Posted on May 31, 2011

Rise of ‘Missing Girls’ in India and China

Monitor’s Editorial Board, Christian Science Monitor, May 27, 2011

Of all the world’s major ills–such as war, hunger, and natural disasters–none can quite compare to the millions of baby girls and female fetuses killed by parents who prefer boys.

New data from the most populated countries, China and India, indicate that the practice of aborting female fetuses and murdering girls after birth is still widespread, despite efforts in both countries to curb this extreme gender bias.

In China, the 2010 census reveals there are now 118 boys for every 100 girls, a skewed sex ratio that is higher than a decade ago. The sex imbalance has left millions of bachelors unable to find brides, mainly in rural areas.

In India, a new study reported in the Lancet journal indicates that 3 million to 6 million females were aborted during the past 10 years, mainly to couples whose firstborn was a girl and mainly among the more well-off families.


In India, 2 to 4 percent of pregnancies are terminated merely because of the sex of the baby. And with couples having fewer children, the practice is more common. The 2011 census showed 914 girls for every 1,000 boys under the age of 6, a record-low sex ratio for modern India.


China remains concerned about the security implications of having an estimated 24 million bachelors by 2020 with little prospect of marriage. Officials worry about more kidnapping of women, higher crime, and other social unrest.


Even with a possible cultural shift, such countries will be coping with the problem of “missing girls” and “surplus males” for years to come. And abortion on such a massive scale–and done simply for gender preference–cannot help but erode a society’s ethics.


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  1. Spirit Wolf says:

    Great!!! Maybe East Indian and Chinese men will thus turn to homosexuality and fail to breed utterly and completely. Then we’d see a much needed downturn in world population, AT LAST!

    Or maybe India and China will get into a war with each other, thus taking care of all those excess males (and excess humans in general.)

    It’s nice that this is happening in two of the world’s most overpopulated countries. I mean, really, a billion Chinese, a billion East Indians, and 7 billion humans total? We’re so big on managing the populations of other species, and we can’t even manage our own? Even a reduction to 5 million (ie, minus Chinese and East Indians) would help a lot.

  2. crystal says:

    I wonder if there will be large numbers of Indian and Chinese men looking to become mail order grooms to marry women in western countries?

  3. Blaak Obongo says:

    Is this the same Christian Science Monitor that thinks importing lots and lots of exciting and vibrant foreign cultures into our own is a swell idea?

    Just checking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When I start a family in the future, it won’t matter to me if I have boys or girls. In fact, I wouldn’t be disappointed if I had exclusively girls. This seems to be the attitude that a lot of Westerners have.

    Many non-Western cultures seem to put a lot of emphasis on having boys to carry on the family name. If I believed in that nonsense, I would be content to adopt a starving African child and give him my last name. Genetic legacy is always more important than surname legacy.

    The article mentioned that China will have 24,000,000+ single men who can’t find wives. Considering the autocratic nature of China combined with its rising super power status and very large surplus male population, this is the perfect recipe for military expansion and conflict.

  5. ciccio says:

    It is only the lucky ones who are aborted. A good number of the missing ones were born but succumbed to the dreaded “born female”

    disease shortly after birth.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yet another ‘buying a home for a departing son’ excuse to come here and take a white wife I presume. Because both of these nations have _highly_ prejudicial (read: near impossible) immigration standards for blacks and arab peoples with their own overpop issues. China in particular rather enjoys remaining 91% Han Chinese in a world where the West can’t move fast enough to destroy itself with racial fragmentation.

    NPI Video Population By 2060

    Long story short: China, 1.7 billion. India 3.0 billion.

    Let them abort all they want. There will be no Chinese armed uprising due to pent up males. The Chinese military will just shoot them all like they did at Tianamen. Which would still be better than Chinese prison.

    The Indians OTOH, could do with a good civil war. And then some.

    Sorry to be so cold but there it is. Not our problem unless we are actually stupid enough to except the overflow from these desperately poor, backward, countries.

    ‘Growth’ as an economic justifier for Malthusian insanity must _stop_.

  7. 38specialady says:

    Population control through attrition…unfortunate for the children, but that’s their choice. Now if we can only get them to stay in their own country.

  8. joe says:

    Can’t believe it – thought they were so smart? Well, so much for cultural superiority of these so called revered people who are considered so so good. Sounds like they are creating their own problems – unless the future for the men is to become gay:)

  9. Jeddermann. says:

    Right! And this will have severe consequences for those two nations in the decades to come. So many more young men without young women to marry and mate with. Create such an imbalance that cannot be addressed and will cause a whole lot of anger and hate and violence and societal chaos. Don’t mess with mother nature.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What percentage of them are “aborted” vs murdered sometime within the first year of being born? Very, very, VERY few women in these countries has money for an abortion…even a back alley, “coat hanger” type abortion.

    So few abortions that it really is a minor issue unrelated to the article. In these countries, women are murdered, usually, but not always, when they are children.

    When a practice like this is as widespread as it is….and largely unpunished to boot, it says something important about the people.

    Specifically it says the chinese and people from india, as a GROUP are child murderers. Raving psychopaths. As a people, they are evil.

    Let’s be frank. If only individuals in these cultures were evil, the rest would put a stop to it. They do not. Why?

    Because they have no problem with it. A raving psychotic murderer doesn’t have to be murdering a baby right this second to be a raving psychotic murderer. If the right circumstances never comes up in that person’s lifetime, it does not change the fact that they would do it, if, in the future, the situation presented itself. Obviously, based on how widespread the practice is, every single chinese or indian would do this.

    Make no mistake of what I am saying here. The fact that this is going on means you could not, say, leave your own children alone with a chinese person, an indian, or a black person, for that matter (a separate but related matter). If you are stupid enough to do so, there is a high probability that they will be killed, beaten, raped, with no warning signs beforehand. The person, otherwise, seems perfectly normal….only murdering babies is OK fine with them. We make scary movies about stuff like this.

    Most people cannot see this….anymore. All people (I mean all white people) used to know these things. But because we tolerate anti-racism, we’ve lost this protective knowledge.

    As was the intent of the anti-racists……who, more than anyone else, know the truth.

  11. Madison Grant says:

    Remember 25 years ago when “experts” claimed that Japan would become the world’s top economic superpower? Never happened.

    Now they say the same thing about China. Problem is that China, like Japan, has an aging population and a birthrate in freefall.

    Just another example of the evil of abortion.

  12. White Guy In Japan says:

    A lot of single men does make for a stable society. Thousands of young men with no sense of responsibility can lead to revolution or war. And it is their own faults. They will suffer domestically, but the rest of us will probably have to suffer, too.

    China, specifically, carries act programs with ruthless authoritarian efficincy but doesn’t always think too far into in the future. They pushed their young people to go to university (a noble endeavor, to be sure), but didn’t prepare for a huge increase in college-educated young adults entering the job market who want more than factory work. Now the cities have ghettos of unemployed college grads who are despaarte for work.

    Likewise with the one-child policy. Authorities never factored in cultural (and economic) preferences for sons. Now, lots of young men can’t find a bride. The flipside is that young Chinese women probably have a tremendous amount of social power in the dating market.

  13. kgb says:

    …the practice of aborting female fetuses and murdering girls after birth is still widespread, despite efforts in both countries to curb this extreme gender bias

    Talk about your euphemistic language! “Extreme gender bias”! Some might use the word barbarism

  14. SunnyvaleSal says:

    “abortion on such a massive scale—and done simply for gender preference—cannot help but erode a society’s ethics”

    And overpopulation that results in poverty, hunger, pollution, over-crowding, destruction of wild areas, etc., etc. doesn’t erode a society’s ethics? Having fewer women will result in less population growth in the long term and it obviously suits the desires of the parents in the short run.

    Also women will be able to choose husbands with more desirable characteristics than they otherwise would. In addition, their status in society will rise. I really do not see this as being a problem – either for Asians or Whites.

    By the way, while abortion has made this more common, it is not new. In the old days babies and even toddler girls were killed when a family got too large. I had a Chinese roommate in college who said her parents always wished they had “fed her to the pigs.”

  15. Kill Your TV says:

    I just got back from spending 10 days in northern India. I have been to 63 different countries, and this was by far the worst of third world countries. There were some great sights (Taj Mahal etc.) and the people are very nice, but Holy Cow (pun intended) the poverty and the amount of people. They’ve got to come up with some kind of birth control or that place will never move forward.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “2 — crystal wrote at 6:00 PM on May 31:

    I wonder if there will be large numbers of Indian and Chinese men looking to become mail order grooms to marry women in western countries?”

    I doubt it. People prefer the company of people like themselves, especially in marriage. Both nations are also very ethnocentric and Western grooms or brides are unwelcome in most families.

  17. Anonymous says:

    #14 hits the nail in the head.

    I never understood why people complained so incessantly about certain birthrates in homogeneous societies.

    While I am as afraid about the low White birth rates as the next person here (because the US and Europe are becoming increasingly brown), I don’t believe such a thing will be bad for the Chinese simply because it’ll put less constrain on pollution, overcrowding, resource availability in the long run.

    Also, the ‘graying’ of a society like China is not as bad as that of the US simply based on the fact that they do not have an egregious entitlement SSI or Medicare program that would cripple government budgets (apparently, liberalism and Chinese people don’t go hand in hand).

    If anything, this should make Westerners more worried. Many Chinese men in the Northern provinces are already marrying Eastern European women from poverty areas in Russia. In addition, the 1 child rule allows parents to divert all resources to 1 child which could mean even more international students from China (increasing every year) coming to the US and phasing out even more domestic students.

  18. Anonymous says:

    11 — Madison Grant wrote at 12:13 AM on June 1:

    “Remember 25 years ago when “experts” claimed that Japan would become the world’s top economic superpower? Never happened.

    Now they say the same thing about China. Problem is that China, like Japan, has an aging population and a birthrate in freefall.

    Just another example of the evil of abortion. ”

    You’re right about predictions not necessarily being fact or reality; things change to affect projections often. But you are wrong about abortion. I can’t think of a better application of it than this case. With fewer females, fewer Chinese will be produced. That means less of them crowding in over here. China is smart enough, and experienced enough with large populations to know that a drop in population will mean more for less people and also a more satisfied populace. With a wider, more informed (IQ driven) world view, things like abortion and trends like homosexuality can be seen as an extended affect of nature’s need to control populations, just as disease and war. The further we push off the balance the more radical the correction will be. It is better to do some of this voluntarily and encourage third world nations and especially places like China and India to embrace abortion and other means such as celibacy, and even homosexuality in deterring themselves and the world from a huge and far more “evil” outcomes.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Looking at this, don’t forget that not all non-whites are like this. And that “discrimination” is just, right and good.

    Put another way, do the Chinese and, for example, the Japanese, deserve to be treated the same way? I would argue, absolutely not.

    The anti-racists would insist there is no difference between them. That is immoral and shameful. One race kills babies. The other has even the aged lining up to do their duty and protect their people….no matter the cost.

  20. Jeddermann. says:

    “Remember 25 years ago when “experts” claimed that Japan would become the world’s top economic superpower? Never happened.”

    Now they say the same thing about China.”

    Exactly Madison. And before Japan there was the Soviet Union. Gone now and the U.S. remains. It was all very calculated and figured out by Kennedy the Pres that by 1970 the Soviets were well on the way to surpassing the U.S. in all key areas. Then it was Japan and now China and possibly India too. A wall will be hit somewhere. And then all hell will break loose in those places. It will be like young and aggressive male rats eating their way through society with very bad consequences for all.

  21. Clytemnestra says:

    The Chinese bachelors will get foreign brides. They will get Korean or Vietnamese or Thai brides. This is already happening right now.

    Of course, the Chinese could loosen marriage laws up and allow a woman to take more than one husband. With the one child rule, it may have to be men who are closely related so that they both have a kinship bond with that child.

  22. Madison Grant says:

    To #18:

    You’re correct that fewer Chinese means less Third World immigration to the West and that’s a good thing.

    While we disagree about the morality of abortion, I believe China was going to have a drop in its birthrate anyway as all nations do as they become richer.

    However, the forced abortion/One-Child Policy enforced by their gov’t is going to cause much too rapid a dropoff in population than would have occurred naturally and I think that will cause economic and cultural havoc over there.

  23. Kytim89 says:

    Seeing their potential rise as a super power in a world possibly devoid of the US as the world’s policeman, China may not let demographics hinder their rise to super power status. I read some where that China’s male to female ratio is five to one, or five males for every female. This basically means that there are four men that wil be brideless and childless. This sets China up for not only demographic decline, but also civil strifethat would endanger the integrity of China’s soveriegnty.

    Most wars and conflicts start when countries go into demographic decline or there are large numbers of brideless males roaming the country. Internal conflict such as crime and national loyalty also come into question. Rather than deal with the threat internally, the government of China would most likely vent that frustraition outwards onto other countries.

    If China does become a military and economic super power in the future, going to war might e the solution to demographic decline. Go back to the 1930s when the Nazis were decalring war on Europe. Hitler stated that the two primary goals of his empire were to aquire living space and unite the Geman speaking people of the world. I would assume that the urfe to unite the German speaking of the world was all about demographics. Now, in the future when the problem of population finally does breath on their kneck, China could declarwe war on the west in order to aquire westernized Chinese females for their brideless males to marry.

  24. Crystal says:

    What happens in India is that the wealthy get ultrasounds and then bribe the doctor to tell them the sex of the baby. This is against the law in India. If it is a girl, they then get an abortion. In fact, some providers offer a package of an ultrasound and an abortion. One provider put up a sign stating that one can either 5000 rupees now (to abort a female fetus) or pay 50,000 rupees later (her dowry). In China, those who can afford it get wives from countries such as Vietnam and North Korea. In fact, many of these wives end up sleeping with not just their husband but his brothers and even her father in law. In fact, one man killed his wife because she refused to sleep with his brother.

  25. Spirit Wolf says:

    #14 – re: Overpopulation eroding a society’s ethics. Yes, if anything, they can only get more situational as population rises and competition for resources of all kinds gets fiercer.

    Anyway, don’t we humans base our economics on the idea that if there’s lots of something, it isn’t worth anything? (Well, ok, the exception might be diamonds – but that’s only because heavy propaganda makes us think common diamonds are more valuable than rarer coloured gems. The same could be said for humanity – a really good PR campaign makes us think that when it comes to us (and, of course, only us), more is better … when the truth is the exact opposite.

    I love the twisted up ways humans think.

  26. Lewis D says:

    This may not be the cheery message some of the posters above believe it to be. Historically, countries teeming with excess males tend to end up in war/conquest. While India may not exactly be a military force to be reckoned with by first world standards, China is, and both countries have nukes, have violent historical grievances with neighbors, and the mix could have global consequences.