Posted on April 4, 2011

Beaten Giants Fan Bryan Stow in Induced Coma

Carolyn Jones, San Francisco Chronicle, April 4, 2011

Bryan Stow saved many lives as a Santa Clara County paramedic. Now, the life he’s fighting for is his own.

Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten by Dodgers fans after an Opening Day game Thursday in Los Angeles, was in a medically induced coma Sunday as family, friends and doctors waited to see the extent of his brain injury.

A day earlier, doctors removed a portion of the Santa Cruz resident’s skull to reduce swelling.


Stow, 42, and two friends went to Dodger Stadium on Thursday night to cheer for the Giants, who lost 2-1. As Stow and his friends were leaving the stadium, Stow was taunted and attacked by two men wearing Dodgers gear, Los Angeles police said.

They punched Stow in the back of his head, and after he fell to the pavement, they kicked him for about 15 seconds–continuing even after Stow lost consciousness, police said.

Stow was in critical condition Sunday at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Police are continuing to search for the suspects, described as two Latino men in their 20s, Los Angeles police Officer Cleon Joseph said.


Stow, a father of two, grew up in the Santa Cruz area and worked in paving before becoming a paramedic, friends said. Passionate about his work, he mentored dozens of trainees.


Donations to offset his medical costs can go to Commonwealth Central Credit Union, account No. 118881, P.O. Box 641690, San Jose CA 95164-1690.

Online resource

Colleagues have set up a website for the public to follow Bryan Stow’s progress:

38 responses to “Beaten Giants Fan Bryan Stow in Induced Coma”

  1. Up to my Neck in CA. says:

    The local news coverage had police drawings of the attackers, both Mexicans. They also had a description of the vehicle and that a female Mexican was driving with a CHILD in the car. These must be the strong family values we always hear about. It’s always some no good thug attacking a contributing member of society, in this case a paramedic!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It seems that the Dodgers club should pay for his medical bills, as he was a paying customer in their ballpark. Not a good idea to display any team logo when attending games in So. California. Having seen prior offenses committed against fan, including a stabbing/death at a San Diego vs San Francisco football game some years ago.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If they had been blacks instead of Hispanics, there would have been at least five of them.

  4. Non-African American says:

    open borders = a stronger america = compassion and service = evangelical missions = social justice = white dispossession = getting you White privilege beating out of you by a gang of feral aztecs = you are a raciss if you testify against them in court

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is not a hate crime.

  6. Up to my Neck in CA. says:

    To Anon # 2

    It was a Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers game. The gangs in CA. are wearing their favorite team colors since wearing red or blue is dangerous. The local San Jose gangs are wearing the San Jose Sharks (NHL) jerseys because teal is their gang color. This is the vibrant “colorful” diverse California that the career Democrats won’t speak about. It’s hard out here where votes are traded for green cards.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Quit going to games and quit rooting for teams that have mostly black/mexican players. Spend your money on WHITE causes! Mexians are as bad as blacks when it comes to the “hate Whitey” syndrome.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hate crime? Will Eric “my people” Holder be investigating this one? While the loudmouth Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is investigating Muslims in the US (which is fine with me) will he ever be concerned about the tide of minority on white violence in this country? Of course he won’t. And it will never occur to him that if he had done something about illegal and legal immigration when he got to Congress, we wouldn’t have much of a Muslim problem.

  9. sbuffalonative says:

    This article has sketches of the suspects:

    Some interesting comments included.

  10. Mark says:

    At Dodger Stadium (“Los Doyers”) family values end at the parking lot.

    When you’re faced with thugs, you better turn and fight since if you take a cheap shot with your back turned, your dead in Mexican – L.A.

    On another note, the LA Dodgers cater to hispanics / mexicans and they have for years, which is why I stopped attending their games. You now see the result: Los Doyers Fans (Hispanics) beating up the opposition’s fans is an annual event here on Opening Day.

  11. Dying Breed says:

    The crowd at Dodger Stadium is a simulacrum of Los Angeles demographics. At the ballpark, the whites occupy the best, most expensive seats near the field, much like whites dominate the Westside. The Hispanics and, to a lesser extent, the blacks rule the cheaper seats, just as they rule the East LA and the Inalnd Empire. Never go to a Dodger game unless you have very good and expensive seats.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, this incident doesn’t surprise me. In fact, it seems inevitable in retrospect. Some friends of mine took their kids to a LA-SF game in SF, their 8 year-old was wearing a Dodgers shirt that his grandmother had bought him. The people seated around them screamed obscenities and glared at them for the duration of the game. This behavior wasn’t limited to one or two drunks, my friends said at least a dozen people were taunting them. They were afraid to walk to the parking lot after the game.

    What happened to our society? Screaming the F-word at a child for wearing the opposing teams jersey? So much for the great American pass time

  13. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Up to my Neck in CA writes:

    These must be the strong family values we always hear about. It’s always some no good thug attacking a contributing member of society, in this case a paramedic!

    I heard tonight on the radio that the doctors are looking at removing at least one of Mr. Stowe’s frontal lobes, possibly both.

    The racist attackers should have both of their frontal lobes removed if/when they are caught.


  14. Anonymous says:

    This country need to vote out all politicians/judges that do not support closing the borders to third world peoples. The steadily decreasing white majority need to be increased by deportation, mandatory birth control, and closing the borders.

  15. joe says:

    Yes, not surprising. This story will die out quickly since it’s only a white person that was attacked.

    Eric Holder – where are you? Obama?

    You white people that voted for Obama, remember this during the next election. The present administration is kicking you to the side. Obama is going to suck up to you liberals real soon so you can be suckered again into voting for him.

    Think about your race. The other races do, nothing wrong with that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What were stow’s two friends doing while he was being beaten to a pulp? If they were white males and did nothing but watch, focus should be put on that aspect of the incident. If two Hispanics can approach three whites, single one out and start beating him with impunity, then that real estate is lost. The people who witnessed this should be burning with shame, and I hope they are.

  17. Jupiter7 says:

    Racial minority status within the borders of America is bad enough. But with racial minority status will come economic violence and outright physical violence against Native Born White Americans.

    This guy brought it upon himself. Like every other White Male consumer of sports entertainment, they are oblivious to the fact that they are being surrounded by a very large and hostile post-1965 nonwhite population. Instead of sitting in a sports stadium rooting for a team of hispanic jocks-this guy along with millions of other White guys-should be fighting tooth and nail against their race-replacement.

  18. BannerRWB says:

    This is all part of the Reconquista. (12-Anon: “What happened to our society?”) – Nothing changed in “our” society. What happened was that we allowed another, totally different society into our Country. Being beaten and killed is part of the result of allowing that to occur. Not that Whites are crime free, but bringing in ever increasing numbers of non-Whites who hate us and wish to kill and/or disposses us results in an increase of Whites being killed and/or dispossesed. I believe that seems pretty logical. Otherwise, I find it laughable that Villariagosa, the pro-Hispanic, former MECHA leader, finds this action “unconscionable”, when in fact, he and others like him deserve part of the blame.

  19. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    When reports first came out in the local msm, this racial incident (and I believe it WAS a racial Hate Crime), i.e., a vicious attack from behind, it was described as a “parking lot fight.” Later, when the artist’s renderings of the perps were released, no mention was made of their race.

    The Dodgers several years ago had to suspend $2 Tuesdays — after only two Tuesdays — which became known as “Tuesday Fight Night.” Tattooed Hispanic thugs showed up ready to start trouble, despite no beer sold in the pavilion section of the stadium.

    One fan writes:

    Fights were breaking out everywhere in the cheap seats…the first Tuesday one of the bleachers was rippied out in the right field pavillion (mind you those are bolted to concrete). But the clincher was the second Tuesday. About the 6th inning a couple of guys got on top of the bullpen and jumped out onto the field. They got no farther than center field before they were tackled and shackled by security. As they were being escorted out almost everyone in both pavilions started to throw their junk (bottles, cups, partially eaten Dodger Dogs, etc.) out onto the field in ‘protest’ of security’s decision to stop the hooligans from running rampant on the field. The Dodgers almost ended up forfeiting the game as a couple of pleas to stop came over the PA system….The game was stopped for six minutes to clean the debris

    A brief hush came over the crowd, but within minutes the cheap seats again resembled an open-air “Jerry Springer Show.”

    Sigh. I guess this means I won’t get to watch lefty Clayton Kershaw up close and personal in Dodger Stadium.


  20. Orv says:

    About 10 years ago, I visited my sister and brother in law who lived in Valencia (they’ve since moved to Portland, OR). We went to a Dodgers/Giants game. Since I am a Cardinals fan I did not have a rooting interest and did not go to the game geared up in team apparel. This was a good thing. I thought it was Mexican Prison Gang Day at the ballpark, judging from all the colorful characters in attendance. I didn’t see any fights, but there was plenty of yelling back and forth, and not good-natured banter, either. Definitely a contrast to the clean and friendly midwestern white people in San Luis, I mean St. Louis.

  21. john says:

    Whe I lived in Guatemala back in the early Seventies El Salvador and Honduras actually went to war over the outcome of the Central America Soccer Championship.

    It lasted only about four days, since, as I recall, both sides ran out of ammunition. It was perhaps most noteworthy for the fact that it was the first and last time WW II American-built piston fighters (P-51s for the Salvadorians and F4-U Corsairs for the Hondurans) faced each other in aerial combat.

    As I recall the Hondurans got the best of this uniquely Latin squabble. Apparently the tradition lives on in California.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Anyone still think open borders and illegal immigration are good for this country?

  23. Jay says:

    There are many places now that as a white American I can no longer go. I don’t go to south florida anymore. It’s like a foreign country.

    I cannot even go to the local park because it is 95% latino now (soccer, big cook outs with huge crowds) and they stare at you with knives flying in the air. Other areas are 100% black and quite dangerous. No go zones for whites, like those neighborhoods around Paris where Frenchmen – not even the police – can go.

    My world is constantly shrinking, while their’s is growing – at my expense. (My taxes support their welfare, free med. care, free ed., anchor babies, even free cell phones, etc.)

    When will my world consist of a gated compound, like in south africa? Probably when I’m too old to effectively defend myself. Sucks, doesn’t it?

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is just reason number 1,001 why I avoid and ignore pro sports. The glorification of black and hispanic males is reason number one. They are not going to be made rich on MY dime.

  25. Conrad says:

    Taking one look at the broad with the tattoo I get the clear impression that there is no loss here.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Darrell Livingston, a suspect in assault on crossing guard in Lansing, Mich. Livingston, 26, and Shareka McKinney, 29, are charged with assault and battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The two Lansing parents are due in court on accusations that they beat a 73-year-old school crossing guard after he tried to break up a fight between their 6-year-old son and a 7-year-old classmate.

  27. Neil says:

    The long-time LA Times sports columnist, the late Jim Murray, wrote briefly on this subject in his 1993 memoir. Murray wrote that because of the Raider influence, the LA Coliseum had become a dangerous place during football games, and mentioned a fan wearing Steeler colors being beaten up. A strong-police presence had never been necessary during the heyday of the Rams (who left the Coliseum in 1980), according to Murray, but it was with the Raiders. The black LA gangs had adopted the Raiders as their team.

    Murray also wrote that baseball games at Dodger stadium was still “a place you could take your daughter.” Maybe it was 20 years ago, but things have gotten much worse since.

  28. Mr.White says:

    This is not a stadium security issue; rather it’s a border security issue. This is what happens when you have a sanctuary city and issue special decrees that protect illegal invaders, like special order 40. The illegal invaders have taken over LA through their reconquista and this is simply a manifestation of that.

    Any White man who would dare take his family to a Dodger game is arguably behaving in a reckless manner. Let the illegal invading mexicans have the Dodgers, as this is their fan base now anyway. The Dodgers have chosen illegal invading thugs over White Americans. Another sad day in America when illegal invading mestizos are allowed to perpetrate their hate against White Americas under the guise of a “team rivalry!”

  29. Mr.White says:

    As a business open to the public, the Dodgers have a greater duty of care to those customers that frequent their business. As has been documented, this was not an isolated incident. Therefore, the Dodgers were put on notice and had a legal duty to protect those customers who were at risk for injury because of the volatile nature of the hispanic gangs they attract to their business.

    The Dodgers at the least should have been required to post notices around the stadium entrances and on the back of their tickets, advising customers of the dangers resulting from patronizing their place of business. The disclaimer should have included language warning customers of a hostile environment, with the propensity of certain groups to engage in extreme violence, possibly resulting in injury or death of those in attendance.

    Please attend at your own risk!

  30. Anonymous says:

    The leftist oligarchy in control of America considers these kind of ‘unfortunate incidents’ to be acceptable losses for the greater glory of diversity. In essence, they expect people like you and me to be sacrificial victims to the death cult known as multiculturalism.

  31. Jack Parsons, CA says:

    For the past several days, talk radio in LA has been awash with commentary about this situation. I listened to two different station over the course of two days and heard comment after comment as to how Dodger Stadium now belongs to violent Latino Gangs and is a NO-GO area for whites and white families.

    Caller after caller, many with small children, related the same thing: large numbers of tattooed gang members moving around the stadium intimidating whites, spitting on them, threatening them, cursing and yelling at them and their children, hostile stares directed at them, things thrown at them. All said they’d never set foot in the stadium again.

    The cretins on the city council claim Dodger Stadium is on private property and not their problem. The policies they support are what has caused this situation in the first place. They’ve been quick to blame everything (drunks who could be white, rowdy fans who get too excited, etc.) except the problem itself: latino gang members intimidating and threatening whites.

    So if I’ve got this straight, Dodger Stadium is now a no-go area for whites and any white that goes there to watch a Dodger game is taking his life and his children’s lives in his own hands and will be held responsible for any attacks by white-hating gangs who now control the area, not the gangs themselves.

    The message is this: Go at your own risk, Dodger Stadium has been ceded to gangs and is now gang territory. Even America’s Favorite Pastime has been destroyed by nonwhite immigration.

    The just heard Bryan Stow’s family members on the radio saying that Bryan is still unresponsive and the doctors have told them not to expect much in the way of recovery because his skull was smashed in so violently.

    The only solution is to boycott the Dodgers and any other sports stadium that has been willfully ceded to vicious gang members.

  32. Question Diversity says:

    I was out driving around yesterday evening running errands, and the radio happened to be on a locally well known news talk station doing sports talk at the time. The hosts were talking about this issue. They sounded like they wanted to tell the racial truths, but had to speak around the issue in fear of their jobs. They did say that there are a lot of “gang problems” around Chavez Ravine, a lot of crossover between “gang affiliation” and Dodger fandom. Translation: Hispanic. The hosts also said that Angels games in Anaheim are a more “family friendly” atmosphere. Translation: White and Asian. Then again, northern Orange County is heavily Hispanic now, so Angels games won’t be “family friendly” for much longer.

  33. Mr.White says:

    The argument that Chavez ravine is” private property” and thus, out of the hands of local authorities, is bogus from its inception. Police cross the threshold of private property all the time if they have probable cause to do so! Arguably, a fan getting murdered in the parking lot by a gang banging thugs would amount to PC in the minds of most reasonable people! Of course our illegal invading, hispanic loving city council would think otherwise. All benefit of the doubt must be given to these invaders, even as they murder innocent White Americans who simply want to enjoy a ballgame.

    The cops should be patrolling the parking lot of Chavez Ravine as if there were no tomorrow! Whites of course should still stay the hell away from that gang venue as if there life depended on it, because it probably does!

  34. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The latest solution to the gang problem INSIDE Dodger Stadium is to sic former LA police chief Billy Bratton of Special Order 40 fame on the problem.

    Bratton said in a radio interview in 2004 that anyone who doesn’t like his position on Special Order 40, a policy that protects illegal aliens, can leave the state!

    Bratton loves illegal aliens. He favored accepting the matricula consular card and issuing driver’s licenses to all aliens—even to gang members and dead-beat dads.

    In 2008 LAPD Police Chief Bratton stated:

    We have a huge illegal immigrant population, as well as legal immigrant population, that are preyed on by criminals…We need those people as witnesses, we need them as victims, to help us,’ he said.

    Yep, sounds like a good choice to provide security against violent hispanic gang members inside and around Dodger Stadium.

    Security and protection will be provided to Hispanic gang members to make sure neither the police nor any pesky White Dodger’s fans get their way.

    Meanwhile, in an interview tonight, Bryan Stow’s mother and Bryan’s doctor stated that Bryan is still unresponsive, all of his movements involuntary and there is no movement “behind his eyes.” The doctor said he’d re-evaluate in one week but “wasn’t holding out much hope.”

    So far, the posted $100,000 reward has not pried open any mouths; “no snitching” in effect, strictly enforced at all times and now the Hispanic gang community has a friend to protect and watch out for their interests — none other than former LAPD Police Chief Bill Bratton, the best compadre Hispanic gang members could ever hope for.


  35. Anonymous says:

    I thought about Mr. Stow yesterday because it was just a week ago that he was enjoying a baseball game at Dodger Stadium between his Giants and the Dodgers. Little did he or anyone else know that it would probably be the last ballgame he’d ever enjoy.

    Back in the ’70s and ’80s, I used to love to go to Dodger Stadium. They were my team and it was always an enjoyable experience. Today, you couldn’t pay me to go there. You just watch some of their games on TV and you can see the bleachers and other cheaper seats are filled with nothing but the Mestizo hordes. What sane white person wants to sit in the midst of that?!

    I also wonder if they would have attacked those Giants’ fans if they turned out to be fellow Mestizos who just happened to root for the Giants. I’m betting no.

    The whole forced racial integration/non-white immigration (invasion) issue reminds me of a passage from the Apochrypha:

    ‘Receive a stranger into thine house, and he will disturb thee, and turn thee out of thine own.’ – Ecclesiasticus/Sirach 11:34

  36. Question Diversity says:

    Latest news:

    Spot the ironies here.

    Okay, time is up. The ironies are that former Chief Bratton is not only going to review Dodger Stadium security, but also help in the investigation to find the perps. And liberal talk radio host Tom Leykis is adding to the reward money.

    Two big time liberal immigration enthusiasts, they are.

  37. Armand says:

    As white people, we have tormented and harrassed blacks

    and mexicans for over 400 years and now, we are surprised they hate us. The world is changing and we have to deal with it.

    It’s not the Dodgers or the Gangs it’s what they call Karma.

    My father use to say I have a Mexican friend.

    Now, I’m the White friend. I don’t hate and I’m not hated.

  38. Schoolteacher says:

    37 Armand: Two Mexican dregs beat an innocent White man, and you say it’s deserved because of historical, interracial karma. Did your Mexican amigos tell you that? They may not hate you, but they surely despise you, a pathetic Gabacho. They have a lot of good laughs when you’re out of the room.