37 responses to “High School Kids Attack 61-Year-Old Female Teacher”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This happened in June 2007. A black pastor tried to persuade the school board not to expel them from the school, but I believe the school board did, anyway.

    The next year, one of them was arrested for doing a drive by shooting:


  2. Seek says:

    Sickening. Back in the 70s I briefly worked as a substitute teacher in a largely middle-class high school with a large black population. At least 50 percent of the blacks, I surmised, were either illiterate, violent or both. Black learning = oxymoron.

  3. Spartan24 says:

    This is a sad but common situation when black kids are charged with assault. The kid’s family (usually the mother) will insist that he is innocent of the charges and just being accused because he is black, even with a clear video of the attack. These kids are either in a gang or hangers on since the gang symbols are pretty evident. It is also typical ghetto black behavior for family members to scream out during procedings. I hope these kids will serve every day of the ten years that they are elligible.

  4. sbuffalonative says:

    ‘One of the family members was held in contempt for yelling at bailiffs.’

    Of course they were. It’s all part of the stereotype.

  5. DB Cooper says:

    I had a sense of deja vu when I saw this, and did some research.

    Sure enough, this story is already a few years old, and it was even on Amren. Why is it back in the news?

  6. Anonymous says:

    We’re starting to reap the whirlwind of “diversity” which is anti-American and anti-white. If whites don’t start to react with outrage and defend themselves, it will soon be open season on all of us.

  7. Jay says:

    Notice how the obese woman said the boy was NOT a gang member, and another relative was escorted out for shouting at the bailiffs, because, even though it was all caught on tape, as you know the poor sweet little darlins’ are innocent. It’s the white man’s fault!

  8. Robert Treadwell says:

    I’m glad this video is being made public, but be advised, this shocking racial attack actually happened in 2007.

    Here is the link to WTVY TV’s June 2, 2007 story:


  9. AWG (Average White Guy) says:

    Rather than blame it on racism

    they blame it on “gangs.”

    I’m beginning to think “gang activity” is a euphanism for “black-on-White crime.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for the internet. Without it my eyes would still be closed. Keep the governments hands off it!

  11. Eric says:

    Tough Hombres these black “youth.” Sucker punching a 61 year old lady then running away gives you plenty of “juice” in black gang life. At what point do whites just give up completely when it comes to educating blacks? They can’t be helped by us. Why put yourself in danger to try something as futile as teaching blacks? It’s not worth it. Blacks are continuing to devolve and are being pushed out by Spanish speaking immigrants who dislike them.

    This video did have it all though. The cowardly black thugs, the super obese mama who denies her child is bad, the family member jailed because of outbursts in the courtroom. Blacks are a lost cause. Stop trying.

  12. End of Whiteness, hurry! says:

    The White cop said they have zero tolerance. LIES! Zero tolerance would mean White teachers are never forced to try and teach blacks how to think, read, or speak our White language.

    The Whites in Mobile will do nothing about it. Whites actually believe that if the blacks beat us, they are just helping to “bring about the fundamental transformation of America by beating some of that raciss unearned White privilege out of us.” Are agreeing and volunteering to our own degadation is our investment in social justice.

    We’d like to feel sorry for the White teacher, but she’s the one who didn’t dedicate herself to educating Whites only. We hope she gets well soon, but did she learn any race reality lessons? Is she a liberal or an Episcopalian? Is this a case of poetic justice we should be celebrating? We’d say the blacks thugs were the real teachers of what must be learned, i.e. wherever you have blacks, you get the Diversity Curse. She got hers smack in the face with a fistful of brass knuckles.

    The cop said “we’re gonna burn your rear end”. How can we stir up the Mobile NAACP to protest that “shameful and hurtful comment that is a disgraceful throwback to the days of Jim Crow lynching and burning”?

    We need more blacks shouting about the injustice of Whites who try to protect other Whites from dangerous and violent blacks.

  13. John Engelman says:

    I am glad the media is making more of an effort to report black crimes like this.

  14. BowleDover says:

    And the bar keeps getting lower…Prosecutors say he may have used brass knuckles. To sucker punch a 61 year-old lady. If convicted they “may face up to ten years”. Probably more like three; in any case they’ll still be out in their 20s. I only hope that teacher has some vengeful, well armed relatives.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They are going to walk, no judge will sentence two black criminals for punching a white teacher.

  16. Warren says:

    What a tough guy! Why didn’t he cold-cock the wrestling coach, or football coach? I certainly do not endorse that option; simply to posit the obvious, and that is this culture preys on the weakest whether solo, or in packs. Even a family member, when confonted with video evidence, was unable to restrain themself of misconduct during the hearing. It’s obvious to all objective people that the race and culture are dangerously out of control, and have been for years. I was shocked to hear of 250K bond! About time! Maybe with him working all of the time, as his mom so stated, he’ll be able to bail himself out.

  17. Martin L. Kuhn Jr. says:

    I am beginning to realize that even a race realist and master of verbiage of the caliber of Jared Taylor cannot rival the impact of short videos of lower rung Blacks just being themselves.

    We all lament the control that Hollywood’s moving pictures have over the minds of young or soft-headed White people, but these videos have similar power without the filters and screens of the carefully construed products from the Lost Coast.

    The best writer in the world can describe in great detail the actions of a people who are best suited for tribal life in the wild and his words can be attributed to a Jim Crow mindset, but a video of an old White lady being knocked unconscious by a Black imbecile who has no place in civilized society reaches a part of the brain where excuses do not exist.

    Video links such as this one are a powerful tool and I hope AR continues to use them on a regular basis.

  18. WASP says:

    “face up to ten years in prison.”

    I doubt they will do 6 months. These two will be in and out of the system their entire lives. They will get counseling, jobs programs, welfare for the offspring they father but don’t support. They will cost tax payers millions. I wonder how many more white women they will assault before it is over?

    Some websites claim black men rape 30,000 white women per year in the us. Is that possible? Really, has anyone checked, is that true? Email me if you know. [email protected]

  19. Karl Ketzer says:

    [quote]Some websites claim black men rape 30,000 white women per year in the us. Is that possible? Really, has anyone checked, is that true? Email me if you know. [email protected][/quote]

    It is true, and the number comes from the United States Department of Justice.


  20. Anonymous says:

    Teaching used to be a good job-no more.

  21. Follow The Light says:

    I wonder if the teacher lived in Mobile when she went to school as a youngster. Segregated back then. I would love to hear her comments about teaching and race. If she is an Alabama native I think she would know better than to teach the unteachable.

  22. Typical Whitey- hunkered down and worried, doing nothing more... says:

    To 16-

    “Video links such as this one are a powerful tool and I hope AR continues to use them on a regular basis.”

    Don’t you just know that very powerful forces in the splc-adl-naacp-aclu-doj are planning now how to put a stop to these kinds of black on Whitey violence videos postings on the Internet?

    “They reflect poorly upon the community of color.”

    “They foster hatred, prejudice, and racism.”

    “They are counter to our shared universal values.”

    “They are an unnecessary incitement to fear.”

    “They are divisive and only highlight rare and isolated cases of a very small number of our youth acting out in inappropriate ways.”

    “They prove that we have more work to do in teaching tolerance and sensitivity to underserved and underprivileged populations.”

    “American Renaissance readers make hurtful and offensive comments.”

    “They incite hate speech, and therefore we must ban them from posting and distribution.”

    “We just can’t afford to allow hate to go unmonitored and unpunished.”

    “We need new laws and regulations to put a stop to the rampant and ugly hate speech that always seems to surround these unfortunate videos.”

    “Businesses and police departments have no business allowing these private images to become public.”

    And, you called the perp a “Black imbecile”. Please stop insulting imbeciles.

  23. Anonymous says:

    What is the health status of the teacher? Brass knuckles will do some damage to the bones, teeth and dentures…

    I was going to add what I’d like to do to this ‘youth’, but decided to decline sharing.

  24. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    I found an update to this story, from 2008:

    Fighting back tears and addressing a courtroom of family, friends and the teacher he was accused of assaulting, Randolph Parker, 17, thanked the judge and his attorney for “letting me know what I did was very wrong.”

    Does anyone here believe he feels any sort of remorse? He’s probably a Jena-6-type hero in the black community. Notice the paper doesn’t mention that the two “honors students” lay in wait for the teacher for eight minutes and then sucker punched her with bass knuckles when she exited her classroom.

    The judge accepted the guilty plea and sentenced Parker to a ten year split term. Under Alabama law, the teen is required to serve 80% of his sentence. The judge ordered him to serve three years in a state prison and five years on formal probation.

    The idiot’s lawyer stated:

    He’s going to pay a hefty price for the mistakes he made

    Mistake? He made no mistake! It was a planned attack. A planned RACIAL attack. Just like the hispanic-on-White attack in Dodger Stadium a few weeks about. What do you think non-Whites have in store for us when we “achieve” minority status? Are you thinking violence? Mayhem? Genocide?

    Move to the front of the class!

    Dominick Harris, who was 17 at the time of the attack, is also charged in the case, but he struck a deal with prosecutors last year in exchange for youthful offender status.

    Wonder if there was any recompense for the teacher? I’m not holding my breath.

    I do not carry a gun while I’m at school…but I know a number of teachers who do.


  25. Anonymous says:

    It was 37,460 white women raped by black men and 0 black women raped by white men in 2005, Criminal Victimization in the United States, Department of Justice.

  26. WHC says:

    Incidents like this happen hundreds of times per day across the country. This incident just happened to be caught on camera. White teachers, who teach in inner-city schools, do so (by and large) because they can’t find employment elsewhere. Believe me, they are putting in applications for employment at suburban and rural schools on a regular basis. These black dominated inner-city schools are virtual war zones. If they can’t find a better job in education within a few years, they frequently leave the teaching profession altogether. The video clearly illustrates the cowardly nature of the black thugs. This is how they attack.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Apparently Mr. Parker didnt make friends or influence people while in the joint. The Alabama Dept. Of Corrections says he is currently a guest of the warden till 2013. No good behavior there Mr. Parker?


  28. Todd says:

    I would like to see a program set up where all these Super Liberal White teachers (particularly the females) were required to spend one full year teaching in any of these Minority Schools.

    I have a feeling their open minded thinking might change were they to actually experience the joys of working with our fine black (youth) ?

  29. kgb says:

    Make Eleanor Clift teach them.

    Make Gloria Steinem teach them.

    Make (insert your favorite Hollywood liberal) teach them.

    Make (the Kardashians) teach them.

    They’ve fomented this multicultural fascism. Let them reap its benefits on a daily basis for a year or two. If they last.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Just for grins: did the teacher even know them? Or was it a bad grade? Remonstrations over behavior in class?

    I find it hard to believe that this wasn’t personal because it was a stalked attack.



    Estle has said he does not believe Parker and Harris were involved in any gang. The teacher, Melinda Rudisill, had just recommended that Parker be suspended for using obscene language, Estle said.



    Thank You Mr. Treadwell.

  31. Question Diversity says:

    Bon wrote:

    Fighting back tears and addressing a courtroom of family, friends and the teacher he was accused of assaulting, Randolph Parker, 17, thanked the judge and his attorney for “letting me know what I did was very wrong.”…The judge ordered him to serve three years in a state prison and five years on formal probation.

    Letting him know what he did was very wrong? Punching someone with an instrument that most states define as a deadly weapon (brass knuckles) is something you should already know is “very wrong” by the time you’re 10, otherwise there’s no hope for you. More nauseating than a 17-year old not knowing basic right from wrong (supposedly — It was probably what his lawyers told him to say in public for PR purposes), was the fact that a judge initially (see Post 27 for the rest of the story) sentenced him to only three years in prison for a violent attack with a deadly weapon, i.e. attempted murder, IMHO.

  32. John says:

    This happened in Mobile, Alabama. I thought southerners were no nonsense, tough as cement types. You know – pro gun, martial, sons of the South. I can’t believe this stuff can happen down there.

  33. Anonymous says:

    28 — Todd wrote at 10:44 AM on May 11:

    I would like to see a program set up where all these Super Liberal White teachers (particularly the females) were required to spend one full year teaching in any of these Minority Schools.

    I’d like to make it compulsory that every candidate for Judge, every law school and college professor and every law student be compelled to teach in a black school for 2 years before enrolling in law school or starting their careers as professors or Judges.

    Actually, the Judges should be compelled to serve as teachers for 5 years. The Judge created anti White laws would surely change.

  34. Stiv says:

    John #32

    Southerners are a little cowed these days because of their history. I think they’re more afraid of being called backward and ignorant than racist though. Of course in present day America it’s perceived as the same thing. That’s one of the main images the media can use to keep the South ‘in line’.

  35. Jeddermann. says:

    “[quote]Some websites claim black men rape 30,000 white women per year in the us. Is that possible? Really, has anyone checked, is that true?”

    It is not a claim. It is true and a FACT! And that sort of thing has been going on for over fifty years now and with no end in sight. And it is not that figure that amazes so much as it is the contrast. The number of black women raped by “white men” in this country some years is ZERO and most of the time is anywhere from ZERO to TEN tops.

    A low-intensity intifada, a dirty war is being waged and has been waged for over half a century against whitey. Rape being an integral part of the “war”. And most whites are clueless about it!! Very sad!

  36. Anonymous says:

    To Todd,#28: Oh, good. I’ve already served a 7-year sentence teaching in a mostly minority school.I’d really like to see a few reasonably intelligent white kids every day. Maybe one of those libs in the air-conditioned suburban white school would be willing to swap places with me. Kind of like trading vacation time-shares.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I blame the media. The stuff on TV preceded the stuff in the schools. They really forced blacks on people. Violence and molestation are now rampant. If you really want to be happy and get in touch with yourself, avoid all black music and turn off your TV and avoid blacks altogether. As for teachers, if you are a good one, then I am sorry, but for ones that push MLK and stupid slavery lessons and stuff, I have no mercy on you. In fact, schools value black jocks over the rest of the student body, so I care very little for the plight of schools now. White people would be best to deliberately shun and avoid all of these places and find productive, constructive things to do apart from this ghetto culture. That includes NO NBA. Avoid ghetto sports and ghetto music and ghetto media and keep the blacks away. “Around Blacks, Never Relax.” It’s true!