Posted on April 4, 2011

Police Deny Rape Link As Former Bulls Player Faces Court

The Australian (Sydney), April 1, 2011

A 33-YEAR-old former rugby player who was once in South Africa’s Under-21 team, was accused in court yesterday of murdering three men with an axe, but police denied reports that the killings were triggered by the gang rape and subsequent HIV infection of his daughter.

Joseph Ntshongwana, a flanker who played for the Blue Bulls, one of the country’s top teams, was charged with three counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and one of assault with intention to admit grievous bodily harm.

He appeared before a magistrate in Durban and was remanded in custody until April 7.

Mr Ntshongwana, a committed Christian who allegedly carried a Bible in one hand and an axe in the other, was arrested in the eastern coastal city of Durban early on Tuesday.

One of his alleged victims was decapitated and two others hacked in the neck until they died.

A fourth man who narrowly escaped with his life, said that the killer accused him of being in the gang who raped and infected his daughter, triggering an outpouring of public support for the alleged murderer.

However, shortly after the court appearance, police in Durban said that no case of rape was being investigated in connection with the deaths.

It said that authorities had yet to confirm if Mr Ntshongwana even had a daughter.

Vincent Mdunge, a police spokesman, said that it was unlikely that revenge was the motive. “We have ruled out completely the element of rape. There has not been any element of rape that is attached to him. He therefore has been killing people out of evil nature,” he said.

Mr Ntshongwana did not speak or enter a plea during the short hearing. It is alleged that the incident took place between last Sunday and Wednesday in township areas around the city.

One of his alleged victims has been named as Paulos Hlongwa, 46. Police said the security guard’s head was found in a dustbin more than a mile away from his body. Police raided Mr Ntshongwana’s home in an upmarket area after a tip-off and allegedly found the murder weapon as well as bloodstained clothes from one of the victims.

Mr Mdunge said that Mr Ntshongwana could now be identified because he had appeared in court and had been formally charged with the killings.

Earlier reports said mistakenly that his identity had been withheld to protect his daughter.

The player, who comes from the Eastern Cape province – Nelson Mandela’s home and one of the few where blacks prefer rugby to soccer – has listed himself as single in a profile on Facebook. Several postings on the site are focused on his faith.

One last May stated: “The word of God is alive in me. My life is an unending flow of success, favour and grace. I walk in boldness and refuse to give up the success, favour, prosperity and divine health which is available to me in Christ.”

Another Bulls player, Bees Roux, is awaiting trial after allegedly beating a black policeman to death in a separate incident.

However, although the latest incident has no racist overtones, its brutality has shocked a nation which has one of the highest crime rates in the world.

6 responses to “Police Deny Rape Link As Former Bulls Player Faces Court”

  1. Non-African American says:

    Blacks cannot rape White girls, because by definition, rape is a crime.

    When a black give a White girl the diversity treatment through what racists call “rape,” he’s only helping her recognize the pain she has cause the black race, acknowledge her complicity in systemic bias and institutional racism, reconcile the races through gracious sharing of the african embrace, and hastening her healing from the sin of unearned White privilege.

    And after all, White skin is all the “consent” afrovoodoos need to attack White girls.

    Eve Carson’s blackafrovoodoo thug killers didn’t rape her, but if they had, it wouldn’t have been rape- it would have been social justice.

    Channon Christian wasn’t raped.

  2. Anonymous says:


    They were all blacks in this article.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The particular victim might have been black, but the black rapist really wanted to rape a White girl. He just got frustrated at lack of access, an injustice in and of itself, so he attacked one of his own. Read Jared Taylor’s Paved With Good Intentions. He makes the strong case that whatever blacks do that’s wrong, Whites are to blame. The Kerner Commission set the tone: blacks burned down black neighborhoods because they were frustrated and angry over White racism.

    He raped a black because he was out to rape a White, and got frustrated because he couldn’t get his hands on one of ours right then. What if he had come upon your White daughter, sister, or mother?

    Same old story would have ensued… we see it at least weekly on TV and web, and those are only a fraction of the stories…

    Whites are doomed. Our Humanity has lost its capacity for outrage. We almost believe that we deserve the horrors of afrique.

  4. aj says:

    Hmmm. Weird story, I saw it a few days ago and assumed the player was white and murdered a group of Afican rapists.

    Anyway if the guy actually murdered the rapists who gave his daughter AIDS then I don’t see how any jury in the world could convict him. He’ll I say give the man a medal.

    On the other hand, if he is just a stark raving black psychopath who doesn’t even have a daughter as the article suggested then he needs to be put down.

  5. anonymous121am says:

    If the father had no choice but to go vigilante, he should have shot the rapists. To chop heads off or cut off body parts is only psychopathic behaviors that make the father worse than a rapists.

    This article shows the case as vigilante or monster:

    Father Beheads Daughter’s Rapist: Hero or Monster?

  6. Jack in Chicago says:

    Well this is good news. The original report implied that the killer was a White rugby player that “lost it” when his daughter was raped by HIV+ Blacks.

    It’s Black on Black crimes, so it’s OK to try to find out the truth and if this Black Christian rugby player (on a popular mostly White rugby team) had legitimate issues with those he beheaded, we can wish him the best. Rapists in SA should be killed.

    The best news is that we all thought some White South African girl was gang raped and infected with HIV. That didn’t happen here.

    Good news indeed.