Posted on May 26, 2011

‘Racist’ Australia Compared to Apartheid South Africa by UN Human Rights Commissioner

Daily Mail (London), May 25, 2011

The United Nations’ top human rights watchdog has attacked Australia’s tough refugee policies and the treatment of outback Aborigines, saying there was a strong undercurrent of racism in the country.

According to UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, long-standing policies of locking up asylum seekers had ‘cast a shadow over Australia’s human rights record’, and appeared to be completely arbitrary.

‘I come from South Africa and lived under this, and am every way attuned to seeing racial discrimination,’ she said.

The 69-year-old is a former anti-apartheid campaigner and international criminal court judge, and she was speaking to reporters at the end of a six-day visit.

‘There is a racial discriminatory element here which I see as rather inhumane treatment of people, judged by their differences, racial, colour or religions,’ she said yesterday.

Before she left Pillay held talks with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and expressed deep concern about the minority Labor government’s latest plan to send hundreds of asylum seekers to Malaysia for refugee processing, hoping to appease voter concern about asylum seekers arriving by boat.

The government has been struggling to handle the flow of illegal immigrants and earlier this month said it had struck a deal with Kuala Lumpur to ensure asylum-seekers caught heading to Australia would be sent to Malaysia, which is not a signatory of the U.N. refugee convention.

More than 900 people, mostly from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Sri Lanka, have arrived in Australia so far this year.

A total of 134 boats carrying 6,535 people turned up last year, prompting the government to harden immigration policy.

While Pillay’s criticism may cause Australia some discomfort internationally, it is unlikely to convince Gillard or her conservative political opponents to change tack, given polls showing wide voter concern about border security.

She also criticised an ‘intervention’ policy.

It was introduced by the former conservative government and continued by Gillard.

It places controls on welfare spending for Aborigines to help fight alcohol and child sex abuse in remote outback areas.

‘In my discussions with Aboriginal people, I could sense the deep hurt and pain that they have suffered because of government policies that are imposed on them,’ she said.

Australia’s 460,000 Aborigines make up about 2 per cent of the population.

They suffer higher rates of unemployment, substance abuse and domestic violence than other Australians, as well as having a 17-year gap in life expectancy.

26 responses to “‘Racist’ Australia Compared to Apartheid South Africa by UN Human Rights Commissioner”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where does she get off saying this? Why whould Australia have to take these people in? Only white countries let accusations of “racism” bother them. Such name calling has never troubled Japan or South Korea.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    I don’t get it. Did Julia Gillard bring back the White Australia Policy while I wasn’t looking? Did the Sydney Morning Herald just not cover it? Or is it simply a matter of a useless UN human wrongs bureaucrat looking for white people to hate?

    Navi Pillay is described as “South African,” but he is really of Tamil descent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion, Navi Pillay is a radical racist and self-righteous bigot who chooses her targets according to her own prejudices. She made her career out of attacking apartheid. Fair enough. Yet she refuses to address the ongoing genocide against the Boers. Instead, she smears Australia for not having an open borders policy. And then blames Australians for aborigines own drug addictions and domestic violence.

  4. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Navi Pillay came from South Africa. Why didn’t she STAY in South Africa, after the end of that awful apartheid regime? There are many others like her.

  5. Tom S. says:

    *‘I come from South Africa and lived under this, and am every way attuned to seeing racial discrimination,’ she said.

    But yet this “top human rights watchdog” doesn’t seem to notice any black on White discrimination in her own country!

    *‘There is a racial discriminatory element here which I see as rather inhumane treatment of people, judged by their differences, racial, colour or religions,’ she said yesterday.

    And the same can be said about the treatment of Whites in South Africa, so whats your point “Navi”?

    Ya know, in a sane world someone would ask this idiot why is it that black Africans immigrated by the millions to “inhumane” S.A. DURING apartheid, and why blacks by the millions TO THIS DAY continue to risk everything to get to a “inhumane” White country!

    I may be simplistic about this but what would happen if Austrailia just said “we do not recognise this UN Human Rights Commission, or Ms. Pillay in particular, as being legitimate or impartial, therefore we reserve the right to disreguard any and all reports released by this Commission!”

  6. GenX ANZAC says:

    All this “Australia is a racist country” publicity certainly doesn’t stop these boat people coming.

    The people smuggling flow, is similarly controlled to a (constantly dripping) water faucet.

    Soft left leaning policies=tap opened to full flow.

    Hard line stance= turns off the flow to a dribble.

    At the end of the day (as with the States), these people are criminals (until judged otherwise) who have paid other criminals to illegally penetrate our country.

    If they have a legitimate claim for ‘asylum’, they’ll certainly get their chance.

    They just have to wait their turn, go through the processes and eventually in due course, they’ll be awarded a judgment either giving them ‘the right’ to live in our country, or not.

    Regarding Ozzies being a racist people, we give everyone a fair chance and if someone is good and they fit in, they’ll do fine.

    We don’t like to be taken advantage of though and when the takers start to outnumber the givers, tension rises.

    The issue with the Aboriginal people is a whole other kettle of fish and to be frank looks untenable, we just don’t fit together. If there was a nuclear holocaust/ global EPM, they would instantly be on the top of the food chain, but as it stands now they are on the bottom.

    It’s a culture clash and it’s sad.

    I don’t wish any people to have no dignity, and this military intervention isn’t very dignified, but then neither were the incidents that preceded it.

    Regarding this anti-apartheid campaigner, instead of trying to turn the rest of the world into SA, how about going back home and pitching in to help get the place running.

    Alas though like most anarchists/revolutionaries, they love the destroying but hate the building.

  7. A comment from Australia says:

    Perhaps Ms Pillay should have made some of the following comments:

    Australia has a very generous policy towards illegal immigrants.They are given clean comfortable accomodation,Halal food, chaplaincy services, free legal services and a $50 per week allowance. All claims for genuine refugee status are fully and often painstakingly investigated. (All at Taxpayers expense) The Australian Navy often rescues them from dangerous situations such as the unseaworthy vessels that Indonesian people smugglers transport them in to Australia. I am sure that as illegals they are treated better here than in any other country.

    Then Ms Dogood Pillay has a few things to say about Aboriginals. Again she should have said this: Australia is very generous towards its indigenous population. They ALL have access welfare (does this happen to blacks in post aparthied SA???), they have the right to a free higher education, receive special allowances for all other schooling. They all have the entitlement to free medical services and there are AA programs in place to try and get aboriginals into the workplace. Ms Pillay should have also noted that most Aboriginals (quite sadly) are not able be educated or take any meaningful part in the paid workforce. (The reality is that they are part of a stone age culture). As such it has been necessary to manage welfare payments so they don’t get spent on booze, junk food, pornography and anything else that is not proper food or childrens clothing.

    Ms Pillay, I know that you are trying to justify your job but you have no right whatsover to criticize a country like Australia.

    PS. We had an awful stabbing murder here in Sydney yesterday. It was at a busy railway station and result of a brawl between Pacific Island and African youths. These joys of multiculturalism which will only be made worse by Ms Pillay’s desire for open borders. Ms Pillay, please go back to your rainbow nation and try and advocate for white farmers, take their case to the UN if you want to do something really useful for a change!

  8. SKIP says:

    “Navi Pillay is described as “South African,” but he is really of Tamil descent”

    This is sort of like reading, RAJEESH SINGH, an Englishman from Sussex!!!! or perhaps WANDABOLO MBUWALA of Detroit!! just being there doesn’t make you FROM there. And are we about finished with GAF about what the U.N. says

  9. Brian Cooper says:

    Well, this woman travels the world on someone elses dime. The aboriginals have themselves to blame. Billions have been spent on them over the years, and nothing changes. They receive the dole (sit-down money) for doing nothing and with so much time on their hands, they turn to alcohol and drugs when they aren’t bashing each other. They are prehistoric people who simply haven’t adjusted to the modern age.

    The boat people who are effectively breaking into Australia are predominately from muslim countries. They pass through other muslim countries to get to Australia, and once here, they just demand and demand and demand. If they don’t get what they want, they riot and assault staff in the immigration centres. They set fire to the buildings and then expect to receive a residency visa to settle here.

    Muslims have become parasites in this country and to me, are no better than the aids virus which attacks and kills the communities they have settled in. What attracts them to Australia is the welfare benefits they receive. They are looked after far better than the white Australians who helped build this country to what it is today. With the muslim high fertility rates, where are paying them to displace us and eventually take over here.

    Here, someone with 6 or 7 kids receive around $52,000 a year in welfare payments. No wonder they risk their lives to come here and breed. They don’t have to work and receive high welfare payments, plus, all the other payments and lurks and perks available to them. It just makes me sick with what’s happening here.

  10. Billy Chav says:

    A South African railing about Australia locking up refugees? What’s her beef, that the Aussies don’t rape and kill them like South Africans do? Google ‘south africa zimbabwe refugee abuses’, see what turns up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Navanethem (Navi) Pillay is a Tamil Indian. She’s criticising white Australians because they’ve been resisting the Tamil boat migrants.

  12. Ben says:

    All the reason to stay out of Australia.

  13. Kenelm Digby says:

    Just how rich is it of an Indian woman, a woman from a nation that has the most extensive and elaborate system of racial discrimination ever known in history, a system that is woven into the warp and weft of her nation, to accuse Australia of racial discrimination.

  14. Honey says:

    I think I can explain why countries like Japan and Korea don’t take on refugees. It’s because countries like Australia were stolen off the aboriginal people, and it is a ‘made-up country’ with no culture and belongs to the world. Hence, Australia has no right to say who and who can’t live in Australia.

    Countries like Japan and Korea are real countries, with homogenous indigenous populations with old cultures. So they are exempt from taking in refugees that would radically change their countries.

    This was told to me by a South Korean student in the early 90s. I wasn’t sure what he meant then and thought it was radical babble. Now I know what they mean. It is why so many third-world immigrants are so unapologetic and entitled about totally changing our country.

  15. Roy says:

    If Australia is really that racist then clearly the ethical thing to do is to keep non-whites away for their own protection. Human rights advocates should advocate this policy immediately.

    Otherwise it’s like sending Jews to Nazi Germany, or blacks into apartheid-era South Africa.

  16. olewhitelady says:

    I’ve read that the very small Australoid population (about 3% or so, if I’m correct) commits about 45% of the crimes on the continent. A good number of remaining criminals are from the Middle East or Southeast Asia.

  17. shaunantijihad says:

    Yet like all libtards she is also totally attuned to never seeing the racism and genocide against Whites whenever they let themselves become a minority by allowing non-White immigration, even in Rhodesia and South Africa!

  18. Anonymous says:


    Read it and weep people…bought and paid for with the sacrificial offering of a pro-white man who fought the hordes invading his lands.

    The poor man….they’ll run roughshod over him…

    I read this today and I thought, I bet White Americans will probably believe all the lies again as they did about Milosevic….Didn’t Congress just pass that awful bill here that will be used to kill off us “terrorists”….always remember the “domestic enemies” line and what it really means folks and WE will be called domestic terrorists. Bank on it.

    This is what we are headed for all over the world if you are a WHITE man! Anyone trying to defend their WHITE homelands from the hordes. Yet, thanks to us, we fought on the wrong side and saved the Albanian muslims against the White Serbs.

    From the article

    Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was toppled in 2000 and sent to face charges in The Hague, but he died in 2006 while the trial was still going on. Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was arrested in July 2008 and is now on trial in The Hague.


    Pay close attention to this line,

    “It should also pave the way for Serbia’s entry to the European Union.”


    Sound familiar, folks? A KANGAROO court for any White who fights for his people! Yes, he did defend his people!

  19. Anonymous says:

    South Korean student: “(Australia) is a ‘made-up country’ with no culture and belongs to the world. Hence, Australia has no right to say who and who can’t live in Australia.”

    This widely held form of thinking deserves its own study, so that whites may gain awareness of what billions of Asians, Arabs and Africans think.

    This is the popular moral justification, followed by billions of Third Worlders, to ‘take their share’ of the West’s wealth.

    Few whites are even conscious of it.

  20. John says:

    As a proud Aussie I would like to echo the comments of others above.

    Australia is extremely generous to migrants (legal and illegal) and its indigenous inhabitants regarding welfare payments.

    I think most people here are sick of this boat people issue and would like the govt to take a harder line and send these people back which would stop the boats. But of course we have to honor UN refugee commitments etc. That’s still not enough to be criticized by this arrogant kleptocrat who would still be complaining if we threw open our borders and became a third world hole. That’s why I don’t think most people here, including some of our politicians can take these comments seriously.

    Regarding the Aborigines no amount of money thrown at a stone age culture people is going to make them live according to the standards of a first world people.Their situation echoes the violence and squalor of black ghettoes or the alcoholism of the Amerindians in the US but probably even worse.

    I would always urge a tourist here if they want to see some diversity to visit the Aboriginal camps on the outskirts of Alice Springs after sightseeing around the modern urban metropolis of Sydney, Melbourne or any other big coastal city. You might be in for a surprise!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Reply to Honey at #14:

    This mentality is common among so many non-whites, especially Asians. In reality immigration is a privilege, not a right.

    I would fire right back with the following.

    1) How are Orientals in Asia any more indigenous or have more “real” countries then do whites in Europe? Why should any of these people get to go to Europe then?

    2) Didn’t whites “steal” Mexico? Peru, etc? Didn’t Cortez slaughter all those Aztecs? Didn’t Pizarro wipe out the Incas? How does that create any “right” for Orientals to live in Mexico or Peru, etc?

    3) How about the Chinese invasion, annexation and colonization of Tibet and Xinjiang? How is the genocidial polices being pursued by the Han against the Uighurs and Tibetans any different? Does this give whites the right to live in China?

    4) Orientals and other Asians who come to live in white countries couldn’t care less about the Aborigines or the Indians (feathers). They just use them as a convenient pretext to “justify”, or rather rationalize their being here. They are the true hypocrites. They are quite happy to enjoy all the benefits of a modern society created by whites. Benefits THEY DIDN’T CREATE. They come to Toronto, Vancouver, etc to live. They don’t go to some Indian land in northern Ontario.

    I do agree that Asians are very unapolegetic about being in our countries. They are a potential problem and I would mention this to all those AmReners out there who may have bought into the “model minority myth”.

  22. Hony says:

    Anons 19 & 21

    I agree with both comments.

    Anon 19 – I think the mainstream population should be aware of how they see Australia etc., People should be aware too how they view Caucasian women as well. They are amiable to Caucasian men because they hold the power. And from my observations it works. I was treated badly in Korea, as were a number of caucasian women I knew but the guys were treated like little princes, so they always backed the Koreans up.

    Anon 21 – In reference to point 4, I totally agree; I’ve actually noticed in some cases Aboriginals very nervous around Asians.

    It also is another building block to justify why they can come, settle and build up communities that are going to be totally separate from the mainstream. Thier own little nationstates with ‘strong links’ back to their homeland.

    They come with a lot of colonial-era hang-ups and historical resentments and only exploit the negative colonial experience of the indigenous peoples for their own gain.

    Point 3 – I look at the way China treats the peoples in Tibet and Xinjiang and I see a mirror of how they would treat white people if they ever got power over us. In fact I think they would be worse because they have these colonial-era hangups and every white is guilty as far as Asians are concerned.

    The Asian population has shot up dramatically. Last time I visited Sydney and went to the CBD and surrounds, it was like I was in an Asian city and you could feel the divide of ‘them & us’.

    People should be very careful of the model minority myth. People should pay attention to how the Chinese treat the Tibetians and natives of Xinjiang and the overall view of Caucasian women.

  23. capetonian says:

    i just love this site for giving us the opportunity to comment on this nonsense. I have a friend in Holland and the Muslims are everywhere, how the hell did this happen, isnt there a dessert somewhere that they should call home? To “asylum seekers”.

    Firstly “stay in your country where you are born and leave others the hell alone” These are not asylum seekers, they are scavengers. I mean “we” built it now you want to take it.

    Secondly “stop breeding” The practice of multiplying yourselves to over populate the planet is an act of war”

    Thirdly “if you are not able to do anything for yourselves, stay away from me and my family and learn to fend for yourselves. I dont want you to come and destroy my God given rights.

  24. Sol says:

    I am a white South African, and this Navi woman was an Anti apartheid campaigner, like most ant-apartheid campaigners she has left the country, because the new ANC government is even more rascist than the old apartheid government, and just like the ANC she is pointing fingers at other people, when her own back garden reeks of manure. While we have to deal with all the crap going on in post apartheid SA, she has left an lives in luxury somewhere else.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sol: What do you think will become of South Africa? Are yourself planning to leave? It must be horrible living there now. How do you folks get by? I’m sorry to ask such simplistic questions. It really bothers me what people are going through there.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The U.N. is a worthless farce. For western countries it is simply a cash drain and a mechanism for non-whites to be dumped on our countries. It was the worthless brainchild of liberal FDR who among other things betrayed eastern Europe to Stalin. All western countries should just withdraw from it. The only losers would be the “diplomatic-industrial” complex.