In Florida, GOP Squeezes Obama-Friendly Voters

Joy-Ann Reid, Miami Herald, May 1, 2011


In Florida, the GOP-dominated legislature will soon pass laws squeezing the voting methods favored by minorities, college students and the working class.

Between them, the House and Senate bills would cut early voting from two weeks to one; force people who need to update their name or address on Election Day (say, due to marriage or divorce or a move by a military family) to vote on provisional ballots; and impose onerous restrictions on groups registering people to vote.

In the most extreme case, Republicans hope to pack the Supreme Court to undermine the anti-gerrymandering Fair Districts Amendments voted through by a public who actually thought the authoritarians in Tallahassee would let a little thing like the Constitution come between them and their stranglehold on power.

And in an especially creative flourish, Rick Scott and his Cabinet have revived the spirit of Jim Crow by re-imposing restrictions on voting rights restoration that had been brought into the 21st Century by former Gov. Charlie Crist.

Florida’s two-week early voting period was among the reforms meant to prevent embarrassments like the 2000 election. It was a hard-won victory for working people who sometimes can’t get to the polls if they work odd hours, or run out of time to resolve a problem at the polls.

Arguably, it also contributed to Obama’s Florida win in 2008, as black churches and college students took full advantage of the extra time (and the history-making opportunity).


Held harmless by the “reformers” will be absentee voting, which happens to be the method used most effectively by Republicans.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act prohibits the erection of race-based barriers to voting.

Yet, for all the showbiz of ushering a pair of black tea partiers, Tim Scott of South Carolina and Allen West of Florida, into Congress in 2010, Republicans have had no luck convincing African Americans to choose the party of birtherism, Andrew Breitbart, and the running innuendo that black and Hispanic Ivy Leaguers stole the rightful slots of “real Americans.”

In Florida, putting Jennifer Carroll on the gubernatorial ticket with Rick Scott was good for a whole 3 percent of the black vote in 2010.

Likewise, Hispanics, apparently failing to see the welcome in laws requiring police officers to demand the papers of anyone who “looks or sounds” illegal–with “illegal” being shorthand for “Spanish-speaking”–continue to vote more than two to one Democratic, even when conservative-leaning Cuban-Americans are factored in.


Miami-Dade NAACP President Bishop Victor Curry, pastor of one of the largest predominantly African-American churches in South Florida, puts it more bluntly.

“The extreme right wing of the Republican Party has always fought voters’ rights,” Curry said. “They don’t want full participation because they fear that if there is full participation, the majority of people in this country will not vote for them. So they try to stifle. They try to block.”



Joy-Ann Reid.


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9 Responses to “In Florida, GOP Squeezes Obama-Friendly Voters” Subscribe

  1. Question Diversity May 3, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    Let’s be clear, for all those needing: The “dimpled” or “pregnant” chads in Florida’s 2000 Presidential voting didn’t come from elderly people without the physical strength fully to punch in a perforated piece of cardboard for Al Gore. They came from corrupt black poll workers shoving multiple cards into the vote-o-matics and trying to punch numerous cards for Gore — Many of the chads in the upper cards fully broke through, some in the middle broke but hang on one side (the “hanging chads”), then the ones on the bottom of the stack were merely dimpled.

    Donna Braziele, Al Gore’s campaign manager in 2000, said that all that was necessary for Gore to win was for him to be within the margin of error vs Bush in the polls, then she “could get five points on the ground.” Translation: Black voter fraud.

    I bet not one in 10,000 black people could tell you who Andrew Breitbart is. Certainly, almost all of the rest that bother to vote vote Democrat not because of someone they’ve never heard of, but because the Democrats implicitly if not explicitly promise more and bigger welfare checks, more affirmative action and less punishment of black criminals.

  2. Anonymous May 3, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    Yet another black “intellectual” who thinks hispanics are her race’s natural ally in the perpetual War on Whitey. You’d think somebody from overwhelmingly latino Miami would know by now that Pedro only cares about Pedro. If she genuinely doesn’t know that, she’s even dimmer than this screed makes her appear.

    And her allegations that any of these incredibly minor “squeezings” are comparable to the return of Jim Crow, are ludicrous; the product of a deranged and hateful mind.

    This, BTW, is from South Florida’s #1 most respected newspaper, despite reading like a propaganda pamphlet from some fatigues-and-berets-wearing radical black-power group. This is what our MSM has come to, folks: white publishers paying black writers to insult white readers on a daily basis.

    The only satisfaction I can find here is knowing that, after the browns have finished driving the remaining whites out of South Florida, this black-supremacist writer will find the browns never liked blacks after all, and don’t want them around anymore.

  3. Wayne Engle May 3, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    More hokum from the far Left, which would like to steal votes wholesale and so doesn’t want a tightening up of anything having to do with said voting. So every time Republicans want to establish ID card requirements for voting, or shorten unreasonably long early-voting times, the Left screams “Racism!” and “Voter suppression!”

    Why do people many of whom are on government relief checks and not working anyway, need an extra week in order to cast their ballots early? “Run out of time to resolve a problem at the polls”? Ha! I’ve worked the polls in my hometown for the past four years, and believe me, once a voter enters the polling place, any problem they may have with voting machines or anything else is resolved, one way or the other. They are not “denied their vote.” And your employer can’t legally refuse to let you leave work to vote, if you request that time off.

    And finally, if you’re working a job with odd hours, then plan your schedule for election day so you CAN get there to the polls. It may not be easy — but you can do it. Who ever said that voting should be as easy as rolling off a log?

  4. ice May 3, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    “Black columnist: Florida GOP trying to keep blacks, Hispanics from voting.”

    More brilliant black strategy. She thinks if she lies about an issue it will somehow intimidate white vote counters so greatly candidates favorable to blacks will somehow get elected.

    And she also believes that forcing Hispanics under her umbrella is a necessary strategy to gang up on whites whom she hates so much, although the growing Hispanic population is displacing blacks, but she’s too dense to see that.

    The Miami Herald is the NYT of the South. A yellow journalistic rag that’s as close to worthless as a newspaper can get.

  5. LaTwatta Rae Jones May 4, 2011 at 1:01 am #

    Well, ain’t SHE a whiner!!!! It’s always someone ELSE’s fault, right? It’s a fact that Republicans turn out to vote more often than Democrats. This time, folks registered independent get to cast their votes against the man who has driven this country to economic ruin. And this lady is complaining because blacks aren’t going to get any special help to get them off their rear ends to vote. What a shame. Bring on the violins.

  6. Escape Velocity May 4, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    What’s interesting is that this country has spent the last 50 years redistricting and redrawing voting districts in efforts to try and maximize the effects of the non-white vote and increase the number of ‘minority’ politicians and elected officials. You’d never know it reading this piece. Or by reading anything in the media. You wont learn this attending college, either.

  7. WR the elder May 5, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    Here’s the voting rule I would like to see: Reinstate a literacy requirement. (And watch the “civil rights” leaders howl.) This is perfectly sensible. A voter should be able to read a standard newspaper article and understand what it means. Anybody not able to do that is highly unlikely to be informed enough to vote in a rational way. The only reason literacy requirements have been banned is because so many black people are illiterate. Of course to the degree that blacks really care about voting a literacy requirement would encourage them to learn to read, a positive benefit.

  8. Florida Resident May 5, 2011 at 9:55 pm #

    1 more note, Usually when I go buy the Miami Herald (to look for jobs) I can almost never find a copy in english at the store. Its always in Spanish. So even if I wanted to read the paper. I Cant!

  9. Anonymous May 6, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    After 100 years of democrats in control, the state’s residents finally voted in a Republican veto proof legislature. We simply grew tired of voter fraud and the debt spun every year in Tallahassee to ensnare hard working citizens. Voter fraud for years kept the democrats as virtual royalty, doling out money to unions, crooks, communists and now the new darling of the left, muslims.

    By finally ridding many counties of Supervisors of Elections that looked the other way, voter fraud has dried up for democrats to the point that no state-wide democrat won election in ’10. And with a governor that actually only spends money on required needs, the crooks are whining for their lost graft.

    The stolen elections are legend in Florida, the black poll watchers that “clean-up” the ballots after closing time are just one of the many tricks used in promoting the new democracy of the marxists. As the democrats became aware of losing more and more influence, the remaining democrat party officials have become increasingly strident in organizing resistance. Examples include articles written in the yellow journalistic style of Pravda as you see here. There remain pockets of democratic elections officials such as Leon County (Tallahassee) where it is whispered vote buying is common and the Republican Governors generally can’t touch the many layers of ACORN-like organizations. The state universities also remain as hot beds of shock troops available to protest and demand voting rights for illegal aliens and prison convicts. It is often heard from the mouths of the remaining democrat officials that obama will rescue their lost corruption through amnesty of mexicans and a new generation of party voter.