Posted on June 2, 2010

Join Thousands As We Rally in Support of SB1070

Phoenix Rally, June 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010 from 3-6PM PST

(Other activities happening prior to 3PM–Check back here for updates and details!)

Wesley Bolin Plaza

1700 West Washington St

(Across from the Capitol in Phoenix, AZ)

Those who oppose SB1070 in Arizona have had their say. With sporadic outbursts of violence, shouting and civil disobedience, they have made their intentions clear–that enforcement of the law is not a top priority for them.

It is now our turn!

Join thousands of other Americans as they make their way from the far reaches of America on a four day Freedom March Across America beginning June 1, 2010 culminating in a mass rally in Phoenix, Arizona on June 5, 2010.

The rally is called Phoenix Rising for a reason. On this day Americans will come together and watch as the Phoenix rises from the ashes of non-enforcement of our immigration laws that has gone on for decades. They will stand for the rule of law and in support of Arizona and its new law SB1070. They will call for a groundswell of other states to take on the duty our federal government has failed to uphold.

This promises to be the largest rally in American history demanding that the states and federal government secure our borders and crack down on illegal immigration. The federal government has been shirking its duty for far too long as Americans have carried the burden of their lack of action. All the while Americans have been demanding that our laws be enforced–and we have been ignored.

Americans are no longer remaining silent. It is time now for you to join your fellow citizens. It is time to stand up and demand an end to non-enforcement, high unemployment due to illegal labor and the immoral burden being placed on both their own and their children’s backs by people who have chosen to break the law in entering our country.

Join us in the Freedom March starting June 1 and we’ll see you across from the State Capitol building in Phoenix at Wesley Bolin Park on June 5, 2010!

(The rally is scheduled to be from 3-6PM, but there will be activities going on throughout the day at the event location).