Posted on May 3, 2011

LA Considering End to Arizona Boycott

Ross Frasier, Press TV (Tehran), April 28, 2011

Protests are rising in Los Angeles over the possibility of city leaders ending a boycott against Arizona.

The boycott started last year in reaction to Arizona’s new immigration law requiring police to check immigration papers.

L-A leaders passed a resolution to boycott all Arizona-based companies and suspend all city-funded travel to Arizona.

But now a coalition of immigration groups is criticizing the city and calling for the boycott to continue.

This coalition says Los Angeles city leaders are not doing enough to boycott Arizona.

They want to see the city take additional action.

Loyda Alvarado is one of the immigration activists pushing for the city to pass an ordinance that would make the boycott permanent.

Alvarado says as the largest city to participate in the boycott, Los Angeles has cost Arizona millions of dollars.

And she says the Arizona business community is now reacting by standing against the law and any further measures like it.

Activists say it’s clear that the law is doing nothing to help Arizona.

They say it has distracted Arizona leaders from tackling the real issues facing the state.

Los Angeles city leaders are indicating that they might break the boycott by signing a 100 million dollar deal with Arizona-based Honeywell.

Supporters of the boycott say this action would make Los Angeles look weak and threaten the entire boycott campaign.

But other residents say the Arizona debate has gotten out of hand.

They want to see a real solution to immigration in America that does not involve amnesty.

Arizona officials estimate the boycott has cost the state more than 150 million in lost meeting and convention business alone since the law was signed this past April.

16 responses to “LA Considering End to Arizona Boycott”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    A news source in Iran is interested in American immigration policy, and L.A. versus Arizona bickering?

    The L.A. boycott of Arizona was never legit anyway. I personally called it and other like them “girlcotts” — boycotts without, well, you know. L.A. kept doing business with an Arizona-based firm that supplied a lot of the electronics and logistics for running red light camera systems, i.e. money trees for local governments.

  2. olehomegal says:

    It’s about TIME somebody came to their senses and quit the AZ boycott. It was stupid to begin with, it was presumptuous of a city to make any kind of move for or against a state, and it was done because we LA unfortunates have a Hispanic schmuck for a mayor. Villaraigoso wants to be the first Hispanic President – that’s why you see him so often in BO’s company instead of back here in LA where he belongs, doing the work he was elected (by idiots) to do. So YEAH, lift the boycott, LA!! These illegals need to GET THE MESSAGE that they aren’t wanted here, we can’t afford them, and they need to go home.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I will always have a hard time getting my hands around the fact that in LA and the rest of California, Americans allow foreign nationals so much power they actually can influence American politician to possible legislate extortion. Its should be humiliating enough that hard core group of legal immigrants and illegal migrant along with the usual suspects can yell loud enough to get any kind of boycott going when the boycott is clearly not in the best interests of either states and only encourages those that shouldn’t be here in the first place to become more caustic in their aggressive attempts to subvert the laws of our lands.

  4. Texas Aggie says:

    While the commerce clause clause of the constitution has been perverted to regulate every thing from toilets to speed limits, it’s original intention was to keep commerce between the states, “Regular.” It was meaent to keep states from imposinig tarriffs or restrictions imposed upon one state from another to inhibhet commerce. This case in point is exactly what the justice department should be pursuing instead of allowing social issues to inhibet commerce. How we have devolved from the original intents of our founders is immense.

  5. I Am the Devil says:

    Over the past couple decades the only major exports to come out of Los Angeles have been the Crips, Bloods, MS-13 and Hollyweird’s White Male Bashing propaganda. If anything needs boycotting it’s them, their gangbanging culture and that insanity they call a city.

    If you have a blog, You Tube account, Facebook page or are semi-popular on some corner of the internet please, urge people to boycott LA. If anyone has ties to or is a member of the Tea party urge them to join in.

    Wherever you are able to be social we will have a chance at being heard. Make the comments that count.

    I would like to apologize to some of you. I posted a comment blaming all of us for not doing more. Some of you are not in the position to do more. In my frustration I have over looked you. To those who donate, those who offer wisdom and insight. I am sorry. I have failed to recognize you and worse I have failed to voice my gratitude. So to those who have done and are doing what they can, I THANK YOU!

    To the rest of you who can do more (myself included) I still hold you responsible. It’s time we face our fears.


    In the way that it is an honor to serve our country, it too, should be an honor to serve our people. For without our people we are without our country.

  6. John Engelman says:

    Los Angeles residents who are not immigrants should consider the cost of unlimited immigration when thinking about whether to continue the boycott of Arizona.

  7. Mark Randolph says:

    I have a great idea. This site should have a list of the top 20 Arizona companies that sell on the internet. Or here is another idea that might work. The entire nation should have a money drive to build a wall across the US/ mexican border. How many jobs would be created to build a wall that large??

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Los Angeles city leaders are indicating that they might break the boycott by signing a 100 million dollar deal with Arizona-based Honeywell.”

    And where will they get one million, let alone 100 million? They’re broke with no expectation of adequate revenue to pay their bills.

    Only a delusional Mexican could expect that LA is causing another state money when his own is bankrupt and will likely collapse into chaos, due to a cut-off of pensions and social payments.

  9. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    LA unfortunates have a Hispanic schmuck for a mayor…instead of back here in LA where he belongs, doing the work he was elected (by idiots) to do…they aren’t wanted here, we can’t afford them, and they need to go home.

    Let him stay out of town! All he does when he’s here is gad about, chase women and pose for photos at fund raisers, in front of failing schools, and on the edge of pot holes while shakily holding a shovel full of dirt. That’s all he’s good for!

    And, unfortunately, illegals ARE wanted in LA and even welcomed! LA’s mayor, the self-termed “Pot Hole King” is beholden to Mexico, not the US, he is a Mexican socialist. But that doesn’t matter because he’s not in charge of anything, just a paid-off front man for the REAL power brokers, the wealthy developers who fund his political campaigns and hard partying lifestyle.

    How does a one-time member of the racist MEChA, admitted via AA into UCLA with terrible test scores and sub-par grades, become LA’s Mayor, possible contender for California governor, if not president?

    Changing demographics for one.

    Antonio Villaraigosa, a one-time juvenile delinquent still tattooed with the slogan ‘Born to Raise Hell,’ entered the UCLA campus as a transfer student from East Los Angeles Community College in 1972… he would not successfully graduate by the time he left in 1975.

    The Mayor was a Mexican activist advocating radical “reconquista” policies while attending UCLA.

    –UCLA, Bruin Alumni Association newsletter

    Hizzoner flunked the bar FOUR times. Do you think a White politicians would get such a pass?

    Los Angeles is gone! It is now Mexican territory, over-lorded by Mexican politicians with no hope of a return to sanity and safety.

    I am trying to take as many photos as I can before our landmarks are destroyed by neglect, abuse and graffiti, street names changed (already happening as I write this), our parks, like Echo Park, trashed by Third World hoards selling everything from fake IDs to drugs to large, open-container jugs of vile-looking, neon-colored drinks–

    –before it becomes too dangerous to enter certain areas of LA as a White…. areas like Dodger Stadium for instance.


  10. Anonymous says:

    1070 is gutted. This is just a smoothing-the-waters way to get past the obvious: that Arizona has been humiliated and forced to yield it’s sovereign (as a member of the U.S.) rights to protection from foreign enemies.

    No one understands what ‘2 out of 3 and we catch 500,000 a year’ means in military (1 million illegals _per year_ = 100 divisions) or social (302 billion in various social transfer payments, 10-20 billion of which make it back into the economy, to the direct benefit of corporations…) or political (by 2070 White Americans will have no dominant voice in their own nation, as they have never had a voice in China or Mexico or Egypt or Saudi…) outcomes.


    Net economic gain from the immigrant presence to native-born Americans, before transfer payments: just 0.2 percent of GDP (that is, two-tenth of one percent!) in today’s 10.4 trillion economy — that comes to a mere $84 per native-born American.

    Native-born capital-owners’ gain as a result of immigration: about 3.1% of GDP, or $323.8 billion. This goes to employers and, for example, upper-income owners of stocks and employers of servants.

    Native-born workers’ loss as a result of immigration: about 2.9% of GDP —$302.9 billion in a $10.4 trillion economy, or a remarkable $2,578 for each native-born worker every year.


    Our elites do nothing but prey upon us by shifting the goalposts to make profits from misery. This is not what America was supposed to be about. It is what Europe has always been like, before we escaped it. Ladder climbers and inveterate exploiters.

  11. galesburger88 says:

    Hold up a second. The “activists” want to make the Arizona boycott permanent. Does this mean that A)No matter what Arizona does they will continue to boycott the state for eternity? or B)They are tacitly admitting the boycott is a failure and want to save face by making the boycott an institution and therefore not subject to judgement as a failure or success?

    I think the “activists” meant to say they wanted the boycott extended INDEFINITELY. Maybe they should have gone to Arizona schools and gotten a better education.

  12. galesburger88 says:

    Perhaps the activists mean to say they want to extend the boycott of Arizona “indefinitely”. Extending the boycott “permanently” would make no sense, as this would make it independent of results. See the difference, activists?

  13. James C says:

    California is has gone from “the Golden State” to a state of permanent bankruptcy.

    This happened “coincidentally” at the same time that it went from white to brown.

    If Arizona manages to stay white, the only thing LA will be in a position to boycott from Arizona will be humanitarian aid. But these poor, deluded Mexicans have been shamefully misled by the anti-white establishment into biting the hands that feeds them.

    Much like Mr. T, I pity the fools.

  14. Ben says:

    I may be standing alone but LA is not as bad as people claim. LA county is a big place (along with Southern Cali). You can drive within LA and find “pockets” or “sections” that are very different.

    Palisades, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, North Beverly Hills, Marina Del Ray, Brentwood, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, are good places that come to mind.

    I like to think that sections in LA aren’t livable. Compton, South Central, Torrance, Inglewood, Chinatown, Koreantown, West Hollywood, are bad.

    Some are in the middle a “in transition state more than others”: Santa Monica, Culver City, etc.

    Still as Bon said LA, as a whole, is moving in the negative direction.

  15. Diversity = Adversity says:

    Yes, a list of the arizona businesses most hurt by the -(I like the word, hope you don’t mind, Question Diversity)- girlcott is needed. As well as racial statistics, would the girlcott end if it was found that non-white business was hurt more? I am betting that White business is hurt more and that is why they want to girlcott indefinitely.

    Is Ruger firearms in Arizona? I’m stocking up on guns and ammo.

  16. Question Diversity says:

    15: Like almost all American firearm mfgrs., Ruger is based in Connecticut. (Why, I don’t know — CT is one of the worst anti-gun states in the country.) But Ruger has a mfg. facility in Prescott, that is, from what I hear, going day and night.

    Smith & Wesson is another interesting case. They were CT-based, got bought out by a British conglomerate in 1987, Tomkins PLC. When the Clinton “Justice” Department and various cities filed a bunch of lawsuits against mfgrs., S & W went along Quisling-style with them, because the execs were all based in London and didn’t grok the American domestic firearms market. Therefore, S & W’s market share tanked, and in 2001, Tomkins PLC sold S & W to a gun safe manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona for something like $15 million, when it bought it for $110 million 14 years prior. So S & W might be another firm to add to your list. Along with their safes.