Posted on February 19, 2008

O.J.’s Girlfriend’s Injuries Consistent With Assault, Not Fall

Morung Express (Nagaland, India), February 16, 2008

It has now been reported that has now learned that a neurologist at the hospital where O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend Christie Prody is being treated has told police her injuries are consistent with an assault, not a fall. O.J. Simpson’s long-time girlfriend has severe injuries that are consistent with an assault, rather than simply a fall.

Christie Prody, 32, remains hospitalized at Baptist Hospital in Miami and may be facing brain surgery. The National Enquirer broke the story yesterday of Prody’s injuries and revealed that O.J. was questioned by police detectives at his home in Florida. The police are still investigating.

O.J. says that Prody’s injuries are self-inflicted and that she went on a drunken binge and fell down. But cops aren’t convinced, insiders say. And Prody’s injuries are so severe that they are consistent with an assault. Prody was hospitalized after she collapsed at a gas station and hit her head. Simpson was not with her at the time.

But once Prody was examined it became clear that she had more injuries than could have been caused by the fall. She had numerous large bruises and abrasions on her face, arms, legs and buttocks. Police are still investigating, despite an erroneous report on the Web site yesterday saying that Prody’s injuries were caused by the fall. Sources very close to the situation tell the Enquirer that information is incorrect.

O.J.’s lawyer Yale Galanter denied his client had anything to do with Prody’s injuries, an accusation that has not been made by anyone.