Posted on August 5, 2008

Obama’s White Media Advisors Causing Black Problems

Lucius Gantt, West Orlando News, August 2, 2008

Some white folk are causing Barack Obama some very big Black problems!


Obama has spent enough time in Chicago Black neighborhoods to know that Black people oftentimes get their news and information in a totally different way than white people do.

If he and his white media advisors don’t know, we get our most reliable history, news and information from each other!

Rudimentary research by the Obama campaign would have shown that in order for Blacks to truthfully inform each other we had to plead our own cause.

Black media companies became necessary because the white press would not cover events in the Black community They would not report on Black athletes and Black sports teams, would not respect Black opinions and related editorial views, they would not respectfully write about Black deaths and obituaries, they would not run Black cartoons and illustrations and the white press for hundreds of years, and some say as late as 2008, has little or no respect for Black media and Black journalist professionalism.

OK, OK, what is the issue? You have to know it is economic. No disrespect intended but it seems some people are trying to pimp Obama.

Yeah, I know my friends that love the Black Presidential candidate unequivocally don’t like for me to write like this but its true!

Can I prove it? Yes!

What do you call it if someone sends you out on the highways and byways and tells you to bring them all of the money you can so they can pay themselves and do whatever else they want to do? Sounds like pimping to me.

More Black people have contributed money to the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign than to any presidential effort in history. Black people just want to get some of that money back in the form of patronizing Black community businesses, advertising with Black-owned media outlets and the hiring and utilization of Black political professionals. Barack Obama knows that better than David Axelrod and the other whites he has desired to trust his campaign with.


Is it wrong for a Black candidate for President to desire to “take care” of his people too?

White media companies say they refuse to spend with the Black media because Black newspapers, magazines and Black-owned broadcast stations have no numbers. They say the papers don’t have certified circulation figures and the broadcast stations have no rating service numbers.

Well, I say the Black press cannot be accurately judged or evaluated by using white measuring sticks or performance models. You cannot judge Europe, Asia or Africa by using American standards so why would you expect what goes on in the hood by suburbian standards?

If the powerful U.S. Census can’t count all of the Black people in the United States, how in the hell can Arbittron or Nielsen count all of the people that are influenced by Black-owned media. If the highly regarded U.S. Marshals can’t count the attendees at the Million Man March, how can they count how many hands and households a single Black newspaper goes through?

This issue of Black media utilization is not going to stop Blacks from voting for one of their own but it is going to make Black people and Black voters angry.