Posted on March 28, 2008

Crime Levels Will Drop When Respect Prevails

David Mathebula, Johannesburg Times, March 28, 2008

With the recent spate of crime in the country, one can’t blame people for emigrating to other countries.

In a society like ours with a skewed social structure and wide economic gap, it can be expected that when poverty hits those at the lower end of the economic ladder , those at the upper end will be hard hit by violent crime.

There is hope at the end of the tunnel, though.

First and foremost, as a society weary of crime, we must treat each other as human beings.

In South Africa today, whites still perceive blacks as criminals. It’s an open secret that there is an element of mistrust.

I believe that when the time comes that black people are treated like human beings with the respect they deserve, crime will be destroyed and dealt with amicably.

Black people have proved that a society can exist in harmony. The rainbow nation born in 1994 attests to this.

As a nation, we need to unite against crime. This can become a driving force towards igniting the political will to combat crime.

We need a strong and dedicated police force to come into play when dealing with crime.