Posted on May 17, 2011

Waco Teacher Arrested After Student Attacked for Racial Slurs

John Cuoco, ABC News (Waco), May 6, 2011


Roberta Buck, 58, was a teacher at Cesar Chavez Middle school. She was arrested for endangering one of her students.

According to arrest warrant, Buck didn’t allow her class to watch to watch a movie after one of her students complained about the film.

Waco ISD police said Buck had a private conversation, outside the classroom, with the student about the movie.

It was there that the student told Buck that he didn’t like African Americans, but he referred to them using the “N-word” or something similar.

Buck then reportedly went back relayed that information to her predominantly African American class (78.26%).


The warrant goes on to say that Buck gave the class permission to hit the student who made the comment.

That’s exactly what his classmates reportedly did in the hallway after class. Buck supposedly didn’t stop her students from hitting the teen in head, back and shoulders. All while he covered his head and tried to protect himself.