Posted on August 20, 2009

Danes Fear Race Riots

Politiken (Denmark), July 9, 2009

Almost two-thirds of Danes fear that the current conflict between the Hells Angels and immigrant gangs will develop into a regular racial conflict, according to a Megafon poll for Politiken and TV2.

Some 65 percent of those asked say that they fear that the gang war will develop into race riots, street warfare and general unrest.

Police downplay conflict

Police authorities, however, do not believe that race riots are a likely scenario in Denmark.

“But I can understand that people are worried. I would urge people to look at what is actually happening, rather than listening to the rhetoric from the various parties to the conflict. There is no basis for the concern that people are showing–the conflict between the gangs and bikers is about crime and not race,” says Kim Klever of the National Investigation Centre (NEC).

The opinion poll comes a week after the Hells Angels published its ‘Jackal Manifesto’–a controversial statement in which the group says that the ongoing gang war is not about criminal markets but rather a defence against ‘a mentality found predominantly among certain young people with an immigant background–called ‘jackals’ by HAMC.’

War continues

There have been two murders in the past week, which police say are gang-related. A total of six people have been killed since 2008.

Danish Hells Angels Declare War on Muslim “Jackals”

CounterJihad, July 2, 2009

The Hells Angels in Denmark, part of the world-wide motor cycle organization, declares in its recently secret manifesto war on the “Jackals.”

“Jackals” in Hells Angel’s definition means people who “with threats and violence keep innocent Danes in a terrible iron grip.” The “Jackals” hate “Danes, Danish way of life, Christianity and their symbols.”

Two weeks ago the Hells Angels spokesman Jorn “Jonke” Nielsen criticized Muslims in the Danish newspaper Politiken. Nielsen said that he is very angry over Muslims “ridiculous behavior and terror against ordinary people.”

Arabic background

The initiative was not meant to be racist, but the “Jackals can mainly be found among people of Arabic background. Denying that would be an error.”

“The majority of “Jackals’ are Muslims, claims the Hells Angels, “at least when they are at home with their father, or talking to an Iman. During their daily life they are struggling with their faith, smoking hashish, using drugs, committing crimes, drinking alcohol, and having sex outside of marriage.”

Hells Angels’ Jackal Manifesto Is “Devilishy Well-Written”

CounterJihad, July 5, 2009

“Can a convicted murderer, whom many consider as a psychopath have it right?” asks Soren Pind after another shooting drama killed a Muslim in Copenhagen yesterday.

Pind analyzes the Muslim-Hells Angels conflict on his blog. He regrets the development in Copenhagen and writes that the authorities have been a total failure as he throws some blame at the police leadership.

“That we in 2009 would see gang members and murderers emerge as society’s protectors is appalling,” writes Pind at his blog where he criticizes the Copenhagen’s police management in particular that believes they could have been able to talk their way to the solution.

Guns used in Danish gang war

Søren Pind is well aware that there are several reasons for the Hell’s Angels suddenly expressing themselfves ideologically–but on the other hand, it is not unprecedented, he writes:

“At the end of 60s, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) used to let gang members to get through the police line and attack “hippies” the gang members did not like very much.”

The so-called Jackal Manifesto defines “Jackals” as people, mainly Arabs, who terrorize children and youths, attack the elderly in groups and generally act aggressively in traffic.

“All in all, I must sadly confess that the description is not so much off the mark. What is worse,” he writes, “the manifesto is diabolically well-written. There is a profound appeal in the writing.”

He goes on to say that there authors of the Jackal Manifesto are not incompetent, but people who know what works and how.

We use the word “jackal” about those we despise for good reason. A term that fits well in this context, and, seen from the true character of the animal, is well chosen. Jackals are easy to recognize from their stupid attitudes and cowardly patterns of conduct. Using this term for them is not based on prejudice or narrow-minded unwillingness to understand their “difficult circumstances”. Instead it is a term chosen after extensive consideration based on countless experiences and a life among them. From when there were just a few of them until today, when they are numerous enough to gather in groups. The Jackal Manifesto is not to be considered a derision of people with a certain tone of skin or a particular religion, nor is it a derision of the animal whose name is being used. Some self-righteous individuals will probably think of it in that way–peace be upon them, and then leave the victimization to them. No, the Manifesto is to be thought of as a usable tool for understanding those individuals who through threats, terror and violence hold innocent Danes, children, young and older, of all races and both genders, in an iron grip of fear. Last, but not least, this term should be used to counter the spiritual depravity of racism.

This manifesto is created with no use of propaganda from police, politicians or media. The manifesto is based on facts–actual events and a long period of experiences with the aforementioned jackals. It is about understanding and defining the kind of people we’re dealing with. Using the term “perkere” [a Danish derogative mixing “Persians” and “Turks”] about these two-legged jackals would be misleading and excessively broad. “Perker” is a stigmatizing racist expression, quite like the use of the term “rocker” [Danish derogative for biker] has become in relation to bikers. Just as the word “rocker” has been associated with “crime”, it is now also associated with “alien” and has become a good example of how negative terms are being misused to amplify people’s fear and hatred, for no good reason. No one with even an inkling of common sense should despise or stalk innocent, decent people just because they are different, have a different colour or culture, or simply due to it being in fashion! Doing so would eventually cause them to drag themselves down to the stage where precisely the jackals find their mental luggage, and where they belong.

Jackals are mainly found among people of Arab origin. Stating otherwise would be a mistake. Other nationalities are represented as well, and even dumb Danish boys. Members of the so-called immigrant gangs are not necessarily jackals. In case doubt exists as to who they are, where they come from and what they contain, we here find an excellent profile of the jackal:

Alone and unarmed, they are largely harmless to ordinary adults. In these situations they usually behave in a friendly manner, cringing or unpleasantly smirking. When one knows their attitudes and what they contain, and is clear about what they will say about you behind your back, they seen largely pathetic.

In groups of three or more they change character, become arrogant and courageous. In these groups they attack without reason or warning, targeting young and old alike.

They hate Danes; the mentality, the way of life, Christianity and its symbols. They frequently state “racism” as the main reason for their hatred, but they do not see the “splinter” in their own eye and believe that racism can only be white against black. They consider Denmark a country of whores, and the more harm they can inflict on the citizens of the country, the better they feel.

They terrorize children and the young to an extent rarely seen in this country. So grossly and massively that it gives a wholly new meaning to the term “bullying”, and it harms everyone–also those “New Danes” who in the eyes of the jackals are too integrated and thus traitors to their feeling of “statelessness” and “we are always right” mentality that their upbringing and twisted brains have created. Many jackals claim to be victims of a war, are children of wars, or boast of having been in war, but their “wars” are far from the Denmark that has provided every one of them a chance. That they do not go back or away to their “wars”, rather than create them here, is due to the fact that their parents fled wars, they themselves fled wars, or because they have never been close to a war!

They have no respect for courtesy or polite behaviour, unless it comes from their fathers, their older uncles or imams. Polite and friendly individuals are seen as easy victims, cowardly and fearsome, and they are immediately smeared when out of earshot.

They have no natural respect for the elderly–apart from the persons mentioned above. They see nothing wrong in bothering or terrorizing them, or even committing violence against them.

Before the legal changes about permit of residence and Danish citizenship they thought it was ridiculous to apply for Danish citizenship, in case they had not received it automatically or were born in the “country of whores”. It was enough to be here, enjoy the goods, and behave like crap.

In spite of the fact of almost all of them being born and raised in Denmark, they use a losers tongue with an assumed strong accent. This manner of speaking is adopted because they hate everything Danish, including the language, and because they are impressed by the language spoken by the black in the ghettos of the U.S. They want to make clear that they are outside society and are gangstas. In this manner they identify with each other and the genuine racism that the blacks have been subject to. They assume the role of the victim, which is central to their worldview.

They all have an oppressive mentality towards women, which they barely keep in check when looking for a date or on foreign turf. This mentality probably stems from an upbringing where they already at the age of 6-7 were given the right to decide over their mother and older sisters.

They harbour contempt for Danish women, their independence and their liberty, unless they do what they are told to, go along with them, or convert to Islam. If they do not, they are immediately considered to be whores, with no hint of irony! This is frequently expressed in random encounters in the street, in discotheques, in context of gang rapes, when their girlfriends intend to break up with them, or in any dealings with ex-girlfriends in general.

If they form the opinion that their own sisters, female cousins, mothers, or even ex-girlfriends are dressed incorrectly, too often in town, enjoy alcohol, or talk too frequently to infidels, they apply pressure on them. If the women then do not toe the line, they risk expulsion,, threats, violence or worse.

If anyone dares to refer to, compliment or joke about “their” women, it is never thought of as funny or friendly, but as an assault on the so-called “honour” of the jackals.

If they face resistance in discussion or risk a beating in some situation, they immediately fall to the ground, howling and whining like genuine jackals.

If they are beaten, they howl and scream, and immediately look to their own kin, pretending to have won the fight. Only when they end up in the intensive care ward, or if their visible damages are too extensive, do they admit to having been licked. In these cases they always claim that they were faced by many and had been assaulted!

If they are out in sufficient numbers, they have no tolerance of anyone looking at them, at the girls in their company, into their cars or simply in their general direction. In case they are alone or outnumbered, they stare into the ground or away, probably ashamed due to them knowing their true worth.

They systematically behave aggressively in traffic, and will, in case of random accidents, call in reinforcements from more jackals, intimidate the other parties into taking the blame, or even assault them. Even rescue staff, who should be sacrosanct in the situation, are at risk of being assaulted in their common excitement

They start forming groups from the age of 10-12, but most pull out of trouble and life as a jackal at the age of 25, when they get married and have children. Surprisingly, they then seem to assume that all past misdeeds are instantly forgiven.

They do not necessarily belong to a gang. Many of them are on their own or just a few along in daily life, but as soon as they are assembled in sufficient numbers, they feel on top of things and then the jackal mentality asserts itself in full.

A clear indication of a jackal feeling insecure and thus not having the courage to fight is loud shouting and wild gestures. Empty threats is a speciality, preferably from a safe distance; giving the finger from a car passing by, writing slogans on house walls or hateful messages in prison cells are examples of this. These risk-free acts are, surprisingly, considered by the jackals to be victories!

Fear is their weapon of choice, and precisely the fact that peaceful persons know that they may attack without reason, in groups and armed with knives, is the reason that many ordinary citizens live in daily fear of the jackals when leaving their homes.

In contrast to the bikers (in Danish media called “rockers”), which have also been demonized by the media, the jackals consider the “fear of them” to be something great. While bikers consider unjustified fear from strangers and ordinary citizens a burden, the jackals consider this fear to be an expression of others having respect for them. That they are something!

Most jackals are of immigrant background, but a few “mad dogs” of Danish ethnicity are around. They have either grown up in the wrong spot, or have been attracted by the respect (read: fear) that jackals, and to a high degree police and the press, have created around the jackal way of life.

The vast majority of jackals are Muslims, at least when at home at their fathers or speaking with the priest. They pretend to believe in God and that they follow the Quran. They often invoke Allah–in particular when in prison or when alone and scared. In daily life, however, they often fail to follow the true way of the faith: They smoke hashish, take drugs, commit crime, drink alcohol, fight, swear, commit adultery, and they most certainly cannot be blamed for NOT engaging in usury! The only rules from their faith that most follow are to abstain from eating pork and to attempt to observe Ramadan as well as they can. Apart from that, God and the guidelines of faith are merely consolation used when away from the security of the pack. This kind of faith and consolation are used by the leaders of the packs as a tool for power and to keep the crowd together when there is no other kind of sense behind their desires.

The jackals are occasionally presented as “foreign rockers”, and it has become routine for police and press with statements to the effect that the jackals from the gangs are worse than the “rockers”. This is an artificial comparison, but it creates some useful fear in Mr. and Mrs. Denmark. The bikers have never behaved in this manner, not even when some of them were rockers! The average Dane should obviously be scared when he or she hears about someone worse than the rockers. After twenty years of propaganda about how evil the so-called “rockers” are/were, something even worse appears!

Although these jackals are far from innocent, and to an unprecedented degree have been using pointless violence, it does deserve mention that precisely the police and the press have contributed to encouraging them. That has given them that inkling of courage they never would have had themselves, if it wasn’t for that extensive coverage–something that in the end has rendered them more dangerous to those who do not want to, or are not able to, defend themselves.

Cultural enrichment is something the jackals most certainly are not part of; they are more like pure losers with an assumed role of victim. When many Danes do not feel the need or desire to extend their hand to Islam, it is hardly caused by terrorism in the world at large, or the more or less obvious crime committed by individuals. It is more likely to be the encounter with the jackals of everyday life. Never in one’s life must one bow down to this kind of human trash!