Posted on June 23, 2011

Majority of Americans Urge Gov’t Action on Border Control

Lydia Saad, Gallup, June 22, 2011

More than half of Americans–53%–say the need for government action this year to halt the flow of illegal immigrants at the borders is “extremely important,” the first time a majority have held this view in the four times Gallup has asked this question since 2006. Another 29% call it “very important” and 12% “moderately important,” while 7% say it is “not that important.”


Concern is slightly higher among men than women, among whites than nonwhites, and among older than among younger Americans. {snip}

Concern About Resolving Status of Existing Illegal Immigrants Is Also Up

The new poll also finds Americans expressing greater urgency about the need for the government to develop a plan to deal with the many illegal immigrants already living in the United States. Forty-three percent now say taking steps this year to do this is extremely important, up from 36% a year ago.

Americans Continue to Prioritize Border Control

While Americans’ concerns about both aspects of the illegal immigration policy debate have risen, their preference for which should be the priority for government to deal with has not changed appreciably. Fifty-five percent now say that government’s main focus should be on halting the flow of illegal immigrants, while 43% say it should be on developing a plan for those already here. {snip}

Most Still Favor Path to Citizenship

In 2006, former president George W. Bush articulated his support for policies that would allow illegal immigrants already working in this country to apply for citizenship under certain conditions, and 61% of Americans agreed with him at that time. Despite the repeated failure of such bills to make it through Congress, nearly two-thirds of Americans, 64%, continue to support the proposal.

Additionally, 13% would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. for a limited time in order to work, while 21% favor deportation.


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9 responses to “Majority of Americans Urge Gov’t Action on Border Control”

  1. Bill R says:

    I dispute those percentages, as I usually dispute any “polls” taken by Gallup. Gallup has become just another cheer leader for Obama and liberal agendas. Frankly, I think MORE people are fed up with illegal immigrants, the Gov’s inaction to stop the invasion and deport those here, and are fed up with seeing school districts and communities going bankrupt specifically BECAUSE of illegal immigrants ripping off free services meant for CITIZENS, NOT aliens with NO right to be here at all. Another lie by Gallup.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If 64% of white Americans support a path to citizenship for people who break into their country and spit on their culture then they deserve their fate. Unfortunately me and mine will also suffer with them.

  3. WR the elder says:

    Good grief, I had no idea that 64% of people polled favor rewarding law breakers with citizenship. What idiocy. At a time when unemployment is over 10%, do we really need this flood of cheap third world labor?

  4. Memphomaniac says:

    Bill R…..It is worse than you think.

    Gallup is the most Republican-leaning of the major polling organizations! Harris poll and Roper poll are the Democrat-leaning major polling organizations.

    Just imagine what Harris or Roper would cook up as the viewpoints of Americans. Gallup is merely reflecting the domination of the US Chamber of Commerce of the Republican Party….which is only interested in cheap labor. Yes, they will ultimately sell their birthright for a bowl of corn flakes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t trust these polling agencies. If you are familiar with the industry you will know what I mean.

  6. rockman says:

    These poor but honest folk started off by breaking the law and living a lie. shows they are trustworthy dont it.

  7. HH says:

    I don’t actually doubt that 64% statistic, who favor the so-called “path to citizenship.” The reason is, for the most part, that by now almost EVERY White American knows of one or several “immigrant”(ie. Invader) families that they have come to know and like, and would sincerely NOT wish to see deported. I see and hear this all the time. Remember, in many areas of this country, these invaders reside there by the tens and tens of thousands – they work in the schools, restraunts, supermarkets, malles, etc. They mow their lawns, clean their pools, fix their cars, etc.

    And this is exactly what the usual suspects counted on!! Turn a blind-eye long enough, and the amnesty push would practically take care of itself. And in many ways, it has!

    I wish it weren’t so, but I DO believe that 64% to be accurate.

  8. June says:

    BILL R. Coudn’t agree with you more. I want to see a moratirium on all immigration for ten years, a demand that illegals leave and a word to the foreign countries who complain – “Your handout stops.” Eliminate birthright citizenship. Becoming an American means more than just having your mother step across a line illegally. What a travesty! Just picture a nation without the whining and demanding of people who’ve laughed at our laws. I dream of that and hope there is someone out there to lead our country that feels the same way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Politicians don’t innovate new policy, they simply exploit the existing prejudices and opinions.

    Anybody remember that tired old fraud of a hackneyed cliche`?

    Sure they do Bob. Sure they do.

    Americans should not have to exist in a world where what they want is officially not even on the agenda _Of Their Duly Elected Leadership_.

    ‘Because your betters know better than you’.

    Which is the real truth of our policy of replacement in place. So pay it no never mind and just keep your nose to that grindstone Bob. And don’t worry! When you fall dead at your treadmill, I have Nguyen and Juan lined up to take your place!