Posted on May 27, 2009

An Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Frank Ellis, American Renaissance, May 27, 2009

[Editor’s Note: Over the weekend, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and John Sentamu, the Ugandan-born Archbishop of York, the two most senior clerics in the Church of England, urged voters not to support the British National Party at the polls on June 4. Dr. Frank Ellis, a former professor of Russian and Slavonic Studies at the University of Leeds and a speaker at the 2000 American Renaissance conference, responds.]

Dear Dr. Williams:

I am writing to you to protest about your recent remarks in which you advised electors not to vote for the British National Party (BNP) in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament.

The BNP is a properly constituted and law-abiding political party registered with the Electoral Commission of the United Kingdom. The core programmes of the BNP are rational, wholesome, morally sound, and desirable. As such, and in the complete absence of any evidence to show that the BNP and its members are engaging in any unlawful activity whatsoever, I construe your advice to electors as direct and wholly unwarranted interference in the electoral process of the United Kingdom. Your statement was a clear ideological act–it had nothing to do with Christ’s teaching–in which you sought to exploit your position as head of the Church of England in order to undermine a political party engaging in proper and lawful activity.

The grotesque and by now well-documented abuses of expenses perpetrated by Members of Parliament are, in fact, directly linked to the mass invasion of this country by legal and illegal immigrants and the vicious, anti-white, racist ideology of multiculturalism. Can politicians who have so relentlessly and consistently plundered the public purse over so many years and who have writhed and prevaricated in an attempt to escape censure when their porcine greed has been exposed in all its revolting ugliness be relied upon to tell the truth about the consequences for the United Kingdom of mass immigration? The answer is that far too many politicians are serial liars: and their lies are too obvious.

Politicians of the two main parties have endlessly lied about the consequences of mass immigration. Diversity is not a blessing: it is a curse. The racial, cultural, and physical dispossession of the white indigenous population of the United Kingdom is not something I intend to celebrate. It fills me with dread, loathing, and disgust: dread because I fear for the future of white people, my people, my land; loathing because of the way in which the prosperous, white, middle classes have betrayed their country; disgust because of the moral and intellectual cowardice of too many people who know perfectly well what is happening but stay silent. Public-sector agencies and all levels of our education system are full of such people.

Your view that the BNP’s “core ideology is about sowing division in our communities and hostility on grounds of race, creed and colour” typifies the Goebbels-style propaganda and organised lying to which any person or political party that objects to multiculturalism is routinely subjected. I see no evidence that you–or for that matter the rather confused John Sentamu–have ever given any consideration to the possibility that multiculturalism, based as it is on sentimental, wilfully ignorant and blatantly ideological assumptions about the nature of race, culture, nations, and history, is itself the source of the anger, resentment, and division which blight so many parts of the United Kingdom. The white, indigenous population of this country bitterly resent the way in which they are made to feel second-class citizens in their own country. That anger and resentment are fully justified. People like you have helped to create this situation.

Like politicians, you have prevaricated, dissembled, and looked away from the truth rather than confront the ugly nature of multiculturalism head on. Whenever I hear the latest utterance from a Church of England official on some aspect of multiculturalism I ask myself whether this person serves Him or some secular body. I also smell the same sickly-sweet herbs that Pilate used to wash his hands. Moral cowardice is, of course, the real sin of the Church of England. Your Church actively ignores Biblical prohibitions against homosexuality and cravenly accepts the depraved lies of feminism with all the attendant misery and pain that have been inflicted on the institution of matrimony. How, then, can the Church of England be expected to tell the truth about multiculturalism when it has succumbed to the Satanic perversions of feminism, when it refuses to uphold Biblical teaching on heterosexual love and marriage?

In its desire to parade its left-liberal credentials, your Church has abandoned the nation and the Master it was called upon to serve. The Lord will deal with you in His own way and time. Meanwhile, you owe Mr Nick Griffin, the BNP, and the very large numbers of people who will cast a vote for them on 4th June 2009 an unreserved apology.

Dr Frank Ellis

Ampleforth, England

May 27, A.D. 2009