Posted on August 25, 2009

Phoenix Woman Admits Torturing, Killing Disabled Man

KTVK-TV (Phoenix), August 21, 2009

In a jailhouse interview with 3TV’s [KTVK-TV’s] Marissa Wingate, a Phoenix woman admitted killing a man confined to a motorized wheelchair after torturing him for days because he was a “snitch.”

Angela Simpson, 33, told 3TV she promised Terry Neely sex and drugs in order to get him to come to her North Phoenix apartment.

Once there, Simpson said she beat Simpson with a tire iron, hammered a nail into his head, pulled his teeth and strangled him with a television cord.

“You made him watch it through a mirror?” Wingate asked.

“Yes, I did,” Simpson replied calmly. “He needed to see what he deserved.”

Wingate describe Simpson as articulate and straightforward. When Wingate asked her why she killed Neely, the answer, to Simpson, seemed simple.

“I don’t want my children or the people I consider family to be in a place where there are snitches,” she said.


Simpson told Wingate she dismembered Neely’s body and stuffed it into a trash can, which she then torched. The burning trash bin was found outside a North Phoenix church on Aug. 5. Police arrested Simpson for the murder on Aug. 19.

Simpson, who was already in jail when police caught up with her, told Wingate this is not the first time she’s killed.

“I believe informants and child molesters should be killed . . . period,” she said.


Wingate asked Simpson if she felt guilty about Neely’s death.

“Guilty? For ridding the world of a snitch? No, I don’t feel guilty,” she answered.