Posted on January 22, 2009

Larry King on Barack Obama: “Black Is In . . . My Eight-Year-Old Son Wishes He Was Black.”

Toby Harnden, Telegraph (London), January 22, 2009

CNN’s orange-haired septuagenarian chatterbox Larry King has been bowled over by the new Age of Obama, enthusing that his youngest offspring (from his seventh marriage) wants to be black. I guess it’s a case of black being, er, the new black.

Interviewing a visibly uncomfortable Bob Woodward on his eponymous CNN show last night, Larry, 75, gushed: “My younger son Cannon, he is eight. And he now says that he would like to be black. I’m not kidding. He said there’s a lot of advantages. Black is in. Is this a turning of the tide?”

The distinguished Watergate scribbler responded “well, maybe” and talked about how his 12-year-old daughter Diana liked Barack Obama’s inaugural speech before gingerly steering the discussion towards George W. Bush’s magnanimity and how he “hasn’t, you know, made any cheap shots” at his White House successor.

It could have been worse, Bob. The other day, Larry blurted out that things were changing so fast that there could soon be a lesbian in the Oval Office. “Who would’ve thunk it,” he said on KIIS radio in Los Angeles. “I can’t believe it. Well, in 10 years’ time we’ll have, a what, a lesbian?”