Posted on April 4, 2011

New Furor Over France’s Muslims As Veil Ban Looms

Elaine Ganley, Comcast News, April 4, 2011


{snip} Starting April 11, a new law banning garments that hide the face takes effect. Women who disobey it risk a fine, special classes and a police record.


The increasing focus on France’s Muslims–who number at least 5 million, the largest such population in western Europe–comes with presidential elections a year away and support for a far-right party growing. A recent palpable rise in tensions has also been boosted by fears of a mass migration of Muslims due to disarray in the Arab world.

Interior Minister Claude Gueant put it bluntly Monday.

“This growth in the number of (Muslims) and a certain number of behaviors cause problems,” he said in remarks carried on French radio. “There is no reason why the nation should accord to one particular religion more rights than religions that were formerly anchored in our country.”


“The problem of veils and so on become public issues because people are afraid,” said Farhad Khosrokhavar, a noted expert on Islam in France. “It’s a process of scapegoating and it works beautifully.”

The topic of Tuesday’s roundtable by Sarkozy’s conservative UMP party is officially secularism, a foundational value of France. However, the talks are expected to take up distinctly Muslim social issues like halal food in school cafeterias or demands by some for separate hours for women at public swimming pools.


In unusual terms for a secular leader, Sarkozy extolled the virtues of his country’s “Christian heritage” during a recent visit to Puy-en-Velay, the starting point of a famed medieval Christian pilgrimage route.

“Without identity there is no diversity,” the president said. “The (French) republic is secular. It belongs to each citizen without any distinction.”


The measure banning the veil forbids women to hide their faces in public places, even in the streets. It punishes those who defy the law with a fine of euro150 or a citizenship course of both. Anyone discovered forcing a woman to cover her face risks a year in prison and a euro30,000 fine–doubled if the veiled person is a minor.


17 responses to “New Furor Over France’s Muslims As Veil Ban Looms”

  1. Robert Marchenoir says:

    It has already emerged that the face veil ban will not be enforced in the vicinity of mosques, and that the police will only intervene if someone complains.

    I suppose we’ll hear in a few months that the law won’t be enforced against Muslim women — or whatever.

    The whole thing is a farce. Nobody ever thought this law would actually be for real. It’s only there to show voters that Sarkozy is a tough guy — which he clearly isn’t.

  2. Art from the NC mountins says:

    This is really going to be fun time. Wish I could be there to watch it, in an armoured car of course.

  3. john says:

    Unfortunately there is a growing anarchy out there right now. Anarchy historically either leads to more anarchy or insane rule. Either way, the french look like they’re ready to snap. Sarkozy and and all the other neoconcervatives know this. The one thing that french people hold most sacred as frenchman is their way of life. The french way of life has been destroyed on many levels already. Riots, car burning, constant assaults on native french by hordes of muslim immigrants, and social services for these immigrants dragging down the economy and the government to the point of bankruptsy. The slightest levels of self preservation envokes hatred and contempt from the left that uses pc tactics to maintain control and power. Enough time, pressure and destruction and the left will have their backlash. Many people believe like Orwell, that the powers that be can feather in and feather back their agenda as required. That would be the case if anarchy and economic callapse were not on the horizon. So I hope the left keeps poking the bear until there are no leftists(By the present definition).

  4. Memphomaniac says:

    “Every American has two countries….His own and France.”

    Benjamin Franklin

  5. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t scapegoating, it’s reality. Muslim adherents are a menace and they don’t belong in white societies.

  6. ice says:

    Yes, it’s racism pure and simple.

    The next thing the Muslim population will have to endure is a halt to all stonings, honor killings of women, and a ban on beating wives.

    And if someone ten thousand miles away burns the koran Muslims might even be banned from killing people who had nothing to do with it, as they riot and burn down their neighborhoods and towns to illustrate their high level of intelligence.

  7. Anonymous says:

    — Anonymous wrote:

    This isn’t scapegoating, it’s reality.


    It’s grandstanding, by Sarkozy. French elections are coming up.

  8. gg says:

    Burkhas are not “veils.” They are impenetrable Darth Vader masks. Veils are the transparent lace Western women wear for their wedding.

  9. Anonymous says:

    5 Million Muslims in France.

    It’s like a kick in the guts. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??

  10. BannerRWB says:

    What the French (and the rest of us for that matter) need to do is to ban/outlaw Muslims. This is the underlying point of the veil law anyway, so may as well say it up front. In this particluar case, the Muslims will chip away at the law until it is totally unenforced and eventually overturned. Then when the Muslims take over at some point in the future, the law may very well be used as a point of conviction to arrest, imprison and/or give cause for capital punishment against the White French.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I figured it was nothing but hot air, calm down the ruffled feathers of the natives, see we are going to get tough with them. Now, step by step, they are retracting. If they lift one finger to keep the burkas off the street I will be very surprised.

  12. Anonymous says:


    TRAPPES, France — Karima has a plan. If police stop her for wearing a veil over her face, she’ll remove it — then put it back on once they’re out of sight. If that doesn’t work, she’ll stay home, or even leave France.


    You were never welcome to begin with. Return at once to Algeria and enjoy the climate and economic conditions of a truly third world existence.


    “The problem of veils and so on become public issues because people are afraid,” said Farhad Khosrokhavar, a noted expert on Islam in France. “It’s a process of scapegoating and it works beautifully.”


    No it is not. Anymore than burning hundreds of cars in a night was a sign of ‘fear’ or ‘frustration’ by Muslim youths, year after year. Whereas the Muslims always knew it was extortion (Do as we say or it will get worse!) the French have finally been given a reason to abandon any Gallic reserve and say what they have always known in their hearts: You are unwelcome. We don’t want you among us. We don’t go to your lands because you are so uncouth. If you -must- stay here, you will begin to shed your disgusting aboriginal habits because this is _France_, not Saudi or Pakistan or Lebanon or Algeria or Morrocco.


    Dahmane is a controversial figure who has called on French Muslims to wear a green star Tuesday, similar to the yellow star that Jews were forced to wear under Nazi occupation. Prominent Jewish figures in France have bristled at the comparison.


    And only someone retarded could fail to see how illogical this is. The Nazi occupiers forced Jews to wear stars to distinguish themselves. The French would require women to stop masquerading as shame-faced slaves, hiding behind a veil their identities so as to protect themselves from the blatant ‘smiley’ violence of their male cohorts. If the Islamic males wish to disfigure their women for showing their faces in public, then it will be just one more sign that these are not a people fit to enjoy the benefits of Western Wealth and Culture.


    “Behind this is spirituality,” said Karima, a doctoral student of history with Algerian-born parents. “This law will keep women at home.”


    Lady, I do not find Arab women so attractive that it matters. This is a matter of when in Rome. If you cannot distinguish that then you are not in France to be French and enjoy the escape from the vicious misogyny of your homeland. You are in France to -expand- that misogyny and _should be invited to leave, immediately_.

    Because when females assist males in their own victimization, what chance do the children have of leaving behind the eternal subjugation and primitivism that their parents’ ‘fear’ of being able to lift their heads to the sun without looking like a freaking ninja has enforced upon them?

    France, like the rest of the world, doesn’t need more low skill labor from third world sewers. They need to retain their identity and let Islam remain a 1,400 year old artifact of the Middle East.

  13. Wayne says:

    This is a show to attempt to take votes from Marine Le Pen, that’s all. I hope their is a backlash, and soon. I’d rather have that than lose France forever.

    On another note, I went to a German Government website today. It was mostly for tourism, seeking people to come to Germany for vacation. It declared that Germany had become multicultural and showed pictures of one German girl surrounded by foreigners and other disturbing footage. I submitted a comment to the site stating: “I go to Germany for German culture. I can get multiculture anywhere. Why is Germany giving up it’s culture?” I don’t expect a reply.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Face veils and “religion” were what that insane kidnapper did to Elizabeth Smart, to elude police.

  15. s says:

    A penny per fool makes the merchant king. Muslims are consumers too, and Bat Yeor have documented the many decades work in helping the muslims into europe. Its a EU process.

  16. anonymous says:

    There is a dictum in evolutionary biology called, “adapt, migrate or die.” Does not exactly apply to the issue of unassimilated immigration, but it makes a nice political slogan.

    Adapt – those who can and will adapt can stay.

    Migrate – those who cannot adapt must migrate back to where they came from. Perhaps they can be indemnified for the inconvenience, i.e. given a single payment and/or a small lifetime pension as compensation, which could be based on the extent of their economic contributions, or lack thereof.

    Die – those who are already in their middle and later years will be allowed to peacefully remain as they gradually die out.

    Do less than this and you put your civilization at risk.

    At a minimum, if you cannot stomach the “adapt, migrate, or die” option, you must absolutely stop mass immigration. This will force those who are there already to assimilate. True in America for Mexicans and other Latin Americans. But assimilation will be more difficult for European Muslims, who must go through a religious reformation as well as a cultural one in order to become acceptable Europeans. Even with a religious reformation within Islam, the risk of the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism will remain for ages to come.

  17. Browser says:

    There is a dictum in evolutionary biology called, “adapt, migrate, or die.”


    Gobineau also wrote of that, more or less. The Air Force also has a similar policy: move up or out. And the academic world has

    “publish or die.”

    But you absolutely don’t have to migrate BACK to where you came from! That’s going backwards. That’s ridiculous. You make progress by migrating outward to new territories, as the Vikings did, as the Europeans who came to America did. Going backwards is not progress!