Posted on November 24, 2009

More Attacks on Redheads Reported at Calabasas School

Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times, November 24, 2009

At least three youngsters in Calabasas have fallen victim to violence by fellow middle-school students after a Facebook group urged people to beat up redheads, authorities said Monday.

The first reported incident occurred Friday morning when a 12-year-old redheaded boy was kicked and hit by a dozen of his classmates at A.E. Wright Middle School, Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators said.

Detectives took reports of two more assaults, targeting a seventh-grader and an eighth-grader that day at the middle school, said Lt. Scott Chew. Investigators are trying to determine whether there was a fourth attack, officials said.

The students who participated in the attack may have been motivated by a Facebook message telling them that Friday was “Kick a Ginger Day,” according to Chew.

“Ginger” is a label given to people with red hair, freckles and fair skin.

Chew said investigators believe the bizarre attacks were inspired by the television show “South Park.” A satirical 2005 episode focused on prejudice against “gingers” after one of the characters claims that people with red hair, light skin and freckles have no souls and suffer from a disease called “Gingervitis.”