Posted on July 29, 2009

Agenda Bookstore Hosts Far-Rightist for Book Signing

Matthew Vella, Malta Today, July 26, 2009

Agenda Bookstore last week granted floor-space to far-rightist Norman Lowell, for the book-signing event of his reprinted book ‘Imperium Europa’.

Carrying the boisterous tagline ‘The Book that Changed the World’, the book is described as a “radical response to the all important questions of the survival of the Europid race–that race of biological aristocrats that gave the world everything.”

Ignoring a direct question on why his retail chain had hosted Lowell for a book-signing, chief executive Malcolm Miller said his company “encouraged freedom of expression”.

“Agenda Bookshop carries thousands of books with a huge diversity of opinion. We do not act as censors, and if anything always encourage freedom of expression. It is up to the reader to decide what they want to read and not our job to obstruct the availability of any material.”

Miller did not reply as to what policy Agenda operates when it grants publicity to authors such as Lowell, whose anti-immigrant sentiment had led to a conviction for incitement to racial hatred.

Lowell was convicted on three charges of incitement, and was handed down a two-year sentence, suspended for four years.

Writing in his internet forum on his book, Lowell says “a great destiny” awaits Malta. “Our island . .  will become a beacon for all Europids; [a] Mecca of the White Man.”

Lowell’s book also includes forewords by right-wingers Tomislav Sunic and Constantin von Hoffmeister. Tomislav Sunic is an anti-Semitic author who collaborates with the racist Council of Conservative Citizens as well as the American Renaissance group. Von Hoffmeister is also a contributor to American neo-Nazi e-publication Stormfront.