Posted on June 23, 2011

Americans’ Views on Immigration Holding Steady

Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup, June 22, 2011

Americans in 2011 continue to show a slight preference for lower immigration levels over keeping the levels the same, while a much smaller percentage favors increased immigration. These views are similar to what Gallup found last year and are fairly typical of what it has measured since 2002.


The 18% of Americans who favor increased immigration in the June 9-12 Gallup poll–while still the minority view by a wide margin–ties the historical high on this trend question first asked in 1965.

Democrats and independents divide about equally between favoring decreasing immigration levels and keeping them as they are. Republicans show a more decided preference for decreasing immigration; however, just short of a majority hold that view this year, compared with more than 50% in 2009 and 2010.


Americans View Immigration as Good for U.S.

Although Americans are most likely to say immigration levels should be decreased, 59% still believe immigration is good for the country today. In the 10-year history of this Gallup trend, a majority of Americans have consistently believed immigration is a good thing, with a high of 67% in 2006.


Bottom Line

Americans in 2011 generally have positive views of immigration but at the same time do not believe there should be more of it. These views have been steady in the past year and are fairly typical of Americans’ views on the issue over the past decade.

Immigration remains an important problem in the public’s eyes, though the federal government has done little to address the issue in recent years. {snip}

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8 responses to “Americans’ Views on Immigration Holding Steady”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If there is any issue that all Americans can agree on it should be a clean environment. More immigration means more toxicity in air, land, and water.

    Unfortunately, the media and the environmental groups are mute on the connection.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t trust these polls. Its the way the questions are phrased and the pre-determined answers are structured that gets these seemingly incongruous results. I have been polled several times. I was never able to give an answer that truly encompassed what I was feeling or believed. I had to simply pick an “answer” that I most closely agreed with, which didn’t even come close to being accurate. I couldn’t give my OWN answer.

  3. Hourglass says:

    This just goes to show that 67% of America are using immigrants (legal and illegal) in the workplace to satisfy their own bank accounts while native born Americans are still out of a job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    To #2 Anonymous

    I’ve worked doing telephone polls and surveys and you are exactly right. There are only certain answers to choose from. If a respondent can’t pick an answer we’re trained to push for one. “Don’t know” is not given as an option. It’s there for us to use if we have to, but the person taking the survey doesn’t know that.

    Add to that the fact that Whites especially are terrified of being called racist. I actually had a lady who answered a question about Black and White crime who changed her answer from Blacks commit the most crime to Whites commit the most crime. She said her first answer was racist so she changed it.

    And yes, it’s all in the wording. I’ve done a few that were so biased I cringed whenever I had to dial a number. I remember one man (who sounded like a Scotsman) who at the end of the survey said something like, “Yes, dear, call me back when you have something that isn’t so racist.”

    Most of these opinion polls are a lot of baloney.

  5. rockman says:

    What it shows is that most people are uneducated in reality and are the victims of the liberal media. Nancy Pelosi said there are 20,000,000 illegals here so I use that number. 10% of that number have felony records hence we have 2,000,000 illegal felons walking the streets doing what felons do. millions of unnecessary crimes are committed by these worthies. 98% of illegals do not work in agriculture. They work in construction, mechanics, welding and other normally high paying jobs or they are on welfare. We spend 116,000,000,000 a year in tax money supporting them so they can work cheap for a few employers. Higher crime, higher taxes, lose of our culture, etc truely a marvelous benefit to the country

  6. Question Diversity says:

    Part of the reason for the confusion is over the semantic games the open borders lobby is playing with the word “comprehensive.” When they use it, they mean amnesty and open borders in every which way possible. When the average person hears “comprehensive immigration reform,” they think the 101st Airborne, three walls and 10,000 volts. No wonder most people say they want “comprehensive immigration reform.”

  7. White in WNY says:

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform should be defined as a temporary, limited in duration by statute, suspension of Civil Rights Laws with respect to Race, Nationality and National Origin as well as a temporary suspension of Posse Commentates. Further, this bill should require the full use of the military as a police force to round-up and deport as many illegal aliens as humanly possible, using all necessary force, racial profiling etc. Finally, sufficient troops must be mustered and engaged for this operation, possibly to the tune of 100,000 or more men. Ideally such a project could be run to completion within one year of its commencement. My God save the Republic.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is time for the US to adopt Mexico’s immigration policies and to adopt the means of enforcement that Mexico uses when it comes to those that violate said immigration laws. Anybody disagreeing with this statement would only be doing so because they are racist bigots that hate Mexico’s immigration policies because they hate Mexicans for the color of their skin.