Posted on April 4, 2011

Former Stripper Who Lied About Being Raped by Duke University Lacrosse Players Charged With Stabbing Her Boyfriend

Simon Neville, Daily Mail (London), April 4, 2011

The woman at the centre of the Duke University lacrosse player rape scandal has been charged with trying to kill her boyfriend, police said.

Crystal Mangum is accused of stabbing the man, named locally as Reggie Wilson, in the chest after an argument in the early hours of Sunday morning in the apartment they share in Durham, North Carolina.

The 32-year-old was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, while Wilson was recovering in hospital.

According to Anthony McCullough, Wilson’s cousin, he said the couple had only been dating for a few months but that the 46-year-old was excited.

He added: ‘I told him, with her background, you should be careful.’

The latest arrest comes a year after Mangum was found guilty of child abuse and resisting arrest, among other charges.

She was arrested after smashing the windscreen and slashing the tyres of her then-boyfriend’s car, before going on to set fire to his clothes while her children were in their home.

At the time she claimed her then-boyfriend had attacked her, which a jury dismissed, but found her innocent of arson.

In 2006, she hit the headlines when she claimed three Duke Lacrosse players sexually assaulted her at a party

Duke University lacrosse players Reade Seligmann, Dave Evans and Collin Finnerty were accused of raping her while she was working as a stripper at a party thrown by the team, the Duke Blue Devils.

The case caused a media storm over allegations of racism.

It was alleged the players had asked only for white or Hispanic strippers, but became angry when two black dancers turned up.

Prosecutor Mike Nifong indicted the three on charges of rape, sexual assault and kidnapping.

The university suspended the players, sacked the team’s coach and eventually cancelled the entire lacrosse season.

But the case fell apart because of a lack of evidence and Nifong was forced to resign after scathing criticism over his handling of it.

Last year Mangum was found guilty of child abuse when she smashed her then-boyfriend’s car and burned his clothes while her children were in the house

He was convicted for contempt amid accusations he withheld DNA evidence and made false inflammatory statements about the players to the media.

State prosecutors who took over the case cleared all three of the charges, saying there had been a ‘rush to accuse’ by Nifong.

Afterwards, the three sued the university over their handling of the scandal, and received an undisclosed settlement.

At the time Duke University said it settled to ‘eliminate the possibility of future litigation’, and said it deeply regretted what the students had gone through.

30 responses to “Former Stripper Who Lied About Being Raped by Duke University Lacrosse Players Charged With Stabbing Her Boyfriend”

  1. RichardUK says:

    Am I the only one who feels some sort of Irony here?

  2. Art from the NC mountains says:

    Isn’t it interesting that she is still walking around free? What a country!

  3. Memphomaniac says:

    Maybe now, after all she has done, she will finally be locked up in prison for a few years. Where is all the media attention now??

  4. Non-African American says:

    We cherish stories like this- our heart jumps for joy when the Diversity be kepp’en itsef real and authen-tik and vi-brent, you know whu’em say’n?

    Where is the Duke 88 now that she really needs them to come to her rescue and raise a defense fund? Anybody? Nothing? Why the silence?

    When will Jesse and Al and Whoopi and Ophra and Michelle hold the candle light prayer vigil for the injustice against this oppressed and misunderstood 21st century Rosa Parks?

    And why have we failed to hold the media accountable to use the rhetoric trick of inapplicable cause-and-effect in this case? Should we demand that they point out that Mangum is “enduring another of life’s hardships” on the anniversary day of MLK’s assassination? Didn’t MLK losing his life to lift her up out of the ghetto? Why did he waste his sacrifice for Mangum?

    And let’s not forget, and let me be clear, James Earl Ray was the worst race traitor since John Brown and John Wilkes Booth.

    But for Ray, we would have had the pleasure of seeing MLK carried to the pokey in handcuffs for embezzlement of SCLC funds. Then the felony conviction. Instead, we got MLK Day all year long for the rest of our miserable White lives in our blackafrovoodoo formerly Whites Only Republic.

    James Earl Ray is to blame for losing his mind on 4/4/1968 and doing the WRONG THING! We’ll never undo the damage…

  5. john says:

    Funny how this article won’t mention attempted murder.

  6. idareya says:

    “But the case fell apart because of a lack of evidence and Nifong was forced to resign after scathing criticism over his handling of it.”

    I love the way he glosses over the entire debacle.

  7. Seen It says:

    She just goes on & on, enriching us with her vibrant diversity.

  8. sbuffalonative says:

    I was growing increasingly angry as I read his piece because of the way the narrative was being presented but I REALLY blew my top when I read this:

    “But the case fell apart because of a lack of evidence…”

    “Lack of evidence”? There was NO evidence because NOTHING HAPPENED! There was NO CASE!

    “Allegations of racism” and yet no mention of the faculty lynching these young men with NO EVIDENCE!

    I could go through this paragraphy by paragraphy but what’s the point.

  9. Detroiter says:

    Not surprised.

    Here in Detroit a man was buying condoms in a store and starting joking with another guy about how he had the girls he was going to have sex with out in his car.

    The other guy goes out to look at the girls in the car and one was his daughter! So, naturally, he pulls out a gun and starts shooting. He shot his daughter in the spine, the guy buying the condoms pulls out his own gun and shot the dad and killed him. PS….Dad was was on parole. On my father’s grave that is a true story.

    They also rob our firement here in Detroit.

  10. voter says:

    Oh, lord! This dreadful woman is in the news again?

    I predict that before she’s 40, she will either have murdered

    someone or will have been murdered. I don’t see a long life for her. She’s walking Trouble.

    And isn’t it interesting that we get this news by way of England?

  11. underdog says:

    Doesn’t anyone one here have the slightest sympathy for the victim? BTW, as this story was breaking, the Reverend William Barber (NC NAACP President) who was at the head of the caterwauling chorus line banging pots and pans with the Duke 88 when the Duke Lacrosse Team “Rape” story was breaking found “hisself” on “the down low” in neighboring Chapel Hill dressed in twenty yards of purple cloth cleric’s robes delivering pontifications to the last remaining fools in NC on the commemoration of the assasination of MLK. As to Jesse and Al’s whereabouts, who knows?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Duke students were representing their college. As with any star athlete, like it or not, you are in the spotlight 100% of the time and your actions must similarly reflect your integrity as pride of place.

    They should have known better than to debase themselves and their university by associating themselves with such things as ‘exotic dancers’. This is one of the principles of responsibility that goes with being titled a _gentleman_ athlete.

    That it happened at an off campus location and without any hope of (other, non-ethnic, women as counter testimony) should itself have been something we took our boys to task with in _no uncertain terms_. Behind closed doors.

    The whites were at fault that night.

    For not exercising due diligence of caution as preservation of the rights of free association with those closer to their own class and racial ethics.

    As for this fine example of African mores, I do not see why we remain so obsessed with further demeaning a woman who has already clearly abased herself out of any human tolerance let alone respect.

    Let it go.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How many kids does she have now? I swear, people like that need to be fixed. The world is bad enough without her littering the earth with more carbon copies of herself.

  14. AmericaFirst says:

    I’m surprised there’s no other comment about this being reported by a newspaper 4000 miles away from Durham County, North Carolina.

    Where’s the gutless wonders of the American press, especially the NY Times?

  15. Anonymous says:

    If Ms. Magnum continues this behavior, in the not too distant future, there may be an American holiday in her honor.

  16. William says:

    What never makes sense about these “Racist White Rapist” hate crime hoaxes is what must be glaringly obvious to supporters of Amren. White Racialists aren’t particularly attracted to other races, particularly blacks and aren’t going to be titilated by watching them. They aren’t likely to want to pay money to watch a striptease or perform an act of procreation that leads to a race anihilating mullato. The “racist white rapist” is a mythological invention, a projection of lurid immaginings, resentments, scapegoating and a desire to find hypocrisy in racislists.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “I don’t see a long life for her. She’s walking Trouble.”

    Yes, she’s Trouble on two legs.

    Someone like her can’t walk down the street without getting into trouble. I too doubt she’ll make it to forty.

    But i’d love to track her kids. Will they turn out to be duplicates of herself? We’re an insane society to allow someone like her to “litter the earth” with carbon copies of herself. And of course, we saps foot the bill.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Anyone notice the paralell to Rodney King another so called black victim who has had numerous drug arrests and run ins with the law. How come the media never follows up on these stories?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the white race needs to thank this Mangum liar for everything.

  20. Monte says:

    The sad part is IF this creature were to accuse other white men of sexually attacking her They Would Be Arrested and Put On Trial.

    This is just one mans opinion but as I look at her photo I can not in my wildest imagination picture any Human Male wanting to have any pysical contact with this creature. I think most would take poison first?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Take a look at her picture.No wonder black men prefer white women over black women.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I never believed her story, especially since according to FBI statistics it is extremely rare in this day and age for Black women to be raped by White men. White male on Black female rape has not been common since slavery.

  23. Michael C. Scott says:

    If Magnum doesn’t get herself on some Prozac, she’s not going to live to be 35, let alone 40.

    The Duke players Magnum falsely accused must be smiling about this, though. She got a free pass on felony obstruction of justice, she later got a free pass on arson in an occupied building, and now she’s stabbed someone. She’s not only crazy, she’s self-destructing, and I’ll bet those lacrosse players are just delighted she hasn’t got any way to take them with her.

  24. Question Diversity says:

    12: A bunch of young men in college hire strippers. (Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that people under 21 drink on college campuses.) What a shocking thing, huh? That’s obviously much worse than lying about being raped, and causing a race row in the process.

  25. Anonymous says:

    A few idle thoughts……

    Where are the race pimps now rushing to her defense? Oh wait, their not.

    She’s a stripper? I sure don’t find her remotely attractive.

    She’ll get in more trouble sooner or later. Make book on that.

    One final thought. She would have been ignored by the media, etc, had she been a white stripper making such blatantly false claims. She would also have been dealt with more harshly by the justice system. There is a lesson here. I’m not condoning this type of thing, but if you are white, and you have a stag, frat party, etc, and you are going to have female ‘entertainment’ make absolutley SURE the girls are white. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to this type of thing.

  26. WR the elder says:

    Crystal Mangum — precisely the sort of woman the left will rally behind and support unquestioningly at the drop of a hat (or the drop of an obviously false accusation).

  27. Ben says:




    I’m still at a lost as to how anyone would want her to strip.

    “It was alleged the players had asked only for white or Hispanic strippers, but became angry when two black dancers turned up.”

  28. Greg says:

    To anonymous 12.

    Although I don’t agree with the Duke lacrossers getting strippers for a party, they in fact requested white dancers, and in fact the whole fracas began after they told the black strippers they wanted white ones.

    Stories like this should be published. Mangum became famous (although the media wouldn’t mention her name) because she lied about being raped, a thing I put on par with being raped. She destroyed the lives of 3 men, Duke LAX lost its coach and season, and race relations became more strained. She doesn’t get a pass.

  29. Sardonicus says:

    “For not exercising due diligence of caution as preservation of the rights of free association with those closer to their own class and racial ethics.”

    I believe the Duke Lacrosse players had originally requested a white stripper but got the “desirable” and “beautiful” Ms. Crystal Mangum instead– not that I approve of their behavior.

    I wonder if Crystal Mangum will continue her free college education (given by her supporters: Sharpton, Jackson, Oprah, etc.,) online while in prison? I love the way the controlled media and academic leftists believed every accusation of this apparently unbalanced and criminally inclined black lady.

  30. voter says:

    “I’m still at a lost as to how anyone would want her to strip.”

    No doubt a whole lot of vodka helps to wash her down. But it’s still a puzzle how she could make a living at that “profession”.