can sit around and talk to their friends on the phone and eat snacks all day.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Blacks get the government jobs because in the government you don’t have to produce anything or face competition. I think every single low or mid-level job in Washington D.C. is held by a black. And all the private sector ones are held by hispanics, mainly Mexican. If your in D.C. check out the Air and Space Smithsonian. All the government workers are black. I saw NONE that were not black. Then go down to the end of the building just past the Apollo capsules. There is an absolutely enormous McDonalds there. EVERY single employee is brown. Not one single black private sector employee.

  22. Anonymous says:

    To #21:

    And nearly all the paying visitors to the museum are white.

    Case closed.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #22:

    (I am #21). Yes, but the Smithsonians are actually all free to get into. You do actually see a lot of blacks, but they are all schoolchildren bussed in for it. Otherwise you see very few black visitors.

  24. alexavier says:

    Elimination of such a huge number of jobs is creating a social imbalance in the society.In a recent survey we have found that craze of Government jobs has been raised among people.

  25. Anonymous says:

    One thing I like on the news. The alternative to welfare government workers demonstrate against the cuts. The news shows a horde of obese ugly black women in colored T shirts screeching away like the slugs they are.

    Keep showing the obese lazy blacks on TV. Let everyone know who works for government. I live near a huge VA hospital. Sometimes they waddle down to the nearby business street at lunch to go to the bank or whatever. One can hear the males screaming at each other 2 blocks away over the traffic sound of the freeway and 2 very heavy trafficked city streets.