Posted on July 23, 2010

Tancredo for Governor–IT COULD HAPPEN

Bay Buchanan, Team America PAC, July 23, 2010

Dear Friends,

I wanted to make sure you are aware that our Co-Chair, Tom Tancredo, is considering running for Governor of the State of Colorado.

It appears that due to circumstances that have developed in the last few weeks that neither of the two GOP candidates running in the August primary are any longer viable general election candidates. To make matters worse, the Democrat in this race is the big spending, open border, sanctuary city Mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper.

Tom finds this situation so unacceptable that he has announced that he may seek the nomination of the American Constitution Party so as to give the people of Colorado a conservative alternative who will battle illegal immigration as hard as he battles the deficit spending.

As we have told you before–Tom and I will fight this battle of open borders wherever we can and Tom is certainly not going to let his home state fall into the hands of a pro-amnesty, sanctuary city mayor–NOT IF HE CAN STOP IT!

Be assured Team America will continue to support our great conservative, anti-amnesty candidates every possible way we can and, of course we will keep you up-to-date on this exciting development. Thanks for always standing with us,

Bay Buchanan

Former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo demanded on Thursday that the two GOP gubernatorial candidates drop out of the race.

Mr. Tancredo said if both candidates refuse to do so, he will run for governor as an American Constitution Candidate.

“There’s nothing left to split. The reality is that with the two candidates we have, we will lose the general election,” Mr. Tancredo said.

He gave both candidates until noon on Monday to release public statements agreeing to his terms.


Both the McInnis and Maes campaigns said they intended to stay in the race.

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams released a statement on Thursday, saying he was “disappointed” that Mr. Tancredo “made a back room deal with a minor political party.” He went on to say Mr. Tancredo “wants to destroy Republican chances to win a governor’s race” against Democrat John Hickenlooper.