Posted on June 18, 2009

Italy Backs Citizens Patrols, Despite Fascist Past

Antonella Cinelli and Roberto Bonzio, Reuters, June 14, 2009


Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government, elected last year on a promise to crack down on crime and curb illegal immigration, has agreed with its Northern League allies a plan for [citizen] patrols to help police and soldiers on the streets.

The proposal, which still needs parliamentary approval, is opposed by Italy’s left-wing opposition and by civil rights groups, who fear it could lead to racial discrimination and violence.


One volunteer group, the Italian National Guard, unveiled its proposal to participate in the patrols in Milan on Saturday, sporting beige uniforms and black military-style hats.

Judicial sources said that a prosecutor had opened an investigation into the group, which has links to the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement (MSI) formed by former Mussolini supporters.

The sources said the prosecutor could present charges in the coming days of attempting to resurrect the fascist party.