Posted on January 17, 2008

Racist Jared Taylor to Speak at Michigan State University on March 19th

Michigan Against White Supremacy, January 17, 2008

On March, 19th, Jared Taylor will be talking about how “multiculturalism is destroying western civilization”. He is part of the New Century Foundation and the American Renaissance Publication which seeks to justify racist ideas through science. The pseudo-science and manipulated data used by Taylor alleges for example that Hispanics are less intelligent than whites and that there is a racial hierarchy.

For an excellent article on what other racist things Taylor has to say, go to the article here.

The msu chapter of young americans for freedom (sic) (MSU-YAF) is bringing Taylor. He will be speaking about how “multiculturalism is destroying western civilization.” The picture below, created by MSU-YAF, is a taste of just how overtly racist they are. This image is followed by quotes be Jared Taylor and can be found here. [Link is to a passage in Paved With Good Intentions mentioning the cartoon.] This is not about creating a debate, this is about dehumanizing entire sectors of our society. One way or another it has got to be stopped.

After Reading up on Taylor, Contact Michigan State University and tell them that he adds nothing to an intellectual debate and that his presence puts at risk the safety of already marginalized students. Tell them that this event is racist and encourages racist beliefs. Tell them that he is being brought here to incite hatred against members of our community and that it has to stop.

Tell them that this event needs to be canceled immediately.

MSU President Simon

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 517/355-6560

Fax: 517/355-4670

VP for Student Affairs Dr. Lee June

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 517-355-2264

Fax: 517-432-2855

[Editor’s Note: Readers are encouraged to write or call MSU administration to politely urge them not to cancel this event and to protect freedom of speech.]