Posted on June 3, 2010

The Group of 88 Is Doing Just Fine

Mark Bauerlein, Chronicle of Higher Education, May 26, 2010

One of the biggest academic stories of recent years was the Duke lacrosse scandal, and one of its central exhibits was the rush to judgment by Duke faculty members who signed the notorious “Group of 88” statement two weeks after the allegations surfaced {snip}. Long before Nifong was disbarred, K.C. Johnson raised serous criticism about the Group of 88’s response, citing particularly the signers’ disrespect toward due process and their overheated, bullying, and illiberal reading of identity politics into the affair from the start.

If anybody was wondering about how the neglect of basic rights might have damaged the reputations of the signers, however, Johnson has a recent update on the careers of several of them. It appears at Minding the Campus under the title “Whatever Happened to the Group of 88?”


[K.C. Johnson’s article “Whatever Happened to the Group of 88?” can be read here.]