Posted on April 19, 2011

Shoot the Boer Not a Reference to Ethnic Group: Hanekom

Times Live (South Africa), April 15, 2011

ANC national executive committee member Derek Hanekom, who is also the deputy minister of science and technology, was testifying in the hate speech trial of ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

He told the court it would be helpful if the group of people who felt hurt by the song understood it.

“The spirit [in which it is sung] does not even constitute hate speech,” he told the court.

Hanekom said there was no intention to do harm or incite violence when the song was sung.

“It’s in a friendly atmosphere,” he said, adding that he would support a national dialogue in this regard. ” . . . We need to talk to each other a bit more,” he said.

In his experience in the ANC, which he joined in 1980, it was never the party’s intention to “exclude anybody”, Hanekom testified.

The ANC’s main objective was to obtain a non-racial, non-sexist and united society, he said.

Hanekom said that during the struggle, liberation songs were “just that”.

“White, black, Jewish, Muslim . . . people sang struggle songs . . . It was very important as a mobilisation tool.”

Today, he said, the singing of liberation songs was a celebration of “who we are”, and they represented “every part of our history”, “and the fact we’ve brought to an end an unjust system”.

Malema is on trial in the Equality Court on a charge of hate speech brought by the civil rights group AfriForum over his singing of a struggle song containing the lyrics “shoot the boer” or “awudubhule ibhunu”.

On Thursday, Malema told hundreds of supporters outside the High Court, that the hate speech case was just a test for the “revolution”.

“There is no individual on trial . . . they are testing our revolution . . . they are testing methods we used to defeat them,” he said.

“These judges are our judges. Whether you like it or not, they work for the government . . . the government which is us, the ANC,” Malema said.

He asked the group to maintain their “militancy” and to not apologise for being radical.

Also on Thursday, AfriForum threatened to bring an additional hate speech charge against Malema and another against ANCYL spokesman Floyd Shivambu for encouraging people outside the court to sing the lyrics with them.

The case continues.

13 responses to “Shoot the Boer Not a Reference to Ethnic Group: Hanekom”

  1. Guard the White Privilege says:

    Blacks are much shrewder than we assume. They have what Sam Dickson calls “special intelligence”.

    Maybe they actually believe the nonsense they speak, and to them, it probably is true, given their voodoo logic that makes anything real that they say just because they want it to be true. They are animists, otherwise called supersititous.

    But they also understand us better than we know. They can spout what is nonsense to us, then if we try to debate, contradict, or complain, then they can just say we are raciss who are entrenched in the vile effort of preserving our own evil White Supremacy power system and that we need to “do more” to recognize and acknowledge our biases against those whom we oppress and marginalize.

    Anything we say will be called raciss, and since our jobs are dependent upon our not being called raciss by the blacks and their White elite handlers, we simply stay quiet, and the blacks win again.

    But for us, the White Humanity of the AmRen Community, we know better, and that’s why we pledge our prayer of faith to God that we shall forever Transcend Diversity, always Embrace Whiteness, right now Beware & Prepare, because we really do know what’s coming next…

  2. Memphomaniac says:

    Very good…..then he would also take into consideration one of my favorite songs too… the friendly and hopeful spirit intended:

    “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas….just like the ones I used to know….”

    or maybe….

    “Shall we gather by the river….where white angel’s feet have trod….”

  3. sbuffalonative says:

    In the US, it’s practically illegal to whistle Dixie.

    In South Africa, whites are condemned for singing De la Rey.

  4. Anonymous says:

    1 — sbuffalonative wrote at 8:04 PM on April 19:

    In the US, it’s practically illegal to whistle Dixie.

    In South Africa, whites are condemned for singing De la Rey.


    I LOVE “Dixie”! I play it all the time off youtube, but I love this one by Dwight Yoakum, I Sang Dixie…

    Too bad so many Southern Whites have become PC and are not of the South that I loved.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “The spirit [in which it is sung] does not even constitute hate speech,” he told the court.

    I see. So, then, it should be perfectly OK if the Boers start singing “Kill the Bantu”, as long as it’s done in a friendly and hopeful spirit? If so, I’ll get to work on writing one right away. Let me see now… “Kill the Bantu, kill the Bantu, kill the Bantu, kill the Bantu…” Hey, this thing just writes itself!

    Malema is on trial in the Equality Court on a charge of hate speech brought by the civil rights group AfriForum over his singing of a struggle song containing the lyrics “shoot the boer” or “awudubhule ibhunu”.

    “awudubhule ibhunu”. Say it out loud. Roll the syllables around in your mouth. Beautiful language, isn’t it? Pure poetry!

  6. UN Convention on Genocide says:

    These people singing “Kill the Boer” are inciting others to violate the UN Convention on Genocide, 1948(a)(b)(c).

    Anybody who denies that White genocide is happening in former Rhodesia and South Africa is being disingenuous. Even the lefty Genocide Watch has them on the list!!!

    Pray for your WHite brothers and sisters in Africa.

  7. s says:

    Their special intelligence seems to be the innate ability and talent for playing the blame game. And when it works so well, it sure isnt discouraged. This talent is also excessively used by muslims too. The other great gift is to always be ready to deny everything. And that works very well too, like keeping the spirit up.

  8. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Hanekom said there was no intention to do harm or incite violence when the song was sung…It’s in a friendly atmosphere … We need to talk to each other a bit more,” he said.

    This infuriates me like nothing else; and that the Western media will report “Shoot the Boer” as a song of “liberation” or “struggle” or “revolution”, not what is blatantly obvious: The Overt Killing of Whites with Impunity and Celebration

    Meanwhile, as for malema’s Hate Speech trial:

    Massive intimidation tactics by Malema’s body-guards and ANC youth league protestors were clearly targetting any witnesses and terrify them enough so that they would not testify against Malema at his hatespeech trial in the Equality Court, Johannesburg.

    Did you catch the part about Equality Courts?

    Got that Western Media? But that matters nothing to you freaks, only that Whites are being systematically slaughtered; therefore you keep silent, which you would not do if the races were reversed:

    White witnesses at the Malema hatespeech-trial also reportedly are being urinated on, loudly cursed, screamed at, spat upon and have to walk past this wall of loudly screaming, aggressive, dancing protestors who often chant ‘Kill the Boer’ from many accounts. Their loud singing can be heard thumping away even inside the court-room on the eighth floor… machine-gun-toting body-guards are accompanying Malema ‘protecting him’… flouting the country’s laws which rule the arming of private security guards is prohibited.

    And this:

    after hacking to death her father with a panga and shooting her mother, the little Afrikaans farm girl was picked up by her hair, and a bullet was fired through her brain by an 18-year-old black male – who is going on trial with five other accused comrades…these six accused triple-killers were hailed as heroes by crowds of young black males who reportedly chanted the slogan:

    One Bullet, One White Infant

    Malema told hundreds of supporters that the hate speech case was just a test for the ‘revolution.’

    Black Revolution = Complete Murderous Genocide of Whites from SA

    (aided and abetted by marxists everywhere)

    But don’t expect to read that in anywhere in the White-hating western media; they are busy cheering worldwide genocide against Whites.


  9. Canadian Boer says:

    sbuffalonative, your right about De La Rey. The communist anc tried to ban that song (which is a very powerful and emotional tribute to the Boer General Koos De La Rey), yet they sing about killing whites at their rallies. Their hypocracy has no limits!

    “The ANC’s main objective was to obtain a non-racial, non-sexist and united society”

    I’ve never heard such kak in my life, they’ve effectively made it illegal to hire White Men with their BEE affirmative action laws, yet they preach to the world how they’ve ‘eliminated discrimination’. South Africa is steadly crumbling into another failed third world dictatorship. The question is “sal jy die Boere bevry?” will you help save the Boer people?

  10. Sardonicus says:

    This is no joke as whites are experiencing a slow genocide in post-Apartheid South Africa. See the John Malkovich South African movie “Disgrace” or better yet read the novel by Nobel Prize winning author J.M. Coetzee. Mr. Coetzee is a former anti-Apartheid liberal, who is having second thoughts about the new South Africa. The same horrors shown in “Disgrace” will be happening in the minority majority United States within the next half century.

  11. Christiaan Steyn says:

    And still the US government continues turning a blind eye to the farm killings and actually seems intent on slandering white farmers. See: “The US’s dodgy human rights report” at

  12. Anonymous says:

    The one thing the blacks have done right (as a propaganda attack doctrine) is make it clear that any violation of the ‘we are victims!’ condition is routinely and overwhelmingly challenged with the ‘Racist!’ response.

    Here you see why whites cannot use the same dogmatic approach: blacks do not care.

    What whites have to do instead is speak to _each other_ so that defacto ‘Greek Slavery’ does not lead to a poor, dumb, black master class who rule over a society that they cannot possibly run without the aid of tech-savvy Boers.

    Given the insidious creep of outsourcing to India and Brazil and elsewhere, it’s clear that you have a limited window in which to act, dominantly, to make it clear that if you don’t get what you want, you will turn the country on it’s head.

    Holding on in the midst of disaster is a psychology we developed to win our way through the climatic hell of Northern European Winters.

    Holding onto a time bomb in the hopes that the blacks who lit fuze will somehow go blow it out, is another matter.

    If Boers, especially those in the larger urban areas but also farmers willing to burn a crop or two, want real power, they need to act now to secure it because waiting on blacks to stop being bullies until ‘they realize’ the country you are no longer there to manage lies in ruins is like waiting on the autistic to stop beating their head on a wall until their brains stop hurting.

    Blacks get their way by mass demonstrations of impulsive violence and cumulative mob anger.

    Whites get their way by studied starvation of those who don’t play by the rules of polite society. Deny services. Don’t deliver foods. Turn off the stoplights. Bring down the hydroelectric grid. Send the doctors and/or teahers on permanent overseas ‘conference’. _Just don’t show up for work_ for a week or a month. Make it clear that for every white who is hurt, another week will be added to the loss of services.

    And be prepared to band together and fight a bit when they see you eating and enjoying the benefits of electricity anyway.

    As long as you have the laager’s in crossfire condtions, you can fight a prepared, fortified, defense and sooner or later, they will see that refusing to make society work is a game that you can play as well as they can.

  13. Laager says:

    Quite a few points to address:

    The song: Kill The Boer

    I do not have a copy of the sheet music – not that it would do any good as I cannot read music. However I can read numbers.

    Malema bangs on about “fighting the revolution”

    What revolution?

    In 1990 Pres de Klerk repealed all apartheid laws

    In 1992 the white population returned a 72% YES vote in a referendum to extend the vote to all citizens born within the boundaries of South Africa. This Westminster one man, one vote, first past the post system lead to black majority rule – 5m whites v 35m blacks

    In 1994 political power was peacefully transferred to the black majority

    Post 1994 we see the physical manifestation of the Kill The Boer song in action

    The country has a daily murder rate of 50+

    This means that some 320,000 South Africans have perished violently since 1994

    Within that figure are about 40,000 whites

    Within that figure are 3,000+ farmers


    If Hanekom considers this friendly, I would like him to give us an example of unfriendly, given that South Africa has the second highest murder rate of any country in the world.

    As for Malema, it is amazing to see how the mind of someone who achieved a GG for woodwork in his final year school leaving examinations works.

    General Koos De La Rey

    Once again we have a marvellous example of the ignorance of the black mind in action.

    General De La Rey came to prominence for fighting the British during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902.

    He was trying to rid Southern Africa of an occupying force that had pre-emptively attacked the Dutch in the Cape twice in 1795 & 1806, the Xhosa in the Eastern Cape 7 times between c 1820 to 1880, the Zulus 3 times c1870, the Tswana once c1870, the Voortrekkers once c1840 and the Boere twice c1890 and 1899.

    There is no record of him going to war against black people.

    After the Anglo-Boer war South Africa had a status quo where the smallest minority – the SA English/British – ruled the collective majority (13 other minorities) from 1902 until 1961. During this time the English/Brits blamed the development of segregationist laws on the Afrikaners when in fact the first racial laws can be found on the statute books of the British Crown Colonies of Cape and Natal, starting in 1806


    Fear of the White Man – AA and BEE

    (AA = Affirmative Action and BEE = Black Economic Empowerment)

    Affirmative Action in South Africa

    South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in favour of the majority that has virtually complete political and financial control of the nations instruments of power.

    The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect themselves against a 9% minority group, is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth-making structures,

    and that their only solution is to take it from others.