Posted on May 31, 2011

Hundreds Flee Drug Violence–and Their Homes–in Mexico

Sara Miller Llana, Christian Science Monitor, May 26, 2011

Ghost towns are nothing new in Mexico. Entire villages have long been left empty, as residents with no way to make a living migrate to the US for jobs.

But now a force beyond mere economics is causing Mexicans to shutter their windows and flee: drug violence.


An official in the state told the Associated Press that some 700 had left their homes and slept at a water park in Buenavista Tomatlan this week. Others have moved temporarily into community centers and churches. Local media has reported that up to 2,500 people have fled the various towns in this part of the state in recent days.

This mass evacuation comes after one in November, in which hundreds of residents in Ciudad Mier, in northern Mexico, fled for a neighboring town, after the drug group the Zetas issued a letter saying that if any residents remained they would be killed. Some 400 left and have since returned home.


In Mexico, some 230,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC), based in Norway.

Most have left northern Mexico, especially in towns like Ciudad Juarez that have been in the crossfire of drug violence. That city’s Municipal Planning Institute has reported that in 2010 up to 116,000 homes were vacant. According to the IDMC, using survey data from Ciudad Juarez, in 2010 alone some 230,000 fled their homes.

About half went north to the US, leaving some 115,000 internally displaced people in Mexico.


It will not be surprising if more towns empty out in the face of drug violence, which has spread throughout the country.


8 responses to “Hundreds Flee Drug Violence–and Their Homes–in Mexico”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This will not stop until WE stop these people! Our own government encourages 3rd world peoples to flee here unimpeded and we all know it. Now is the time to out them and tell White people WHY they want us all dead and our genetic line adulterated. Remember that Commandment, Thou shall not commit adultery? That word means adulterate which means to DILUTE that which is pure. OUR bloodline is what it is talking about. Bet no one here has ever been taught that, not in our churches. It isn’t talking about spousal cheating,(that is the one about “coveting) like your preachers love to tell you. Call your preachers on their lies sometime.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whose says crime wouldn’t pay if the government ran it?

    You now see the number one reason why it is forbidden to hot-pursuit engage drug runners coming across the border with military grade weapons.

    Why the SOF are not down there, in force, with Predators, blowing up every Zeta, Sinaloa, Gulf, Valnecia and Juarez operative they can get in their sights.

    You need only look at the map on pages 5 and 6 here-

    To realize that there is not a single state of Mexico that is not heavily dominated by one or the other of the cartels and even a ‘Federation’ of three of them that have formed a super-monopoly unto themselves.

    As is the nearly all high-grade marijuana comes into the States from Mexico and increasingly so does Meth and Heroin from further south. And we will not close our borders because the government wants the Bertold Brecht (dissolve the people and elect another).

    NOT PAYING ATTENTION to what happens when you bring along a preexisting drug culture with these new Mestizo peoples, with massive financial backing behind them.

    Don’t think for a minute that these ‘new refugees’ are not part of the problem. If they are not consumers, they are producers and traffickers as a prebuilt infrastructure which the gang organizations will militarize into an active distribution system.

    And I do mean militarize.

  3. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Oh, the poor dearies. They are only trying to “improve their lives’, by coming to the United States, how many times have you heard this worn out line?I can think of millions of ways to improve MY life,does doing so make it alright?

  4. Morgan says:

    “An official in the state told the Associated Press that some 700 had left their homes and slept at a water park in Buenavista Tomatlan this week.”

    I see a pattern forming here…

  5. Sardonicus says:

    And yet I’ve seen some commentators say that immigration from Mexico is slowing due to declining population growth. Mexico is descending into chaos, where do you think the Mexicans are going to go–to Columbia I suppose?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, poster #1, you don’t here anyone proclaiming such things from the pulpit because neither the original Hebrew nor the teachings of Christ regarding adultery lend themselves to that meaning.

    When you translate a word and build a religious argument based solely on that translation, you make a grave error. This is why serious students of the scriptures study Hebrew and Greek. If the original had been in Latin, you could make a case.

    Not that I approve of mixing – I just disapprove of poor scholarship. When the world looks at us as some kind of inbred, uneducated rabble, we have a duty to show them that we are instead the great thinkers who built the modern world and have the intelligence to save it.

  7. adios usa says:

    Violent gun-toting racist rednecks could set up shop in mexico and grow marijuana and whatever else they want, even do some moonshining. Watch mexico improve if that happens. Mestizos are abandoning mexico, I am taking my guns and going to immigrate illegially to mexico to take the houses mestizos don’t want whipe they are in america taking the jobs we “don’t want”.

    Mexico must have fewer mestizos than the united states at this point. When I am in mexico illegally will all those groups “without borders” tell the mex gov that “no human is illegal”?

  8. from tha bayou says:


    I am sorry but I laughed when you said the “high grade” marijuana comes from mexico. Either you don’t smoke or you have a california connection. The high grade kb comes from cali. Mexico produces dirt weed. Where I am from the options are: dirt from blacks and mexicans, or medical quality from california, or home-grown from seeds from either of the previous 2 or from family.