Posted on August 1, 2007

I Know These People Are Out There, But . . .

My Sky ~ Multiracial Family Life, July 31, 2007

I know these people are out there, but I’d prefer to forget. I’m talking about the ‘coat and tie white supremacists’ who have stolen one of my posts and reprinted it on their ‘news’ site. I’m talking about the people who comment on that racist site, who are against ‘race mixing’ and are afraid of African American men. {snip}

I talked to someone at the Southern Poverty Law Center who monitors hate and extremist activity. They know all about this group—and are already monitoring them.


I have not been actively religious for many years. This situation has brought me the closest I have been to prayer in a long time, and here’s why: There is nothing I can say to any of these people that will change their false concepts of race or their erroneous concept of me. They condemn me because I identify as multiracial, because I have a multiracial family, because I believe White Privilege to be real, because I believe all people are inherently equal.

{snip} In the face of such rampant racism, ignorance, prejudice, and miseducation, I find myself channeling my forever-forgiving grandmother. I wish everyone peace and blessings, including the racists. {snip}

[Editor’s Note: The original AR News story about Ms. Sky (along with various reader comments) can be read here.]