Posted on April 15, 2011

Georgia Lawmakers Pass Arizona-Style Immigration Bill

David Beasly, Reuters, April 15, 2011

An Arizona-style immigration bill cleared the Georgia legislature late Thursday and needs only the governor’s signature to become law.

The legislation would give police authority to question suspects about their immigration status. It would also require many private employers to check the immigration status of newly hired workers on a federal database called E-Verify.


Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has not said whether he would sign it.

Deal supported E-Verify as a member of the U.S. Congress, said Phil Kent, spokesman for the Virginia-based nonprofit Americans for Immigration Control.

“It would be political suicide for him to go against the wishes of the large majority of the people’s representatives,” Kent said on Friday.


On Monday, a U.S. appeals court agreed with an earlier court ruling that blocked parts of Arizona’s controversial immigration law from going into effect.


Arizona-inspired immigration measures also are proceeding through legislatures in Alabama, Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina. Utah has passed and the governor signed an Arizona-inspired measure which also included provisions such as a guest worker program.

9 responses to “Georgia Lawmakers Pass Arizona-Style Immigration Bill”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the effort! This country must never give in to the shadowy agencies that are trying to break up this country. These shadowy agencies are using a three prong approach: flood this country with hordes of third world peoples to make whites the minority; take over the momentary system by increasing the debt (deficit) which in turn the interest alone will eventually take over what this country produces; and rampant corruption in all three branches of government.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Governor Deal has been all over the map on this one.

    I urge fellow Georgians to call his office in support of it!

  3. Luke says:

    I’d like to offer some tactical advice to the patriotic, pro-white, pro-survival of White Western civilization forces in every state across America.

    Every piece of legislation that seeks to protect our borders and which seeks to fight what amounts to an effort by the Third World to invade, colonize and conquer America – must have a parallel effort to have a companion piece of recall legislation ready to go, which lacks only the names of the politicians who dare to side with these invaders against the interests of their own people and nation.

    Incidentally, I did see a headline story in a newspaper on a news stand recently that announced a huge increase in voter recall initiatives all across the country. That is an excellent development and I urge pro-white organizations nationwide to use this recall weapon to identify and hound these traitors out of political office and into the trash bin of political history.

    Any politician who is ‘soft’ and ‘weak-kneed’ on the enforcement of our immigration laws and who takes the side of the illegal aliens – must be punished as though he or she touched a 100,000 volt lightning bolt.

  4. olewhitelady says:

    Every state needs to have such a law, and each must act before Hispanics increase in numbers and affect the vote. If illegals can’t find work, they’re much less likely to stay. If they’re afraid to enter a welfare office, they’re much less likely to seek payments for American-born children. Fear of the police alone can keep them from even entering a state with tough laws. As illegals are driven from one state to another, the ones without strong laws will be goaded into passing them. As long as Obama is in office, the federal government will remain intentionally weak, and states must act in their own interests!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The media is really out to get Georgia and any state that dares pass any immigration laws.

    Christian Science by the way, is nothing more than a primitive belief that makes the bogus claim that disease and injury can be cured by prayer and witch doctor rituals rather than antiobiotics, organ transplants and surgery.

    Mexican opinion of US dwindles amid spread of Arizona-style immigration laws

    Georgia’s legislature passed a bill Thursday night giving law enforcement broader authority to verify immigrant status, a move inspired by an Arizona law that many Mexicans called ‘racist.’

    By Andrew Kennis, Contributor / April 15, 2011

    Mexicans might now be reticent about taking that midnight train to Georgia. The state legislature Thursday passed an Arizona-style immigration bill authorizing police to check the passport status of anyone deemed “suspicious” and forces businesses to do the same with potential employees.

    Who works the longest hours? Mexicans, says OECD Report. Mexico drug war’s latest victim: the lime Arizona may not enforce key parts of immigration law, court rules The bill, which Gov. Nathan Deal (R) is expected to sign, is the latest in a wave of immigration reform legislation that is sweeping the US and souring Mexican opinion of America. Prior to the enactment of the Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 one year ago, 62 percent of Mexicans had a positive opinion of the US, compared with 44 percent after the law passed, according to the Pew Research Center.

    “I don’t like the climate over there, it’s horrible,” says Felipe Hernandez, a taxi driver in Mexico City, who recently decided against immigrating to the US because of fears over the new laws.

    In addition to Georgia, three more states – Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina – are poised to adopt “show me your papers” laws in coming months. As such laws quietly proliferate in the US, Mexicans are anxiously watching, concerned that the US is becoming increasingly xenophobic. Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, the former mayor of Mexico City and a past presidential candidate, told the Monitor that the Arizona law is “racist” and that he will be “encouraging the defeat of any and all ‘show me your paper laws.’ ”

    No less than two dozen states have introduced pieces of legislation with “show me your papers” aspects, although there is some significant doubt whether they will ever be enforced. Not one state has implemented such laws, and nine states have voted down similar proposals. Court challenges to Arizona’s law have prevented its full implementation, including the provision requiring police to check the immigration status of people they lawfully stop, and Georgia’s law is also expected to be the target of legal challenges.

    “Criminalizing immigration will not stop the flow of Immigration,” says Avelino Mendez, a lawmaker representing a Mexico City district. “These laws don’t solve anything.”

    “These laws may change the way we see ‘el gabacho,’ ” says Guillermo Rivera, a constituent from Mr. Mendez’s district, using the Spanish slang for Americans. “But it won’t stop us from going there.”

    Mexicans see US in new light

    Polling data does indeed reveal a sharply eroded opinion toward the US. Among 21 nations recently surveyed in the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, Mexicans had the largest decline in favorable opinion toward the US, with researchers eyeing the Arizona law as the cause. Such opinions are reflected across Mexican politics. Right-leaning President Felipe Calderón has said the Arizona law amounts to a tacit acceptance of racial profiling, echoing the sentiments of left-leaning Mr. Cárdenas.

  6. Cindy says:

    I’m a lifelong Georgian, having lived near Atlanta all but a few yrs. of my life, and I am disgusted with employers who are fussing about what this law will do to their businesses. That’s their problem. They should care more about the decline of our country.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, the former mayor of Mexico City and a past presidential candidate, told the Monitor that the Arizona law is “racist” and that he will be “encouraging the defeat of any and all ‘show me your paper laws.’ ”


    What right has Mr. Cárdenas or any other Mexican official to have any say whatsoever in what laws WE pass in OUR country? I personally don’t care what opinion illegal border jumpers have of our country as long as they stay home and mind their own business. America has plenty of troubles of our own. We don’t need to add the endless, unchecked stream of illegal criminal trespassers. Turn off the trail of jobs and other goodies, block the border, then start finding and deporting the ones already here.

  8. Anonymous says:

    6 — Cindy wrote at 7:07 PM on April 16:

    I’m a lifelong Georgian, having lived near Atlanta all but a few yrs. of my life, and I am disgusted with employers who are fussing about what this law will do to their businesses. That’s their problem. They should care more about the decline of our country.


    EXACTLY! Doesn’t it seem rather odd that this nation was built for the most part, by WHITE men/women? Doesn’t it seem odd that WHITES did almost all the menial labor, built the dams, the bridges, all construction jobs, landscape services, picked the fruit, (Grapes Of Wrath) and had to live and work in primitive conditions, yet we are told repeatedly that only 3rd world peoples can now do this work? Whites would and could do all these jobs again if it weren’t for these employers filling their coffers by ONLY hiring illegals and assorted minorities. As I have said many times, keep repeating the same lies over and again and the sheeple will believe it. It then becomes truth to these morons.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Recall is not enough. There will be no peace for Americans until Americans have an example to point to of what is better than the pablum and vile lies we are forced to accept now.

    That means a separate nation where being a citizen means being a member of a very exclusive club. A nation where whites are allowed to pioneer and innovate technologic solutions, absent the commercially induced (greed as an independent variable) factors now in play.

    ‘Show Me Your Papers’ is something I have to do with every traffic stop. I don’t have many and so I don’t mind doing it when I do. I have a legal drivers license and registration + insurance, so that’s not a problem for me.

    If it -is- a problem with certain other ethnies who are not here to make my country or nation a better place to live, so much as mooch from our welfare state, maybe the answer is for them to stay home and let Mexican Authorities (that’s right, Mexican cops also ask for papers) do the exact same thing to them. If they are more comfortable having their backgrounds checked by corrupt Hispanic cops than hostile White ones, I can certainly sympathize with their need to _go home_.

    They won’t of course, because nobody wants to live in the narco kleptocracy failed state that Mexico now is.

    Playing the Nazi Ausweiss theme simply doesn’t carry water, from either side of the border.

    We do need to get beyond the notion that Americans will or should have to do stoop labor for ‘Mexican Rates’ to keep our economy competitive.

    Robots gentlemen. It is the _only_ way to keep slave labor economics from taking over the entire planet on a ‘who can pay the least’ basis of feeding the 90% of population growth that comes from 85% of the third world hordes who breed themselves into Malthusian outcomes.

    WHY would any sane, K-breeding, White American want to pay for that kind of disaster? Let alone import it? Aside from the fact that they are greedy beyond all bounds, our corporate heads are not insane. They simply don’t think in terms of X or Y outcomes:

    X. We remove the capitalist control over distributionist ‘market’ labor values and move towards a society where having enough to live doesn’t mean being someone else’ property for 9 hours a day. The wealthy lose the power of forcing people to work for them by using a ‘universal’ currency whose value is what they say it is.

    Y. We are overrun by primitives whose breeding habits, lower IQ and terrible social cohesion deficits (Cochran and Harpending say this is itself irrefutable evidence of divergent evolution in _The 10,000 Year Explosion_) all combine to move us back 2,500+ years in a world where utter resource depletion, enormous population overburden, pollution and particularly residual cultural timebombs (103 atomic plants with active cores in the U.S. alone) leave us no hope at all.

    It’s not the working class who are holding up the show on social evolution. It’s the elites who want to move forwards into a globalist society while hanging onto a vision of profit and loss that assures them of their position at the top of the heap.