Posted on September 6, 2010

Happy Valley Teen Admits Hate Crime Hoax

David Krough, KGW-TV (Portland, Oregon), Sept. 3, 2010

The 16-year-old son of a Happy Valley family was found to be responsible for racial graffiti and threats found at the home earlier this week.

Sang Huynh and his family told police they found a note on their house Monday that told them to leave. “Last warning. We will burn your house down if we have to,” it read.

Along with the note was a book of matches and bottle full of gasoline, said Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Det. Jim Strovink. The house also appeared to been vandalized with spray-painted racial slurs, he said.

Clackamas County investigators said the boy was “very remorseful about his conduct.”

“This 16-year-old did not realize the magnitude of these actions and was surprised at the response to this activity,” detective Gil Millett said. “This child was distraught having to change school districts and apprehensive with the prospect of having to make new friends, in a new school environment and that is what generated these unfortunate acts.”


No criminal charges were filed in the case and deputies said the family was taking care of the matter.