Posted on October 24, 2007

Aggie Independents to Host Nick Griffin

AR, October 24, 2007

For Immediate Release!!

October 24, 2007

Nick Griffin Chairman of the British National Party will be speaking at Texas A&M he will be speaking at Rudder, Room 308 on October 25 at 7 p.m.

Aggie Independents are the host of the event. Aggie Independents do not support or support or endorse all of the views of Mr. Griffin or the BNP. Aggie Independents do, however, think that debate and free inquiry are vital part of an education. They also think that “both sides of the coin” need to be heard for a complete education, as “one side of the coin” is mere indoctrination.

Mr. Griffin has stood strong against the Islamisation of Europe.

Mr. Griffin will be giving a guest lecture titled, “Islam, Terror, and Western Civilization.” He will also be speaking on the coming of Eurabia.

Don’t agree with him? Want something clarified? There will be time set aside for questions and answers after the lecture.

The BNP is the fastest-growing political party in England and receives more Internet traffic than all other political parties in England combined.

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