Posted on January 15, 2009

What Effect Will a Black President Have on Young Black Men in the Inner City?

Delores McCain, New Austin Weekly News (Oak Park, Illinois), January 14, 2009

CP, 14: “The affect it has on me is that most black people are treated like they are nothing and they are not worth anything in their life. But with a black president I think he can change all of that, not just for black males but for everybody in the United States. {snip}”

NB, 15: “{snip} It makes me believe I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

MP, 19: “It has given me a better dream in life and given me hope that I can be something in life. {snip}”

DC, 13: “{snip} I think it will be a good thing to inspire most young people to make sure they become something in their life. {snip}”

JM, 19: “I believe that the affect on the African-American young man will make more of them grow up to become more responsible. They will say ‘Man, if this dude can do it and he is from Chicago like me, from the South Side, why can’t I do it?’ {snip}”

PB, 16: “{snip} So many young black males, where they come from, don’t believe they can make it anywhere but he gives them hope and a chance to believe in themselves and to be respectful.”