Posted on January 7, 2008

Ted Hayes, Nationally Known Homeless Advocate, Enters 2008 Political Race.

Save Our State Forums, January 3, 2008

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Ted Hayes, Nationally Known Homeless Advocate enters 2008 Political Race.


Ted Hayes


Ted Hayes enters 2008 political cycle as Candidate for Congress.


The Primary is set for June 2008 and General election set for November 2008


Los Angeles, California

Mr. Ted Hayes has entered the 2008 Political Cycle with a challenge to Congresswomen Maxine Waters for the United States House of Representatives, District 35.

Illegal Immigration and its impact on the Black America Community will be the center point of his campaign. Hayes who began speaking out against the negative consequences taking place in the Black Community over two years ago is not alone. A recent Los Angeles Times in-depth story reported that 2/3 of all American Blacks agree with Hayes.

More believed illegal immigrants had a negative impact on their community than those who viewed them positively. And blacks generally supported harsher enforcement measures, such as deportation and border security, than whites.

“In black neighborhoods, most of the folks I encounter are leery of immigrants and most have negative perceptions of them, unfortunately,” said Larry Aubry, columnist for the black-owned Los Angeles Sentinel and an executive committee member of the action and accountability group.

“But black leadership throughout the community has been frankly derelict in addressing this issue.”

It is this Dereliction of Duty which Mr. Hayes will address with the voters in the District.

Although his positions against illegal immigration have been unpopular with pro open border-amnesty politicians locally, they have been heard on a National Level and have consumed the Presidential Primary Races commencing in Iowa

Candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been forced to address the Illegal Immigration issue as have the Republican Candidates. It will be the impact on the American Black Community that Mr. Hayes will spotlight throughout the election cycle and will force all candidates to take a position in defense of American Blacks.

Mr. Hayes has maintained his defense of the Black American Community even in the face of threats to his safety.

Hayes will be holding local community Town Hall meetings to give a local Black Americans a venue to voice their concerns, frustrations and fears.

In recent months Mr. Hayes and a group of Los Angeles Black Americans journeyed to Washington to speak with Congressman Waters about the plight of Black Americans in Los Angeles as a result of Illegal Immigration. Waters refused to speak with the group and had Mr. Hayes arrested. He was charged with disorderly conduct. He pleaded not guilty and was acquitted.

A major fundraiser is being held for Mr. Hayes in Washington D.C. in early March.

[Editor’s Note: See the Special to ARNews about Ted Hayes by Ellison Lodge here.]